The Yorkstone patio from the Georgian restoration below. Laying Yorkstone has to be one of the most exhausting types of hard landscaping so watch your back! The pointing is fresh in this photo - known as ‘green’ - within a few weeks it will turn to a similar colour as the flagstones themselves. You can also see a 'slot’ drain if you look carefully, they allow water to drain away without looking big and unsightly.

External and Internal Use for Yorkstone Paving

External and Internal Use for Yorkstone Paving

Yorkstone Paving for External or Internal Use

Yorkstone paving has a look that is totally unique which is why it is used in homes and other properties across the country. This type of paving is tough, attractive and it can be bought in the quantities that you need. You might also be surprised to learn that you can use it externally or internally for creating floors, paths or raised patio areas.


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Bingley Stone work with clients and share their wealth of experience to assist within the design process. They are happy to provide layout suggestions and their CAD department can produce working drawings from a simple sketch or even a basic description of your requirements.

This capability can be of great benefit as their designers can iron out many of the creases at design stage, then oversee the project through the production process. Bingley Stone will liaise with clients to ensure that the end goal is reached with minimum complication.

Bingley Stone’s staff enjoy working on such projects and work closely with clients to provide workable and cost efficient solutions to most detailed work. 

Their masonry services are not limited to paving and steps. They can cut stone heads and sills, swimming pool surrounds, kerb stone. bollards. garden benches, street furniture - this list goes on. Natural stone is an extremely versatile product and Bingley Stone are always willing to take on something new.


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