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Sunset, near Malham England


Petrifying Well, Mother Shipton’s Cave, North Yorkshire

Mother Shipton, born Ursula Southeil, was a famous English prophetess, soothsayer and was known as a witch. She was born in 1488 in a cave beside the petrifying well - the water cascades from the rocks carrying with it a high mineral content, turning any items hung beneath it ‘to stone’



Evening Light on Surprise View by James Whitesmith
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Magic Rock Unhuman Cannonball, 11% abv

I thought I’d missed out on this year’s release of this storied US hopped triple IPA from Yorkshire’s Magic Rock, but once again Instagram, and Neil, came to the rescue!  The beer absolutely lives up to the hype, ‘tis ridiculously, absurdly juicy. A mango, guava, pineapple, and mandarin H-bomb in a tsunami of tropical fruit punch of a brew. It’s sweet up front, medium dry and lightly bitter at the end and the booze really is so well hidden I thought nothin’ of sinking the whole bottle of smooth and soft liquid joy in no time flat. Then I tried to stand up and well, it didn’t really work. Anyhoo, if I’m being entirely honest it maybe lacks the complexity of some other big IPA’s but TROPICAL FRUIT ATTACK is always fun. Great stuff, can’t wait for next year’s!

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Hardraw Force Falls in Yorkshire - thought to be England’s highest unbroken waterfall. The falls hit shale at the bottom and the cliff is made of sandstone and limestone layers.


Several thousand years ago, a site in Yorkshire, England, hosted a mighty waterfall as glaciers melted. The nearest stream at that site goes underground and no longer falls over the huge limestone wall. However, recent rains in the area were enough to restore the waterfall. We’ll have a fuller post on this later, but this video shows the first time in centuries that the Malham Cove Waterfall has existed. Check it out.