So back when I was first getting active in the fandom again there was a fic I wanted to write, a Yorklina fic called “Babies With Green Eyes” (inspired by the song). In the fic, York survived the fight with Wyoming almost immediately after he ran into Carolina. He persuaded her to give up her quest for perfection and whisked her away to the other end of the galaxy, where Project Freelancer couldn’t hurt her anymore.

They settled down on a remote planet in a small colony and lived out their life as ordinary civilians- and they had babies and yeah, all of them had green eyes. Just like the song. They were happy together; they lived a long, rich, fulfilling life.

At the end of the fic, York was on his deathbed (old age catching up to him) and he looks around at his family and thinks of the life he’s had, and says, “Yeah. Yeah, this was a pretty good life. Thanks Dee.”

And then as he dies, the narrative switches over to reveal that he’s still at the fortress, and the vision he saw was Delta giving him his own happily-ever-after to comfort him as he died.

When you look at the common couples of RVB

-Church is the one to make a big deal out of anniversaries while Tex pretends to forget like it is a professional sport

-York is the one to set up a fancy dinner to celebrate only to have Carolina drag him across town to kick the ass of the guy who ran off with her scarf “for honor”

-Grif and Simmons are the guys who pretend to not care and spend the entire day subtly gift giving when they think the other isn’t watching.

-Doc and Donut are the type to try to have a day off to themselves to cuddle and read books.

-and Tucker is the type to lay in bed covered in roses only for Wash to enter and go “we’re fighting a war here where did you even get these flowers I swear to god”


Close your eyes and please don’t let me go
Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t let me go now
Close your eyes don’t let me let you go
Don’t, don’t, don’t

Take my hand, tonight, Let’s not think about tomorrow
Take my hand, tonight, We could find some place to go
Cause our hearts are locked forever, and our love will never die
Take my hand, tonight, One last time

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trans!carolina and niner off-duty friendship?

In which Carolina and Four-Seven-Niner drink cheap beer and talk about the war, the end of the war, and the mathematical improbability of Agent Maine. The topic of locksmiths and, additionally, the nature of timing may come up. Women at war don’t have time for shit, unfortunately. Carolina remembers being a romantic though. 

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About the "Whats a fic you'd like to see me write?" I think it'd be interesting if/when Carolina learned how York died, since it's partly Tex's fault(he wouldn't have been there if she hadn't asked his help). She'd probably learn from Wash, since I assume Delta told him what happened. P.S. I love your writing, your Alpha fic is fantastic.

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This is just an idea for when you're bored but would you ever write a rvb,pacific rim au based off this post? tvckingtons(.)tumblr(.)com/post/74783178353/jayeinacross-momentia-tickatocka-red-vs

Carolina’s lost one partner already and she’s got a lot of voices in her head. The question she’s gotta ask herself is what kind of crazy would get in a CONpod with her. York suggest that crazy in the Drift is the last thing anyone needs. He can cite examples.

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