yorkie poodles

The Signs as Dogs

Aries: Labrador Retriever

Taurus: Bulldog

Gemini: Yorkshire Terrier 

Cancer: Maltese

Leo: Beagle

Virgo: Poodle

Libra: Cocker Spaniel

Scorpio: German Shepard

Sagittarius: Husky

Capricorn: Pug

Aquarius: Golden Retriever

Pisces: Shih Tzu

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Reasons I’m excited to take one of our dogs back to my house with me after this weekend:

  • He was raised with a cat and behaves like one because of it
  • Tiny ball of sass that doesn’t like most men, we have so much in common
  • It’s fall and soon it will be winter, he loves to wear sweaters and I like to buy them for him
  • He’s needy and I can’t wait to be doing homework while he’s chilling on my lap
  • My favorite coffee shop allows dogs, we can be hipsters together #puppuccino
  • Living teddy bear to snuggle with at night
  • Early morning walks are something we both enjoy
  • He hates the cold and so do I so I know he’ll make things brief when it’s cold/snowing
  • A reason to get out of bed in the mornings
  • We both have the personality of a crotchety old man
  • An outlet to show affection and feel like something loves/needs me
Kids and dogs

Yesterday while walking a boarding dog through a neighborhood park, a little child left his mother’s side and started to head over toward us. The dog I was walking was tiny, probably a poodle Yorkie mix, and she was sniffing the ground nonchalantly. Now maybe she was just sniffing the ground, or maybe she was trying to make a calming signal at the child who was approaching her. I saw the situation coming, so I was ready to pick the dog up when the child was about 2 feet from us. Sure enough, the child continued to try to touch and grab at the dog even after I picked her up. The mother just stood there and watched. I told her “this is not my dog, so I don’t know how friendly she is. Sorry.” As I continued walking I thought about all of the possible ways that situation could have gone wrong. I thought of ways I might explain to a wayward 3 year old about how dangerous it is to touch a dog you don’t know without permission. Strangers having to educate your child and protect them from potential harm = D- parenting.

Later in the day, I was walking Ivan through my neighborhood. Two kids walked out of their yard and up to us and asked if they could pet him. I said “No, not this dog.” And they didn’t insist, they didn’t ask why, they didn’t try to pet him anyway, they didn’t let their eyes well up with tears and tell me I was a terrible person for not letting them pet the doggie. Instead they just said “OK”, and continued walking along next to us. After a couple of seconds, the little girl said “I have a German Shepherd too.” And she told me about her dog which lives in Idaho right now, and both of them told me that they were selling lemonade and asked me if I wanted any. I told them I didn’t have any money on me, but that I might be back tomorrow if they were still there selling. They reached their lemonade stand, and Ivan and I continued on our way. A+ children, A+ parenting!

the signs as dogs

Aries: German Shepard
Taurus: Chocolate Labrador
Gemini: Rottweiler
Golden Retriever
Yorkshire Terrier