york vision

current state of the runaways (so far)

nico minoru: in a-force, which unfortunately got cancelled
alex wilder: in power man and iron fist as an antagonist attempting to rebuild the pride
victor mancha: dead as of the vision
gert yorkes: still dead.
karolina dean: majesdanian aliens appeared in mighty captain marvel, but still no sign of karolina herself.
chase, molly, klara, xavin, old lace: ????

Imagine you exist in a world where everyone has two differently coloured eyes. One eye’s colour will be inherited from their parents or grandparents, the other eye’s colour will be that of their soul mate’s.

Occasionally there are those who are born without the differently coloured eye. There are also those horror stories of being paired with murderers or rapists but those were generally the 0.587% of the population.

You were born with your left eye being a dark, almost black, brown colour which you inherited from your mother. Your right eye however was a deep, hypnotising bluish-green. You often found yourself staring into the mirror, wondering who the foreign eye belonged too.

One would normally find their soul mate when the two locked eyes. The differently coloured eye would fade away to match the other one and they would know they were destined to be together. Of course, some people spent their entire lives having never met their soul mate but again, those were rare.

You’re in New York, working as a tech engineer for Mr. Tony Stark while he juggles his company and his relationship with Pepper plus, his missions as an avenger. One bright Autumn morning, you wake up to see that Thor has brought a visitor with him and everyone else had congregated around the couch to, seemingly, interrogate the new arrival.

When you say hi, the guest turns to meet your eyes. And you are shocked to realise that his left eye is the same colour as your left eye. A dark, almost black, brown. Everyone stares in shock as your right eye and his left eye slowly fade away. You found your soul mate, and it appears that his name is Loki.

Imagine knitting articles of clothing for everyone as Christmas presents. You make Steve, Bucky, Sam and Coulson sweaters, hats for Clint, Vision and Thor, gloves for Natasha and Pepper and scarves for Wanda and Maria. You even mail some socks to Fury.

However, just as you’re finishing Loki’s present, You run out of green yarn. Panicking, you stuff the rest of the presents under the tree first and run out into the cold streets of New York to find more green yarn. Meanwhile, back at the tower, Tony being Tony decides to open the presents a day early on Christmas Eve and not on Christmas Day.

Everyone’s really happy with your presents, except Loki, who is both disappointed and upset at not receiving anything from you, especially since he considered you a friend. The others try to reassure him that you did make a present for him, but it’s lack of presence under the tree proves otherwise. A little later, you burst back into the tower, having gotten some green yarn from a friend of yours across town, and you’re met with Loki’s sour and sullen rage.

He avoids you for the rest of the day and you don’t see him all of Christmas Day. When Wanda eventually explains to you why, you sigh.

Loki opens his bedroom door later that evening to get something to eat. He finds a small box, wrapped in green and tied in gold ribbons sitting before him. He picks it up and brings it inside to his room, opening it carefully to find a hand knitted green and gold scarf inside, with his name stitched into the corner. At the bottom is a note from you saying “Merry Christmas, sorry for making you mad :).” He exits his room, but instead of going to the kitchen, he rushes to your room instead to apologise.

Imagine being a ghost that hangs out in Avengers Tower because of your new found supernatural abilities. When Loki moves into the tower for his probation you avoid him like the plague which is unusual for you because, as you’ve told the team before, all memories of your previous life are gone, all except your name and age.

Loki still find you fascinating and wishes to get closer to you, and you eventually open up to him after he tries to coax you out of your various hiding spots. You later reveal to him that there is one thing you remember about your previous life, and that’s him killing you in the Battle of New York.