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President Franklin D. Roosevelt speaking in Syracuse at the New York Democratic State Convention in 1936.

FDR’s satirical rebuke against Republicans who opposed Social Security and the New Deal during the 1936 election.

80 years later the very same Republican Party used the same rhetoric unironically to justify taking away health insurance from 20 million Americans.

I’ve been watching The West Wing while studying comparative politics all day so basically my mind is overflowing and I’m so confused about what’s happening in real life and what’s happening on the show someone help me 😭

The world is changing: New York City

I am new to New York. I have lived here just about one month. It is not a difficult city to adapt to. You come to memorize the buzz and the hustle, the car horns, the chatter on the subway relatively quickly. You fit in as soon as you learn to walk faster. New York tends to vote Democrat. Hillary Clinton won New York last night. Unfortunately, she did not win the presidency.

Our teachers told us when the polls opened on November 8th not to go outside that night if our lives depended on it. They told us that, regardless of the outcome, it would be unsafe. We were especially warned of the danger if Trump won. It’s no secret that this city is filled to the brim with liberals. We commute past the Trump Tower on our way to school. There were concrete NYPD barricades erected, ambulances, firetrucks, and police cars flashing their lights, and more fireman and police officers than I’ve seen in any parade. The subways that evening were crammed full to the point of almost sealing people to the doors by their jackets and running back to back as people tried to distance themselves from the tower. It felt like a scene out of an apocalypse movie, as the people attempt to evacuate before the worst of the violence sets in. I was afraid our subways would crash into one another, or worse, that our train car would be attacked.

All night we were glued to the screen as we watched the country light up red. I slept for one hour. When I woke around 3 A.M., there were wild lights in the streets. I still don’t know what they were, but they were white-orange and blazingly bright. My mother texted me: “Sick to my stomach. He won.” I physically pinched my arm. I thought I was having a nightmare. A simple Google search blew the words TRUMP TRIUMPHS across my computer screen. My mind raced to newspaper clippings from before the second World War. My classmates were crying and panicking. I was hysterical, and more afraid than I’ve been in quite some time. The student group chat was full of messages like “we’re going to die” and “I’m losing my healthcare.” Two girls in my class alone are rushing to the doctor’s within the next few days so they can get what could be their final check-up.

This morning in the city was silent.

I cannot express how eerie it was to listen to nothing as we walked to the train. The only sound on the streets was of the cars passing by. Not a single soul was speaking. I don’t mean people were whispering, I mean nothing. The subways were tense, and everyone noticed. It felt like we were locked in the train car, all of us waiting to be shipped to prison. Not a single friendly smile (a rarity on a good day, I’ll admit) or mumbled conversation. Silence. It was raining. No one was speaking. There were so few people outside. Everyone was stiff, everyone was keeping their head down. This is how people react to fear. We had to actively select a route that avoided the Trump Tower because my friend thought she might get shot and I was worried about an attack on the building. My hardest acting teacher cancelled his class today to keep us off the streets when the sun set, or perhaps just because he knew we would all be scared out of our mind. He was right.

The city is quiet today. The world is changing.

Regardless of political allegiance, no one can deny the change. Please feel free to share the differences you noticed today. #TheWorldIsChanging2k16Election


Trump went after sanctuary cities. New York assembly responded by voting to be a sanctuary state.

  • Less than two weeks after Trump signed an executive order outlawing so-called “sanctuary cities,” New York’s Democrat-controlled state Assembly passed a bill to make New York a “sanctuary state.”
  • The bill aims to prohibit the detention of undocumented immigrants in New York without a standing warrant from a judge.
  • The bill now advances to the state Senate, which is controlled by a coalition of Republicans and right-leaning Democrats. 
  • The Republican state Senate leader said on Tuesday that he didn’t expect the body to even vote on the bill. Read more

Trump blames Democrats for sinking the GOP health care bill. Democrats say “Hell yeah!”

  • As Republicans picked up the pieces of their health care defeat on Friday afternoon, Democrats could not be more ecstatic. 
  • The opposition party has at times struggled to find unity and traction against President Donald Trump’s message. This week, the party was united.
  • Democratic members of Congress said they helped drive grassroots opposition to the American Health Care Act across the country, raising the alarm after the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the bill could lead to millions of Americans losing coverage. 
  • The president said as much Friday, telling the New York Times Democrats were responsible for the bill’s defeat. Read more.
Trump and his family have donated thousands to the man who's now the most powerful Democrat in Washington
From 1996, when Schumer was running for a House seat, to 2010, Trump donated roughly $9,000 directly to the New York Democrat's campaign, per FEC filings.
By Allan Smith

“Chuck Schumer has received more donations from Trump than any other member of the Senate”

Incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is about to be the most powerful Democrat in Washington — tasked with leading Democrats on issues of agreement with President-elect Donald Trump, while also opposing him on issues they don’t see eye to eye on.

It just so happens that the Democrat who will likely have to work closest with Trump is also the senator who’s received more in campaign donations from the Manhattan billionaire than any other member of the Senate.

From 1996, when Schumer was running for a House seat, to 2010, Trump donated roughly $9,000 directly to the New York Democrat’s campaign, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

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Mel Boozer at the New York City Gay Pride Rally, 1982.
Photo: Jeff Sanyour

Mel Boozer worked to raise LGBT and racism issues within the Democratic Party, working on Jesse Jackson’s 1984 presidential campaign and helping found the mostly black and LGBT Langston Hughes-Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club in Washington, DC.