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I was just notified by my mother that one of her friends recently lost her bird, Rambo. She asked me to post it on tumblr, so I am. We live in New York, and it is frigid cold here in winter. It’s supposed to go down to 10 degrees tonight. Please signal boost this to help.

There is a $900 reward if he is found.

Rambo the African Gray Parrot went missing last week on Sand Creek road in Albany, New York.

Parrots are weird birds to find when they go missing because they can mimic phrases. Rambo is known to say his name (”Rambo”), make a very distinctive squeaky toy sound and say several variations of the phrase “step up.” (”C’mon, step up” and “Step up, Rambo”)

He is believed to still be in the area because someone claims to have heard the squeaky toy sounds and ”step up” last night while in the area.

Most likely, if he is found, he will be perched in a tree, but may be seen flying or walking around.

If you see this bird in the upstate New York area, please send me an ask or contact Sue at 518-331-2445 with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Location you found him
  • Time of day you found him
  • State of bird (Alive, dead)
  • If alive, state current behavior to the best of your ability


  • Do not try to pick the bird up if you see him. Grays often bite total strangers trying to handle them, especially when distressed.
  • Do not approach Rambo or he will fly away.
  • Do not call the police, fire department, animal control etc unless instructed to do so by Sue

African Gray parrots look like this:


 All events appearing in this work are fictitious. :D

Starring: Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles

Special Guest Starring: Tom Welling

AU, Geek!Jared/Coach!Jensen

Jared fell in love with Jensen at first sight, then he dug deep into the records of Jensen. … Like most fairy tales, they lived happily ever after. 

gif1: Smallville 4x04[2004-2005]

gif2: “You don’t wanna know,man.” - Cheaper By the Dozen[2003]

gif3: Cry_wolf[2005]+Devour[2005]

gif4: Supernatural 1x07[2005]

gif5: Cry_wolf[2005]

gif6: Devour[2005]

gif7: Devour[2005]

gif8: Cry_wolf[2005]

gif9: “I’m all for that stuff.” - Dawson’s Creek 6x17[2003]

gif10: “Is today my birthday?” - New York Minute[2004]


Spring Creek Linear City, Brooklyn NY (Plan of New York City 1969)

Much of this plan has come to fruition, first with Starrett City (towers in the park style development) and more recently with the Vandalia Houses, a New Urbanist approach to affordable housing.  The Linear City plan grew out of the failed Cross-Brooklyn Expressway which would have run from Bay Ridge to East New York.  Interestingly the Spring Creek plan advocates for the unbuilt Queens Interboro Expressway.