Little Owl by andrew O'Brien
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Going down!


England: Robin Hoods Bay, Norwich, York, Oxford, Albury, Rye, Cambridge, Chester, Beachy Head, Lower Slaughter

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The York Anglo-Saxon Helmet, The Riverside Arts Centre Museum, Nottingham, 6.1.18.

Created around 750 to 775 CE, this Anglo-Saxon helmet is inscribed with Latin across the top and features the name of the helmet’s owner ‘Oshere’ above the nose guard. It is likely that the translation reads ‘Warrior of the Royal House of Os’, linking it to a royal family in northern England.


Beneath NYC’s City Hall by Ilya Abramov
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So me and my good buddy @carmessi finally got around to doing an art trade with each other after talking about it for god knows how long. Gala is arguably one of his most popular OC’s and she’s got the kinda figure I’d probably be caught drawing at any given time.

So when my end was requested as having her teasing and flirting with my demon named York in some shape or fashion was not only fun to do, but part of something I’ve wanted to do for a while anyway. It’s hard for me to imagine there are individuals watching me that don’t watch Carmessi but if that’s the case then please go give him a follow!

Gala belongs to @carmessi


England;NorthYorkshire-   York, Robin Hoods Bay, Staithes, Arncliffe, Yorkshire Dales, Grassington,York, Whitby, Hutton-Le-Hole

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