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Why NOT to Submit to a Magazine

So, I’m a liar.

I thought I was going to start getting this thing regularly updated but my full time job took over (who needs to pay bills?). Instead of giving everyone a well-deserved nice post, I’m going to talk about myself (because I’m an asshole).

Don’t worry; this will be no livejournal entry. I’m going to talk about why I don’t submit certain pieces to magazines.

1. It’s about someone.

Of course, all of my pieces are about someone. Sometimes it’s a made up person, sometimes there’s someone in particular; but you can never trace it back exactly. I take bits and pieces and create alternate universe versions of people because as a writer, I’m a wizard. 

But there are exceptions. When I write a beautiful piece about one of my best friends and an amazing moment we shared, I don’t want that public. Especially when it’s about unrequited feelings. Pro tip: date me because my love for you is in a literary magazine is NOT a good pick up line, and your friend will think you’re creepy. Always.

2. It’s self-indulging.

Sometimes when I write, I’m an elitist ass. No one reading my work will catch the subtext, and it’s completely tooting my own horn about some great life event I had. I full reserve the right to do this, but I in no way deserve the page space.

Sometimes those self-indulging pieces can turn into something that could actually be enjoyed by an audience but unless that happens, I keep it to myself.

3. It isn’t good.

Crazy, right? Now, plenty of people have thought pieces I wrote were good when I thought they were bad, but I still keep those to myself. If I’m not proud of the piece, why would I want it permanently marked in a publication? 

This is the same reason I didn’t publish my diary from when I was 12 years old; it embarrasses me now that I’m 23. So skip the opinion of the masses, and make sure to keep it to things you’ll be thrilled to see in print. It’s your byline, afterall.

I’m making zero promises about when I’ll update again, as I’m clearly unreliable. Have a great week, everybody!


Lauren Wainwright

layout editor, Yorick Magazine