(Noun) 주세요 - Please give me (Noun)

제발 - Please (used in desperation, not for casual use)

감사합니다 - Thank you (formal)

감사해요 - Thank you (casual)

고마워 - Thank you (casual, you can add 요 to make it slightly more formal)

고맙습니다 - Thank you (more friendly)

너무/ 정말 - Much/Really (you can add in front of to mean ‘Thank you very much’)

아니요, 괜찮아요 - No, It’s/I’m ok

미안해요 - Sorry 

죄송합니다 - I am Sorry/ I apologize  

저기요 - Excuse me (When trying to get someone’s attention)

Korean Name Suffixes


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An 8 year old girl being taken in by Whitebeard? What’s life like growing up on the ship?

i. love. the. white. beard. pirates. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(pre-ace btw)

  • This varies from situation to situation. If the girl was rescued from an extremely tragic situation/ background, everyone would be very gentle and cautious around her. Not wanting to crack her fragile soul (or poke at her if she’s violent/ angry) 
  • If she was just a little girl who they found it’d be LIT
  • Everyone is always on her side. Except the person she’s arguing with. One time she kept sticking pencils and such into Thatch’s hair - he flipped out and almost through her off the ship. Izo and Marco swooped in and where like “What the hell!! She’s just a child having fun! Leave her alone!!” 
  • She didn’t get any special sweets from him for like a week
  • Haruta is one of her best pals! Finally they met someone smaller then them. The two will wear matching socks or pajamas - Haruta would give the little one piggy back rides, and would team up during hide-and-go-seek
  • Whitebeard thinks she’s so great - drops what he’s doing to tell her stories or answer her strange questions. Always listens to her own stories and teases her. 
  • You know how Whitebeard calls everyone ‘brat’? She’s ‘(name)’, ‘little one’, ‘dear’. Only called brat when she stirs up enough trouble to take it to the big guy
  • He almost thought he killed her because she stepped in front of him as he was walking and she flew
  • She’s high-key Marcos best bud. She doesn’t make fun of his hair and whenever he uses his powers she thinks he’s the bomb dot com. Though she probably runs off sometimes, so he has one of those backpack leashes on her at almost all times so she doesn’t die
  • ALSO with Izo, he makes sure she’s literally a princess. Does her hair and makeup whenever requested and let’s her dress up in some of his old clothes
  • As for life on the ship, everyone will pitch in on what she learns. She also has a choice on a select things too. She’ll be taught how to read and write etc. - but also how to read maps, basic self defense, how to survive in the wilderness on her own, and bits of other languages
  • When she’s still little, each commander rotates turns watching over her in a “protective” room as battles occur. WB prevents an exposure to like…. massacres at such a young age
  • that is all for now - to be continued maybe
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yoooo i think this might be the longest chapter yet, and I started planning the other ones. i want to finish some more and queue them or something idk

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