So in the “snowball” scene in season two, (you know the one) Lance throws the “snowball” at Keith, but misses and hits Shiro. But y'all, what we’re not looking at is how Lance hit Shiro on purpose. As someone with horrible aim, it’s actually hard to be so off target. There’s no way hitting Shiro was an accident. Lance hit Shiro on purpose. He wanted Shiro to have fun.


(Noun) 주세요 - Please give me (Noun)

제발 - Please (used in desperation, not for casual use)

감사합니다 - Thank you (formal)

감사해요 - Thank you (casual)

고마워 - Thank you (casual, you can add 요 to make it slightly more formal)

고맙습니다 - Thank you (more friendly)

너무/ 정말 - Much/Really (you can add in front of to mean ‘Thank you very much’)

아니요, 괜찮아요 - No, It’s/I’m ok

미안해요 - Sorry 

죄송합니다 - I am Sorry/ I apologize  

저기요 - Excuse me (When trying to get someone’s attention)

Korean Name Suffixes


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Snowbaz Swimming Au

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yoooo i think this might be the longest chapter yet, and I started planning the other ones. i want to finish some more and queue them or something idk

baz pov again

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happy birthday to my OG, the ride or die, the day 1 @babyseguin this girl messaged me once to tell me my inbox wasn’t working and the rest is history. Yo my homie has dealt with me, the stupid stars, the freaking Canadiens through an entire season. I couldn’t have done this season without her and I’m so glad she’s in my life now. She is the crew mom and we are her goblins. We are grossly codependent on each other and spend way too much time at the rink. Cheers to my girl on her 21st today