Trans Stars: Mettaton + Grell.

TW: Usage of the ‘sex of men’ in the first song.

;All Men are Pigs (Studio Killers)
;How to be a Heartbreaker (Marina and the Diamonds)
;Applause (Lady Gaga)
;When I Grow Up (Mayday Parade)
;Everybody Loves Me (OneRepublic)
;Mirror Me (Shawnee)
;Anything (Hedley)
;Ghost (Mystery Skulls)
;Superstar (Toy-Box)

anonymous asked:

*whispers* 9 fandom? Are you in the 9 fandom still? I feel so alone in this fanbase.

Ahhhh, a 9 fan huh~? I like to consider myself as still in it since it’s like my first big fandom and I made SO MANY great friends in it, many who I’m still in connection with~ So no, friend, you’re not alone~ ;3333

Let’s do a head count, please speak up my lovely 9 fandom friends!!!!! =))))