Reblog if you believe Marvel isn't just 'for boys'.

Okay you guys, I need your help with something. A girl in my class (I am also a girl) told me today that ‘Marvel is for boys.’(She’s 15, like me.) I (obviously) disagree with this, because it shouldn’t be for any specific gender.
So, to prove her wrong, please spread the word and reblog this to prove that Marvel isn’t just for boys.

all right so here is the run down of commonly confused ramsey-free cats because i’m a huge nerd who loves cats

ruby aka “egg,” she’s gavin’s cat from the ramsey house:

issac, he’s geoff’s cat:

opal is griffon’s cat:

lloyd, she lives with gavin’s parents and is the one in the smg videos:

smee, gavin’s cat at his house with meg:


sleepover weekend (i wanna do this all weekend)
  • confess shit to me
  • i’ll give you some advice
  • fmk
  • first impressions of me
  • what/who you associate with me
  • we can become friENDS???
  • funny stories
  • you can tell ghost stories??
  • band/music recs
  • marauders hc
  • fluffy fic recs
  • u should make puns bc morelikemikeybae is a pun so i am basically a walking pun
  • not so fluffy fic recs B)
  • or scary shit about scary places i love that shit
  • ok please i aM SO LONELY
  • headcannons?? (honestly brownie point for this)
  • hc abt frerard or petekey especially
  • art student!gerard is also the window to my soul
  • so is ppl talking to me abt vincent van gogh tbh
  • esp ravenclaw 
  • or remus hcs bc we are one and the same
  • just u know


  • My car broke down and you just happen to be the only mechanic for fifty miles au
  • I’m a wedding planner and you’re a funeral director au
  • My cat got stuck in a tree and you’re who the fire department sent au
  • I’m a stressed out teacher and you just happen to be the super hot substitute filling in for me during my vacation au
  • You curse under your breath in a foreign language and I know I shouldn’t be turned on but I totally am au
  • We are neighbors and your ‘adult product’ ended up in my mailbox au
  • You work at the senior home my parents are staying at au
  • We are roommates who have started leaving passive aggressive notes to each other about doing the dishes correctly au
  • I drove all the way to the store for a certain box of cereal and you just picked up the last box au
  • My cable box isn’t working and you are the customer service representative I am connected to au
  • You stole my parking spot au
  • You babysit for my kids and they keep trying to set us up au
  • The senior class decided to haze me and duct tape me to a tree and you are the one who finds me au
  • You’re my surprisingly gorgeous roommate who likes to walk around our apartment shirtless au
  • So you’re the asshole who keeps photobombing my selfies au
  • I work at Starbucks and intentionally spell your name wrong on your cup au
  • Your dog tries to hump my leg every time it sees me au
  • I thought it was small animals stealing my vegetables from my garden but it’s you au
  • My phone number was written on a bathroom wall so you called for a good time au
  • You’re the douchebag that keeps trying to hack into my wifi au
  • I saw you studying for finals in the library and thought you might like some coffee au
  • We are strangers sitting next to each other during a scary movie and I totally just grabbed your hand but you haven’t pulled away au
  • I thought you were a home intruder but really you’re just the cable guy au
  • I just went through surgery and you’re my hot physical therapist au
  • You stole my usual seat at the coffee shop and I don’t know how to ask for it back au
  • You’re a hot firefighter and I might have pulled the fire alarm on purpose au
  • I got locked out of my apartment and you’re my neighbor that I’ve never spoken to but yes I’d like to crash on your couch until the locksmith arrives au
  • You mistook me for a famous movie star and I’m totally going along with it au
  • You’re the star quarterback and I’m the waterboy au
  • Rival newscasters au
  • I hit you with my car because you were jaywalking au
  • We went driving with no destination in mind and now we are totally lost au
  • I’m your upstairs neighbor and I might have just fallen through your ceiling au
  • I’m the new mailman and you like to check the mail in your underwear au
  • We are best friends who unknowingly share true love’s dance at a masquerade ball au


Zelda Wii U Update!

Eiji Aonuma was interviewed by famitsu (one of the largest video game magazines in Japan) and asked about Legend of Zelda games development. When asked, he was explaining how he would go back into the game and finish off dialogue throughout the game and the ending, when the games were in their final stages of development. He said that’s what he did today. TODAY. Possibly meaning that ZELDA WII U IS IN THE FINAL STAGES OF DEVELOPMENT.


get to know me meme: [1/5] movies 

How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on… when in your heart you begin to understand… there is no going back? There are some things that time cannot mend… some hurts that go too deep… that have taken hold. Bilbo once told me his part in this tale would end… that each of us must come and go in the telling. Bilbo’s story was now over. There would be no more journeys for him… save one.


“If I told you that, you’d ignore me. I know how headstrong you are. So instead, I will tell you to do what you are doing with as much honor and skill as you can.”