I got my new lenses today so I thought i’d slap some make up on and try them out, it’s the first time I’m trying grey contacts so yay c:
and let’s not mind the fact that i was too lazy to put on clothes and I’m still in my jammies

yooooo if you cheat on someone you’re a fucking piece of shit :-) if you can’t be faithful just don’t be in a relationship ok

I love how the Cast comments almost anything Noct does - be it rushing into battle, or falling/ jumping off a cliff -or coming out of their tent in the morning - but as soon as he touches that damn tree which starts a Lightshow, involving Lightning crashing down next to Noct….everyone acts like that would happen every day and was no big deal :`D


a-and how can they even survive one of Ramuh´s attacks like even if Ramuh only targets the enemy ….THE LIGHTSHOW STILL IS HUGE.

bvlletsmikey’s april botm!!

yooooo ur resident britpop trash is in need of a new botm for april!

i’m going away on monday and will be returning friday (i think??) so this is gonna be a really quick one with 2 days to reblog this and 2 days to vote (should be enough hopefully??)


  • mbf me
  • check out my current botm qhostfrank​
  • reblogs only, likes won’t count
  • must have at least 25 notes


  • a place on my blog for a month or so
  • whatever u want, u got it
  • limitless selfie reblogs ok
  • a possible friendship who knows

i’ll make a poll of 5 bloggers who reblog this on late friday/early saturday (i haven’t decided yet, probably saturday) and u can vote which one of those will be my botm

so have a good day/night and reblog if ur interested!

i am SO over school. today was nice tho bc i randomly saw a friend from high school (he’s been working in a lab at the hospital campus) and we chilled n talked about high school memories together. he got into dental school tho i’m sooo happy for him he’s such a nice guy. anyways, i’m so f*cking over school like i have a meeting tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM like? ok..i was supposed to have my presentation ready so my supervisor could check it out and i’m just like ~_~ rn like i’m really gonna go to my defense on friday and be like YOOOOO HAHAHAHA *jessi voice* THIS SHIT AIN’T HARD…FUCK OUTTA HERE

Yooooo if anyone has curly hair talk 2 me bc I know some good haircare tips and I would love to hear yours

anonymous asked:

Hey Litters, I'm curious. Why do you tag your SCP related stuff with "AEDAx Files"

Thats the name of the robot voice that reads that stuff yooooo