yooooo :3
srry for the inactivity, i got legit reasons this time around lol I’ve been packing cause I’m moving cities (yay!) and mentally preparing for surgery that is in a few days (not yay lol) srry again D:
ANYWAY!  here’s some melanie for ya <3 this took too long honestly lol there’s a ton of pressure in drawing someone you really admire/your favorite artist ;3; that and I just had to keep stopping to tend to other things. 
(it could be better if i had spent more time on it …ehhhh perfectionist D: ) 

Here’s a speed paint 

every time i’m hungover i’m always like “i’m not gonna drink again for a really long time i need to take a while off from it it’s really bad for me” and then as soon as i’m fine again and someone asks me to go out i’m like YOOOOO and it basically just leads to me being drunk 2-3 times a week

shadowhunters aesthetics (1/?)
heline (helen blackthorn + aline penhallow)

and every city was a gift 
and every skyline was like a kiss upon the lips 
and I was making you a wish 
in every skyline (x)

starring naomi scott as helen and janel parrish as aline aka the best fancasts ever