YOOOOO I’m rewatching Yuri on Ice and noticed something, look at this:

Episode One VS. Episode Six

look at how far he’s come, look at how much more confident he is in himself and his skating. the first screen cap is from not long after he let himself (and presumably his nation) down at the Grand Prix Final and the second is from when he has decided to prove to himself what love is with a gold medal from the GPF.

if this isn’t character development I don’t know what is

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If this hasn't been done yet: S/O, who's a completely noob, sends the volleyball flying towards Bokuto, Kuroo, Noya, Tanaka, Suga and Tsukki and it accidentally hits the boys on the head/body/face? Separate scenarios thanks!

To say that Bokuto was very very excited to teach ______ about spikes and blocks was an understatement; he’d spammed their phone with ten dozens phone calls and messages asking them to meet him at the school gym - all within the fifteen minutes that it took _____ to walk from the teacher’s faculty room to the meeting place.

“______! There you are! Finally, I thought I was going to die from waiting–” Bokuto pulled on their arm the moment they opened the double doors of the gym, a silly - almost manic - grin on his face. “We’re gonna start with a straight spike so that no one can beat you!!”

“Bokuto-san, isn’t that a little too advanced for someone who never played volley before?” Akaashi lifted an eyebrow, staring at the captain with a poker-face.

“Whaaa– No way! Fiiinee! Cross-court spike it is then,” Bokuto grumbled, taking his stance on the other side of the net as he yelled for Akaashi and _____. The (h/c) hesitated, nervously looking towards Akaashi for help - to which he shrugged.

Once Bokuto was set on an idea, it was hard to get rid of that idea.

______ was only supposed to hit the ball all while avoiding Bokuto - who was playing as a blocker with Tatsuki. It was probably only by luck that they were able to touch the ball Akaashi had set - but it was probably by some twisted fate that the ball spun out of control–

–and hit Bokuto straight on the face.


An out of breath _____ cursed, lifting the net and dropping to their knees beside a groaning Bokuto, gingerly prying his hands from his face. His face was red, blood coming out of his nose as he struggled to open his eyes.

“Fu– ____ I think you broke my nose–”

“Well there goes your precious face-”

“Not funny–”

“Should I send this to Kuroo-san?”

“NOT FU– Ow ow wowowowoow–”

To say that Kuroo was confident in his skill as a teacher/coach was an understatement; boy had been teaching ______ the basics of volley ever since they found out that their younger sibling wanted to play.

Kuroo now stood to the side, watching as his team got into position with ______ playing with. It was already a week since he started training them; Kuroo thought that they would need hands-on experience with playing in a team so that they can teach their sibling properly.

Just as ______ was about to serve - Kenma subtly moving to the side of the court to avoid being hit - the doors to the gym slammed open and a loud yet familiar voice yelled out.

“Oya oya!! Tetsu! Kenma! We came to play!!” It was none other than Fukurodani’s Ace, with his tired and irritated setter in tow. Kuroo spun, ______ stumbled and the ball flew as their palms made contact with the rubber surface.

“What are you eve–” Kuroo didn’t get a chance to finish his question as gasp sounded throughout the gym. The ball bounced off the back of their captain’s head, quickly rebounding and hitting the wall just above the double doors of the gym. Bokuto stared at the rolling ball owlishly, turning to stare at Kuroo and then back at the ball again before he let out a loud laugh.

“Oh god–” Kuroo could faintly hear _____’s panicking voice behind him, feeling the impact of someone running into him and arms wrapping around him tightly a second after the ball hit. “Tetsu are you okay do you need to sitdownohmygodimsorry-”



“______..” the (h/c) stiffened, stopping their bickering with the owl captain as they turned their head up to gauge Kuroo’s reaction. He sighed, a defeated look on his face but a glint of amusement in his eyes.

“Seems like we still have more private tutoring sessions to go-”

Noya wasn’t paying attention to anything; his eyes were trained on a certain (h/c) who stood on one side of the court with Daichi by their side. His lips pursed, wiping the spilled water from the corners of his lips.

“Yuu!” Tanaka yelled, slapping the short libero on his back and making the guys stumble. “Are you still coming after practice today?!”

“Are you kidding?? Of course I’m coming! We’re playing that new game today right-” the slap of the ball and the sound of it bouncing against the wall was heard; the two best friends turning their heads to look at _____, who had jumped excitedly at having pulled off an excellent serve.

“_______, nice serve!” Yuu and Ryuu yelled at the same time, excitement glimmering in their brilliant eyes which earned a laugh from ______. They turned back towards Daichi, hearing the captain giving them a compliment and some constructive advice; something about their posture or something.

“Okay, try to do it on your own now,” Daichi nodded, stepping away and crossing his arms so that he could observe their performance. Nishinoya was staring at them, shushing Tanaka and telling him to watch his partner’s bound to be awesome serve.

“Nice serve!” Yuu yelled once more, watching as his partner flashed a smile towards his direction and letting out a deep breath. They stepped forward, going for a serve and hitting the ball across the court; Tanaka and Noya yelled excitedly ( for no reason whatsoever comeonguys- ).

“Yuu! Tanaka! Look out!” Having been too excited, the two completely missed the trajectory of the ball and the next thing everyone knew was the loud smacking sound of a ball connecting with flesh; or, more specifically, with Noya’s face.

The screams that occurred there after were nothing but muted sounds to Noya’s ears. He could feel the worried stares he was receiving and the comforting hand gripping his arm; _____’s face finally coming into view.

“Yuu?! You okay? Did you break anything? Did I break anything? Oh my god–” the libero was silent, staring at the (h/c) in a dazed manner. Slowly, as the throbbing of his head came back to his senses, a grin spread across his face. 

“Na, ________. Why don’t you kiss me better?”

Tanaka grinned happily when ______ finally relented to his plea; for them to play with the team on the court. ______ was always there supporting them, and they had seemed awfully interested in the sports from what Tanaka had gathered.

“So, you think you can pull this off?” Daichi asked, after teaching them a couple of things about the basics and on how to serve. _____ murmured their understanding, staring at the ball skeptically in their hands as if it would bite them anytime now - something that caused Tanaka to laugh loudly.

“Come on, let’s play!!” he shouted, slapping their arm rather harshly making them stumble and glare at him. A grumbled “Fine,” was heard and the two players went to take their position on the court - Tanaka far more excited than Daichi.

They waited, Shimizu blowing the whistle to indicate the start of the game. ______ stepped forward, releasing a nervous breath as they raised the ball, bouncing it up into the air and hitting a serve just as how Daichi had taught them.

The ball flew–

– right into the back of Tanaka’s leg.



Panicked screams were heard from both ______ and Yachi; both of them running towards the wing spiker who’d fallen to his knees, clutching at the back of his calf.

“Do you need ice for this…?” _____ mumbled, touching at the angry red mark on his leg. Now, Tanaka wasn’t one to be flustered easily; but when he felt ____’s fingers brush over his leg, he could’ve sworn the room got ten times hotter at least.

“Y-Yeah no I’m fine it’s okay this is nothing–” Tanaka laughed loudly and abruptly, pulling his leg away from their touch swiftly as he turned, making his way towards his bag to grab his water bottle in an attempt to hide his red face. He was far too flustered that he ended up tripping over a chair and almost running into the net pole.

Sugawara watched curiously when he saw ____ talking to the captain of the team, their eyes lighting up in a plea at the captain who sighed, an amused smile on his face. They talked some more, the (h/c) getting more and more excited as the time passed and bowing to Daichi just before they parted, making their way towards Hinata now.

The next time the whistle blew, Hinata was switched out with _____, the orange-haired boy looking far too excited to go back into the game and ______ staring at the ball nervously. When they lifted their head, Sugawara gave them an encouraging smile.

The whistle blew, the court silenced and _____ stepped forward, throwing the ball in the air and hitting it with the tips of their fingers. For a moment, just for a moment, everyone thought it would fly over the net; but halfway through the court the ball started dropping.

Suga couldn’t half expected it; he expected the ball to fall to the floor before it even passed the net but its momentum didn’t stop– not until it slipped past the underside of the net and strike Koushi in the abdomen.

“KOUSHI IM SO SORRY DID THAT HURT WHAT AM I TALKING ABOUT THAT MUST’VE HURT-” ______ was by his side in an instance, panic and guilt written all over their face as Suga stared at them, breathless and in pain. He tried to reassure them that it was fine - that it happened all the time but their panic only seem to grew.


Tsukki groaned, inspecting his glasses as ____ fussed about him worriedly. The angry red mark on the side of his face was proof of just how terrible _____ was as a volleyball player - something that Tsukishima had spoken outloud to them.

It was supposed to be a simple game - Sugawara wanted to try and do a spike so they had _____ serve from the other side of the court for the heck of it. Tsukishima was unlucky enough to be on their side of the court and when the ball hit the net pole hard, it rebounded and went straight for Tsukishima’s face.

“How did you even manage to serve to a pole?”

“Do you mean you Tsuki or–”

“God– you know what I mean you idiot,” silence reigned over the both of them; the loud shouts of glee from Hinata as he managed to pull off yet another spike, the squeaking of their shoes, the slap of rubber against wood - there was nothing said between them and yet the world remained as noisy as ever.



“Don’t play any sports. Ever. You suck,”

“Wha– hey! You suck as well cause you couldn’t even dodge it!” ______ barely missed the amused smirk on the blonde’s face,bumping their shoulder with his before speaking up again. “Shut up before I give you another bruise, you french fry-”

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YOOOOO you should bring your hp skills to make a sherlock/johnlock hogwarts au where Sherlock is Slytherin/Ravenclaw (tho personally I think Slytherin and John is a gryffindor (bc he is a gryffindor fight me on that (with the heart of a hufflepuff))!!!

Andy: I always make sherlock a Ravenclaw, just because he prioritizes logic over ambition. Mycroft is a total Slytherin though. John i do see as a gryffindor.

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Yooooo your art is getting so much better each time you upload! I love seeing how you progressively improve, it's so cool! I'm jelly man, 'cus I'm kinda stuck at the moment myself. Artblock >_>'

Oh man, I feel - been stuck in an art block too lately. Plus hitting a wall when it comes to poses and stuff like that. For some reason I find it super hard to draw head shapes too lately xD Art be fickle af

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