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Can you guys do any scenarios or hc or somethin where Saeran gets a happy ending in Vs route? I havent personally started but ive heard that poor Saeran doesnt reslly get a great ending either way :c


Yoooo this ask spoke TO MY SOUL. I was in literal tears several times during V’s route because I literally just wanted Saeran to be happy. Like he fucking deserves it but he gets fucked over in almost every single route I’ve ever seen. If we don’t get a Saeran route where we can get him treatment and he becomes stable I’m suing Cheritz. 

So here’s my idea of a Saeran route:

  • MC realizes that Saeran is being used by Rika and decides:
  • Hey. I’m going to take this boy with me!!!!
  • Instead of leaving him behind, MC takes Saeran with them
  • They speak to Saeran in a soft voice, telling him that he needs treatment
  • And that they’ll visit him every single day while he’s there
  • The entire RFA supports this idea, realizing that Saeran did shitty things under the influence of literal drugs that Rika gave him and severe mental illness
  • (Mental illness does not excuse bad behavior, but combined with drugs and a manipulative person, it can be understood a little bit more)
  • V comes clean about everything regarding Saeran to Seven
  • Things are very chilly between Seven and V for a while, but V understands why
  • With support from MC, who is one of the only people Saeran trusts, he goes to treatment
  • It is very scary at first for him, especially when the drugs start to wear off and he’s going through withdrawls
  • But after the drugs leave his system and they begin to wean him off them, he begins an intensive treatment combined with therapy and medication
  • As MC promised, they are ALWAYS there for him, visiting as often as they and sneaking him in ice cream
  • Bringing him flowers for his hospital room
  • Introducing him to video games on an old Nintendo DS (courtesy of Yoosung)
  • Eventually, Saeran asks if Seven can come visit
  • MC brings Seven along with them one day and it’s very awkward and hesitant at first
  • But Seven gives Saeran a calendar with kittens on it, saying that he doesn’t want Saeran to lose track of the days and oddly enough, it’s comforting for Saeran
  • He even writes down the days MC and Seven will visit, getting excited as the days come closer
  • After trial and error, his medication starts working, and he becomes more stable in his mental health
  • He apologizes to all of the RFA and actually breaks down crying (MC holds him close during this, letting him cry onto their shoulder while Seven grips Saeran’s shoulder, tears in his own eyes)
  • The entire time Saeran is in treatment, MC is a rock for him
  • Someone to rely on; someone that he knows won’t leave him
  • They assure him time and time again that they aren’t going to leave, that they’ll be there for him, and they will never use or abuse him
  • And Saeran…believes them
  • After months of treatment, Saeran is cleared to leave, but it’s so daunting
  • He doesn’t know how he can go into society when before, he was part of a fucked up cult
  • He doesn’t know what to do, and the panic almost overwhelms him
  • But then MC is there, giving him a smile and he realizes that he can do it
  • He went through treatment and he’s getting better every day
  • He can do it. He can do anything if MC is with him.

Two years later, Saeran is happy and recovering. There are bad days, as there always are in recovery, but they are much fewer than they used to be. For the most part, he is stable and happy and he is surrounded by his friends and family. 

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I’ve been noticed by Jack twice now and I’ve realized something both times. I didn’t jump up and down and I didn’t cry or get excited. And I was thinking about that and I just told myself, “That’s so bad. What’s wrong with me, am I secretly a fake fan?” But no. It finally occurred to me why I’m not so excited about it.

And it’s because I’m so close to Jack. We’ve never met and we probably won’t ever, but it feels like he’s my best friend. It feels like we’ve practically been going to school together our whole lives or something. That’s why, and that makes me so happy. I don’t get excited because he’s not a celebrity to me, is like he’s been over, and we’ve had lunch together or something so many times. Y'know, your friend texts you and your face lights up but you aren’t jumping up and down and crying, it’s just like “Yoooo, it’s this fucker! I love this asshole!,” and that’s what it’s like for Séan and I. He’s like my best friend.

I just wanted to say this, and thank @therealjacksepticeye for being my best friend even when we’ve never met. Love you, man.

©angelabridget “Omg Hi I’m a fan of supernatural” “hey, I’m Jared” *i know your name omgggg*
teenager dreams come true😍😍😍 #jaredpadalecki  ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

©suckmygucci  yes, how he talks in the show is how he talks in real life


©seanmanchester Just met Sam from Supernatural!! (And may have knocked over his bike!! Sorry!!)


Friends! SVT

- you’ll never be hungry

- these boys will always have food and they’ll always be willing to share :-)

- china line will always find good places to eat and invite you along with them

- possibly many piggyback rides also

- most are probably from mingyu

- lots of highfives


- they like having you there also because when they play games they can actually have teams with the same amount of members

- scoups tries to sit u down and be a good friend and teach u the facts of life but he always ends up whining or swatting at a bug or something

- u never really get to hear the full facts of life but u promise to learn from their mistakes

- honestly when they first met u they were really scared of scaring u away bc they thought u were really cool

- so they’d always try to be polite and stuff

- and whenever you came over they’d always be in a hurry to clean the practice room/dorm

- but that was all over when you came over one day and wonwoo was just eating a sandwich wearing only boxers

“hey y/n whats up”

- and after that it was all over

- they went back to being messy dorks

- and u liked them better that way anyway

- sometimes will take turns walking you to school

- and remind you always to look both ways before crossing the street

- jeonghan will always make you press the crosswalk button with your elbow bc the button is dirty

- sometimes when the members are being a little too much jihoon will roll his eyes at u like can u BELIEVE these fools

- and ur like i KNOW

- they like hearing you sing/rap and seeing you dance

- even if ur not good at it

- soonyoung once walked in on u mumbling lyrics to yourself and doing little dance moves and he’s been bothering you ever since

- “hey guys guess what i saw y/n the other day”

- and of course they were all like

- !!!!!!!!!!!!!YOOOO Y/N SHOW US

- and it took probably like 3 months or so of them eggin on ya to perform something for them but u finally did it

- the boys are very persistent

- when u were done they all ran up to you and lifted u up and were so excited

- their managers are cool with you being at the dorm all the time sometimes they forget that you actually aren’t even a member

- sometimes you’ll come over and they’re all exhausted so u help fold blankets and make breakfast

- and the managers get a little worried bc they think you’ll sue the company for unpaid labor or something

- but u reassure them that its ok and that u just wanted to help out the boys

- but u don’t really have a ton of time to spend with the guys and they understand that

- but they’re always supportive of ur studies and stuff

- they knew u were really stressed out about a project so junhui, chan and seungkwan came over to help you with it

- it probably took way longer than it should but you had more fun that you would have doing it by yourself

- you get to be a guest on v app broadcasts

- and jisoo was like

- “hello….. stranger… pls tell our viewers about how much u love our group….. :))))))”

- and you’re like

- “guys they’ve seen me in other videos”

- “oh yeah …… tell them anyway”

- when they found out you used to be a fan of svt they freaked out

- so basically every time they saw you they’d hover around you and ask who your bias was

- jeonghan would stand near the back and not ask you

- one; bc he didn’t want to bother you

- two; bc he was confident that he was your bias

- was he?who knows

- you don’t tell them for a really really really really long time

- until your actual bias sat next to u one day

- “ok i know its me” and he sounded so convincing you were like ???wha how’d you know

- and he’s like 

- “that actually worked wow”

- so u made him promise not to tell anyone to not make things weird and he did promise but he never let u hear the end of it when he was alone with u

- one time you almost tripped over him

- “hahah sorry egghead ur gonna have to pull it together i know how much u used to love me and i know it drives u crazy but pls just get a grip”

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oh kat imagine hobbits cuddle in piles all the time so bilbo getting the dwarves to start cuddle piles and eventually the brothers do it on their own (fili and kili always cuddle with bilbo though)

i’m just cryin tho bc bilbo not realizing it’s not a widely culturally acceptable thing outside of hobbits like bilbo’s like ‘????? what’s up with these dwarves like it only makes sense to share body heat ’ the first few weeks of the quest cause he realizes the dwarves aren’t really?? doing that??? but then he sees fili and kili getting ready for bed and they’re their own pile and bilbos is like ‘finally. my time has come.’


(thorin looking forlornly at their cuddle pile and wondering if bilbo would ever want to cuddle with him. but refuses to ask. bc he’s thorin oakenshield. maybe fili and kili notice and are like ‘yeah let’s do something about this.’ and tells bilbo ‘thorins joining the cuddle pile tonight go we’ll join you in a minute’ so bilbo goes. maybe fili and kili come over later. maybe they don’t but thorin is not questioning why bilbo all of a sudden wants to cuddle with him uvu)

Rick sloppy hands...

I don’t ever recall his hands being that lovey when he found his wife. Yoooo… Rick has somewhere now to place his hands.  He’s still enjoying the warmth from the bedroom sex… Good lord the man is being over protected over his Warrior… Oh my heart… I’m just.. 

Friendly Darvey Reminders

ok so I think we can all agree that season 5b has been a little tough on our ship. It’s currently caught in the middle of a storm and by that I mean it’s not moving forward (arguably moving backwards, even). So if you’re feeling discouraged by what you’re seeing out there, here are some things that might refresh your memory and convince you to never give up on this 13-year-old boat of ours:

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