yoooo will i ever be over this

Friends! SVT

- you’ll never be hungry

- these boys will always have food and they’ll always be willing to share :-)

- china line will always find good places to eat and invite you along with them

- possibly many piggyback rides also

- most are probably from mingyu

- lots of highfives


- they like having you there also because when they play games they can actually have teams with the same amount of members

- scoups tries to sit u down and be a good friend and teach u the facts of life but he always ends up whining or swatting at a bug or something

- u never really get to hear the full facts of life but u promise to learn from their mistakes

- honestly when they first met u they were really scared of scaring u away bc they thought u were really cool

- so they’d always try to be polite and stuff

- and whenever you came over they’d always be in a hurry to clean the practice room/dorm

- but that was all over when you came over one day and wonwoo was just eating a sandwich wearing only boxers

“hey y/n whats up”

- and after that it was all over

- they went back to being messy dorks

- and u liked them better that way anyway

- sometimes will take turns walking you to school

- and remind you always to look both ways before crossing the street

- jeonghan will always make you press the crosswalk button with your elbow bc the button is dirty

- sometimes when the members are being a little too much jihoon will roll his eyes at u like can u BELIEVE these fools

- and ur like i KNOW

- they like hearing you sing/rap and seeing you dance

- even if ur not good at it

- soonyoung once walked in on u mumbling lyrics to yourself and doing little dance moves and he’s been bothering you ever since

- “hey guys guess what i saw y/n the other day”

- and of course they were all like

- !!!!!!!!!!!!!YOOOO Y/N SHOW US

- and it took probably like 3 months or so of them eggin on ya to perform something for them but u finally did it

- the boys are very persistent

- when u were done they all ran up to you and lifted u up and were so excited

- their managers are cool with you being at the dorm all the time sometimes they forget that you actually aren’t even a member

- sometimes you’ll come over and they’re all exhausted so u help fold blankets and make breakfast

- and the managers get a little worried bc they think you’ll sue the company for unpaid labor or something

- but u reassure them that its ok and that u just wanted to help out the boys

- but u don’t really have a ton of time to spend with the guys and they understand that

- but they’re always supportive of ur studies and stuff

- they knew u were really stressed out about a project so junhui, chan and seungkwan came over to help you with it

- it probably took way longer than it should but you had more fun that you would have doing it by yourself

- you get to be a guest on v app broadcasts

- and jisoo was like

- “hello….. stranger… pls tell our viewers about how much u love our group….. :))))))”

- and you’re like

- “guys they’ve seen me in other videos”

- “oh yeah …… tell them anyway”

- when they found out you used to be a fan of svt they freaked out

- so basically every time they saw you they’d hover around you and ask who your bias was

- jeonghan would stand near the back and not ask you

- one; bc he didn’t want to bother you

- two; bc he was confident that he was your bias

- was he?who knows

- you don’t tell them for a really really really really long time

- until your actual bias sat next to u one day

- “ok i know its me” and he sounded so convincing you were like ???wha how’d you know

- and he’s like 

- “that actually worked wow”

- so u made him promise not to tell anyone to not make things weird and he did promise but he never let u hear the end of it when he was alone with u

- one time you almost tripped over him

- “hahah sorry egghead ur gonna have to pull it together i know how much u used to love me and i know it drives u crazy but pls just get a grip”

anonymous asked:

Um hi! Kinda new and shy but do you prefer Nick in his yellow or green shirt? If not what other colors would you like to see?

Hi Shy Anon! Yoooo I am SO GLAD somebody asked me this!! That’s definitely been a debate on my mind over the past year ^^’ Ever since the beginning I loved Nick’s ‘yellow outfit’ I mean the way the purple floral print just pops off the yellow base makes it look all neon and mesmerizing in some scenes and his khakis look like they have a purple tint x3 And the tie he wore with that shirt looks really cool, dark, and classy as opposed to the bright and playful bluer one he wears with his green shirt. I love the whole put together yellow look a lot! …however I have to agree green looks way better on Nick. I mean the colors between Nick and his clothes fit so well with each other while the yellow shirt kinda makes him blend into the background (especially in that of Sahara Square where he wore it) and blend a little into his fur color too. I prefer Nick in his green shirt. The yellow outfit is great, just not as great when actually on him. Prob'ly explains why Disney chose green as his signature look but man, oh man I’d love to see him in like dark blue, dark purple, and hehe pink would be fun xD In the art book he has a shirt where his collar and sleeves and tie are a solid color while everything else is floral print and I like that style x3

zoruapng  asked:

hey hey how r ur dogs doin

yoooo! idk when i got this but i hope it was recently hehe~

peaches is good! shes as bossy as ever, always watching over the other dogs as if shes the leader haha! still eats lots n begs lots, too, but is as cute as ever and still twinkie-shaped ❤

bubby is still a begger and always wants to eat too, like the most outta all of em. hes still lazy n looks sad but i make sure to give him lotsa love. stella is always givin him company so thats goodie! ❤

stella is as loud as ever, always barking when she sees a cat but then backs up once one of em is actually in front of her hahaa. she licks a lot still and always wants up in your lap, and still sits on bubby awkwardly ❤

so theyre all good! thank you for askin! you should def visit sometime again yo! ❤

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oh kat imagine hobbits cuddle in piles all the time so bilbo getting the dwarves to start cuddle piles and eventually the brothers do it on their own (fili and kili always cuddle with bilbo though)

i’m just cryin tho bc bilbo not realizing it’s not a widely culturally acceptable thing outside of hobbits like bilbo’s like ‘????? what’s up with these dwarves like it only makes sense to share body heat ’ the first few weeks of the quest cause he realizes the dwarves aren’t really?? doing that??? but then he sees fili and kili getting ready for bed and they’re their own pile and bilbos is like ‘finally. my time has come.’


(thorin looking forlornly at their cuddle pile and wondering if bilbo would ever want to cuddle with him. but refuses to ask. bc he’s thorin oakenshield. maybe fili and kili notice and are like ‘yeah let’s do something about this.’ and tells bilbo ‘thorins joining the cuddle pile tonight go we’ll join you in a minute’ so bilbo goes. maybe fili and kili come over later. maybe they don’t but thorin is not questioning why bilbo all of a sudden wants to cuddle with him uvu)

Rick sloppy hands...

I don’t ever recall his hands being that lovey when he found his wife. Yoooo… Rick has somewhere now to place his hands.  He’s still enjoying the warmth from the bedroom sex… Good lord the man is being over protected over his Warrior… Oh my heart… I’m just.. 

Friendly Darvey Reminders

ok so I think we can all agree that season 5b has been a little tough on our ship. It’s currently caught in the middle of a storm and by that I mean it’s not moving forward (arguably moving backwards, even). So if you’re feeling discouraged by what you’re seeing out there, here are some things that might refresh your memory and convince you to never give up on this 13-year-old boat of ours:

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Where He Takes You on Your First Date- 5sos preference
  • Calum: "Hey, (y/n), are you um ready?" Cal asked nervously. You nodded as he offered his arm to you. You walked out of your flat to his car, and he opened the door for you. Cal drove for a bit, making small talk easily, until he pulled up to a small Italian restaurant. It was completely empty, but Cal opened your door and guided you confidently to the entrance. "Um, Cal, I don't think they're open." You gave him a weird look as he pulled out keys and unlocked the door. "I have connections." He winked at you, guiding you in. You gasped as you saw that the restaurant was completely dark except for one small candle lite table that had food on it. He pulled out a chair for you and then sat down himself. "I know we've been friends forever, but I wanted our first date to be special... because I love you." He said. You smiled and blushed, before saying, "I love you too... but can we eat?"
  • Michael: "Mikey, we're going to get into trouble!" You whispered into Michael's ear as you two snuck into the back of a theatre. "(Y/n), I know you haven't known me long, but you should know by now that trouble is my middle name." "I thought it was Alfred?" You teased and he jokingly glared at you. He grabbed your hand as you two dashed into the closest door, walking into a cheesy chick flick. "Ugh, just my luck." He groaned as you two found seats in the back row. He pushed up the arm rest, and picked you up, setting you on his lap. His fingers slowly began to trace up your thigh. "The movie might suck, but at least we can make it interesting." He whispered into your ear before getting down to business.
  • Ashton: You and your bestfriend, Ashton, had finally told each other how you felt about one another a week ago. You two had loved each other for a long time, and Ash wanted to be with you, so he asked you out on a date. You had never been on a 'date' with Ash, and you were really nervous when he finally rang your doorbell. "You look absolutely stunning." He cockily grinned as he eyed you. "I bet you say that to all the girls." You rolled your eyes, secretly enjoying the attention. "What part of 'I've loved you for five years' didn't you understand?" "Right, right, sorry. So, what's the plan?" You asked. Ashton looked you up and down again. "You know, you look too good for anyone else to see. I think we're just going to spend the night here." He said before backing you back into your flat, pinning you against a wall, and kissing you until tomorrow.
  • Luke: "Hey." You said nervously as Luke opened the door to his flat. He grinned when he saw you, and guided you in to his movie room. "I know you said it was ok that our first date was just a movie date, but I feel bad. Are you sure I can't take you to a 5 star dinner?" He asked. "Luke, this is the perfect first date. Don't worry about it." You kissed him on the cheek, and you saw him relax. You two sat down on the couch as he started the movie. He wrapped his arms around you as you snuggled into his chest. The movie was barely five minutes in before you turned towards him. "I know we've spent hours watching movies together over the years, but I think this is the only movie night I'll ever remember when I'm old because it's our first movie night as a couple." Affection filled Luke's eyes as he stared down at you. "(Y/n), I'm in love with you. I hope that doesn't freak you out but I just couldn't keep it in anymore." You brought his face to yours, slowly kissing him. "It doesn't freak me out because I love you too."
  • *if you want part 2 where they frick frack holla at me and ill write it yoooo. hope yall enjoyed it plz give me feedback AND REQUESTS FOR BOTH 5SOS AND 1D ARE OPEN YALL*
He helps you during an asthma attack

You can send me stuff to write/type up and I’ll do it no matter how weird it may be, just saying, so in other words, send me requests yoooo

Luke: I honestly think Luke would be like the sweetest, most concerned person ever if this were to happen. He’d frantically search for your inhaler. He’d hand it to you, and then he’d place his hand over yours while the other hand is simultaneously rubbing your back.

Ashton: Much like Luke, honestly, Ashton would also enter into panic mode. He’d then find your inhaler, wherever it may be, and hand it to you. He’d probably watch you while you use your inhaler, as he might not know what to do. He’d probably crack some jokes afterwards to make you feel a bit better and then you’d hear him do that cute little giggle omgggg

CalumCalum would be waiting on you hand and foot during and after the attack. He seems the type to cuddle you after the attack and then ask you how you’re doing, if your chest feels compressed and such. He’d be such a sweetheart omg

Michael: Unlike his usual playfulness, he’d instantly become more serious. He’d see the severity of the attack and quickly find your inhaler to put a stop to said attack. He’d help get the medication that is inside the inhaler into your lungs and then like Calum, cuddle you until you’re completely okay

Pardon me if this was not all great as I’ve never experienced an asthma attack and literally had to google this lol