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okay so i’m not entirely sure if this is right, it could be wrong, i’m up for debate, but i was overanalyzing the trailer again (because what else is there to do lmao) and i noticed something in the bike riding clip?

as we see, will’s ghostbuster costume is a little bit different. it’s a darker color and maybe almost kind of knock-off looking? which is fine i mean joyce probably couldn’t afford the actual thing or something idk not the point, the point is that it is definitely a different color. visibly so.

so taking a closer look at the three on the bikes. the furthest right seems to appear a bit darker? the coloring looks more like will’s suit than the others. which means that it would be him on the far right, dustin on the far left (you can see his hair a bit), and the middle one on the green bike is lucas.

now this is major speculation and i could totally be wrong, but the color of suit definitely appears darker to me. that rider is also the furthest back, so the perspective doesn’t make him look any smaller than maybe will should appear. also, usually when the boys ride, mike is front and center, so why would lucas take the lead now?

now this creates the question: where the hell is mike?

honestly, i’m not entirely sure. but we know that when the boys are at the school in costume they’re together, and later that night (when it’s dark) are trick-or-treating. so whatever causes the three to bike frantically down the road most likely takes place between those two scenes and isn’t so extreme that it keeps them from going out later for halloween. 

that means if something was wrong with will and the boys were going after him it most likely would end up furthering the big plot that has to do with will and the upside down, which would most likely be big enough of an event to prevent them from returning “normal” life afterwards. you don’t race down a road like that if something fairly big isn’t happening.

now what if, since strange things are once again starting to happen, something draws mike away from the others. so far all we know about him for sure is that he’s going to be the saddest lil angsty emo because he thinks el is dead. that’s a fact. so what if there’s something that happens, something unusual, something that maybe convinces him that it could have something to do with el, whether dead or alive. now i don’t know for sure, but i think if the three boys got a call from their “leader” to come quick because something was happening, i could see them tearing through the town to get there. and then when it’s nothing they still pat his back and tell him it’s cool and head out trick-or-treating.

again, total speculation. i could be painfully wrong. but would the duffers really make it that easy? i mean we see three boys on bikes and were going to assume it’s the same three we’re used to, but will’s back and that could change the dynamic completely.

anyways, feel free to argue for or against this. it just like kinda hit me and i was like yOOOO i gotta post this shit. props to leah for listening to my ranting and encouraging me anyways.


*headcanons intensify*




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