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봄날 (Spring Day) lyrics

passing by the end of the cold winter
until the spring time comes again
until the flowers blossom
please stay,
please stay there a little longer

추운겨울 끝을지나
다시 봄날이 올때까지
그곳에 좀더
머물러줘 머물러줘

trans; hobuing

if you’re struggling with homework, just pretend it’s for starfleet.

biology? no no, xenobiology. for when you’re on the enterprise and you have to examine flora and fauna of newly discovered planets

math? more like super important warp calculations

physics? gotta be like chekov hell yeah

english? no it’s a report for starfleet command

learning a language? channel nyota uhura 

gotta pop open a torpedo im really weapons expert carol marcus


Follow me while we walk through this beautiful creation of nature my father made and don’t think about those humans for a second, with all their obsessions