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Bellamy Blake Appreciation Week Day 3: Favourite Scene - 3.15

This plan will work.


Name: Mimosa Thalia Lymph
 Mos, Mosie, Mosa, Ol’ Mos
Gender: Female
Age: ~ 35.
Date of birth: Bit later than her host.
Occupation: Researcher, Memory T Cell, Antigen databank


Eye color: Dark brown / Black
Hair color: Light lavender & transparent
Height: 5′6″ ??
Scars: None. Her membrane heals quite quickly && doesn’t produce human like scar tissue.
Burns: None. -..-
Overweight: No.
Underweight: Not in her standards.


Color: Purple, blue, yellow, orange (complementary colours yooo)
Hair color: She doesn’t care. Hair?
Eye color: Anything standing out.
Song: Sings Joan Jett in car, also some classics and new gen pop music.
Movie: Thrillers, action, horror, comedy – she pretty much comes at home and sees what’s on.
TV Show:
 Comedy mostly for contrast. Something to null brains with.
Food: Asian style take away ( nothing too hot ), she has those bad habits. Lazy to cook && no time.
Drink: Margarita is the fave drink, lots coffee around day, tea for evening unless nightshift. Wine for good meal drink
 Med books for work. So much to read. Perhaps slice of life literature sometimes && guides.

Have they

Passed university: Passed University of T. Thymus && became researcher. Pretty good.
Had sex: Yee. She is 35 single career focused woman && needy from time to time so sure she has tried it by now.
Had sex in public: She doesn’t take a risk. She is sharp about her reputation. By goodness with people she might be involved with.
Gotten pregnant: No
Kissed a boy: Yes
Kissed a girl: Yes
Gotten tattoos: No.
Gotten piercings: She has pierced ears ( kinda?? )
Had a broken heart: When ever crush rejected around younger years. Made her this beloved, cynical ol’ Mos we know now. Nowadays, she rather goes with a flow, having fun with people.
Been in love: She is able to fall in love. Can hide it but can’t deny it. She’s conflicted.
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: Yep. Has been even in an office for rough 24 hours and half that many cups of coffee. Was one big germ hunt.

Are they

A virgin: Nope
A kisser: Very much~
Scared easily: No. Not at someone trying to mess with her or being in dark but if she knows she’d have to go to warehouse 3 am to check some vandalism that’d pretty much spook her.
Jealous easily: Looking cool and calm, she can be jelly like anyone else but plays it like a rational adult. Talk. But she isn’t clinging on people.
Trustworthy: Yes. That’s one of her virtues. There are cases she  may use a lie if she sees it necessary. Usually to prevent more harm.
Dominant: Get down. Now.

Submissive: When she trusts.
In love: Verse depended
Single: Verse depended (multiship). Separate universes she starts off single.

Random questions

Have they harmed themselves: No.
Thought of suicide: No.
Attempted suicide: No.
Wanted to kill someone: Yes.
Drove a car: She has a car && uses it daily. Old. Gear Stick. You pull the front seat forward in order to get to the back seat. ( a.ka. kidnapper car )
Have/had a job: She works full time on research, Memory Unit T of Secondary Immunity Response. Same job for 10 years now.
Have any fears: Going near gastric acid and fire but she gets more uneasy about those than actually fear.


Siblings: 7, all younger than her so she is the BIG sister. Some have families while auntie still spends her youth.
Parents: Alive and well but she is distant, visiting for bigger holidays.
Children: None
Pets: She likes cats.  

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clarke griffin walking in the woods (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・

YOOO i COLoured hIM

  • his name is flan kun and he’s a 15 yr old shota
  • he’s frickign 152cm
  • he’s an unconscious flirt he just thinks he’s bein all sweet ‘n nice but nOoOOO he’s also kinda possessive?? like hISS THEY"RE MINE YOU BETTER KEEP THAT IN MIND PUNk…. he’s basically really childish in general and preTTY much easily distracted
  • he cries shota tears of caramel