Taehyung Wings Album ‘Thanks to...’

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V Thanks to…

I feel shy… That we are able to release another full album like this -  to Bang PD-nim, Vice president Yoonjung-nim, Dr. Seokjoon, Dr, Shingkyu, Dr. Leehyuk, and Dr, Chae-eun – thank you, and I love you.

To my father, mother, and younger siblings, I’m so thankful. You’ve worked hard. I love you.

And to our manager hyungs, who are always beside us and take care of us – Hobeom-hyung, Sejin-hyung, Jongil hyung, Seongseok hyung, Yoonjae hyung, Soonhak hyung, Minhyuk hyung, Yoontaek hyung – thank you for working the hardest behind us to make sure we’re always in good condition.

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Im Yoon Taek.
I have actually never really thought that this day would come.
Whenever I saw you on stage, the way you smiled and danced, the way you tried your hardest, made me forget your illness.
You stood strong against not only your illness, but every person that said that you’re making up your illness, because it can’t be that with this situation of yours, you would still be performing like you did.
But that is what I adored you for, that is why you have become my role model; For being the strong person you’re, for never crying or falling into self-pity, for always smiling and laughing, no matter how hard it was for you to dance, sing or even stand.
I have never got the chance to say “thank you” to you, and now I never will. I wanted to say thank you for being my own inspiration, as well as other’s too. For being a very bright light at a dark day.

I was told once when I was young, that god only takes back the best people. Now, I can fully say that it is right.

Im Yoon Taek, one of the greatest and most talented artists I’ve ever came to know of, R.I.P.