This week’s episode was sooooo DAE to the BAK!=D

I have watched a lot of Korean variety shows but WGM’s latest episode (well, Julian and Seah’s 9th Episode <my bias!>) is by far one of the most “balanced” screen time of each couples that I have ever seen…No biases and over exposures of a certain couple and I LOOOOOOOOVE IT~!

JK and SA are like the “cool” seniors of the village that’s why the junior couples can act “freely” because they are not really that strict when it comes to seniority and stuff.. I gotta commend JK for being able to “ride along” with the culture differences and just had fun with everybody…
BTW, Seah unnie……………………….CAN TOTALLY DANCE Y'ALL!
She’s dancing AND POPPING!LOL….She was so good that Sunhwa jokingly said that they should make a girl group together…^^

Joon and his adorable “possessive” wife Yeon-seo..=)
These two……..how should I describe it???? It’s as if they have thier own “happy bubble” that whenever they are together, they are just…………HAPPY~…Even if Joon is talking  nonsensical things and YS are making awkward gestures its as if other people does not exist and they just see each other…The “teenage dream” feels these two…=)

Guys…………nice job…..Very well done…=)
As they are the “idols”, they were assigned as the hosts of the Village party…
They made the episode more interesting without putting the spotlight on them. They will start a topic or conversation and they will just let the other couple do the talking…
I guess, its the reason why I can’t get mad at KH…To be honest, as I was starting to watch this season, I was preparing myself to be annoyed by KH but it is not happening!AND I AM GLAD!
I have said this before, however I will say it again (and no one can stop me!MWAHAHA~!), there was this one season where I got soooooo~ annoyed by a certain idol for being such a diva!(I think you all know who I am talking about..=p) I know he is popular and a lot of people love him and his partner, however, whenever he was included in the scene, even if it was a “get together” episode of WGM couples, he always gets the attention thus making the airtime of other couples, shorter…=/
Thank goodness, KH is not like him…
Season 4 is totally rocking right now…
The village thing, two-thumbs up!
Its like We Got Married + Family Outing feels…

Shippers, prepare for next Saturday! We don’t know what will happen (maybe separate episodes again) but I have this feeling that its gonna be daebak just like this one..=)

We Got Married Season 4 MC list?

So I’ve been wondering if anyone knows or is able to find the list of the season 4 mc/host list (saying season 4 i mean the season 4 couples: SunHee, YoonKang, and JoonSuh) because I want to find out the female MC’s name (Not Park Mi Sun) since her face is so familiar like she was in a kdrama, but I just can’t remember which kdrama… Please help!

YK: what did you prayed at the temple?
SI: my wish. I have a dream I want to realize.
YK: dream?
SI: yes. My teacher showed me the globe. I was so shocked when I saw it for the first time. “a frog in a well doesn’t know the sea” that’ when I truly realized what it meant. That day, I found my wish. I have that DREAM that I want to go to the end of that sea.
YK: to the end of the sea?
SI: yes. Women in Joseon need courage just to leave the city gate. Not that kind of world but the world we can go anywhere and do anything if we wanted to living that kind of world is my dream. What about you? What’s your dream?

SHIPPERS, Hear ye, hear ye...

So, I saw this link last week and I wanna share this to all shippers…=)
Just a small prevention(?) so that no one will go crazy and hurt somebody just because they can’t spazz along when the show is airing…(personal experience)
[ BROADCAST ] Saturday 05:15 PM MBC We Got Married 
(Just check your timezone/time difference with Seoul…Happy spazzing later!)

Gotta give props to Se-ah unnie especially when they were buying at the grocery store..She’s only buying the stuff that they need (well, the ajumma pants? not really..LOL)..
If I was her, I’d agree at everything that Julien wants to buy!LOL
(By the way, she looked so happy in this episode it made me so jealous, well in a good way…!But not really……………Wahhhhhhh!)

Can’t wait for the next episode!!!!(Is it just me or when there is no preview available for next week, it makes you sooo anxious that you wanna….like…….. wanna….WANNA…
I don’t know anymore! ASGFGDSGSDADHFAHDLKFJL!…)