"Yunho’s a nice guy, but he absolutely will not allow it when people attack JaeJoong, whether its a joke or not. One time someone was talking about JaeJoong in a way bad, so Yunho stared the person down for about thirty seconds...that look sent shivers down my spine."

-SM Management Staff


130502 TVXQ @ Kimpo heading to Japan

Yunho was seen staring over at a JYJ/Jaejoong-Yoochun Tony Moly Ad. The Jaejoong&Yoochun Tony Moly ad on the far left catches his attention first, then he turns his attention to the ad with Kim Hyunjoong (JJ’s bff) & Jang Geunsuk (who JJ was hanging with recently), naturally because it’s the biggest of the ads, but then his eyes land back on Jaejoong&Yoochun’s ad. His expression is what gets me though ;_;  | pic credit: jinroee

"My Other Half" - Yunho "Thanks to" in Catch Me

東方神起 Interview 

“As crazy as this sounds, I don’t think of Jaejoong as a really good friend. He’s more like my other half.

-Jung Yunho

Bigeaststation ep. 91 - Psychological Test [x]

Yoochun: The answer is "If the person’s hands are open, then they haven’t met their destined other half yet.”
Jaejoong: “True, I already met my other half.”
Changmin:Tohoshinki member doesn’t count.”

“You are my tattoo” Letter Message from Jaejoong [x]

“There would not be me if not you. My other half, Yunho. I love you”

- Kim Jaejoong

“Catch Me”  東方神起 6th Album Thanks To message [x]

My other half that almost feels like a part of TVXQ member..”

- Jung Yunho 

[Note: At first I thought he was just talking about their manager because I wouldn’t really count on Yunho being so blunt and obvious about JJ, but then I saw he said “hyungs” when referring to his managers (and in any case I found it odd that he would call one of them his “other half”). He then goes on to list other people, which leads me to believe that he wasn’t saying “my other half” and then stating a name or person, he simply said “my other half that almost feels like a part of TVXQ member” and then continues on, not elaborating much on who he’s talking about. I mean, idk..]


jh: the reason why I like you? simply because you’re that person. just because you’re you. are there any other reasons besides those? it’d be nice if I could know the reason why. because then it seems like I could find the way to stop liking you.