Hey guys! You’re fellow meme here that can’t do pretty edits so resorts to crap memes and jokes. I am so sorry for being dumb, but I have hit 420 followers which is more than I ever thought possible for someone like me! Thank you guys so much! I know this is dumb, but I am surprised that I haven’t seen this joke done before. Anyways I have so many favorites and I wanted to make sure my favorite writers also got recognition, so here come tags! (Also if you don’t recognize my new URL, I was previously taeseyesnoiselips) 

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dont ask why th sun is out @ nite…. !! or why he’s Ripped….. ???? amazin’ graphic tho amirite..

ANYWAYS !! i hit another milestone a WHILE back !! and since then ive jst been getting so many followers (why…) but !!! recently i hit 1.2k!!!!!!! im so amazed what th Hck!!!

but yea !!!! dis is my second evr follow forever ,,,, ive been planning on making it for months but… whoops…. but yea !!! i jst rly wanna take time out 2 appreciate m'friends nd m'fav mutuals on dis Hell Site !!!!! i rly lov spending my time w/ all of u and its been a few cr*zy months since i started dis blog (about 8 i think!!!!) So !!! i couldnt b happier w/ th time i’ve wasted on dis blog !!!!! i lov evry single one of u so sos SO much ,,,,, im so thankful for u all…

and u can ALWAYS talk 2 me if u evr hav a problem !!!!! i promise ill always b there 4 all of u!!!!!! <333 nfsjovnds anyways!!!! on 2 th actual ff……

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