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Sun & Moon

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff (the holy trinity?); Omegaverse!

Word Count: 15K

Warnings: Possessiveness, impregnation kink, biting, hair pulling, cumplay, switching

Notes: If you need an intro to the omegaverse, feel free to read this trashy guide I wrote!

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“Someone’s moving in next door!” Your friend announces glumly, as you raise an eyebrow at her, “Ugh, it’s just more people to keep around, okay? I’m honestly just done with all these loud kids.”

“Aren’t you enthusiastic!” You tease, though it falls on deaf ears, “Alright, I’ll bite: what’s the problem?”

“I just told you.” She flops over, “I heard from the tenant that a couple of guys are moving into 105.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” You say, still confused, “So, what’s the big deal? You normally don’t have issues with noisy people, don’t even try.”

“Okay, fine.” She snaps, “Both of them are Alphas, okay? Both of them. Are. Alphas.”

“There are tons of Alphas in the building, girl, you need to chill.” You roll your eyes, “Besides, we’re just Betas, not… I dunno, Omegas or something. We don’t need to worry so much about it.”

“That’s true, but.” She shivers, “I just saw one of them outside, dude. He’s like, the Alphaest Alpha to ever Alpha. Like, his gaze could turn you into a pile of ashes on the spot.”

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His || Jungkook || 0.14

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13 | 0.14

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by: @lwannag0h0me-c0m

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Plot: Werewolves are assigned a human soulmate from birth, as werewolves cannot reproduce with other werewolves. Although humans cant tell when they’ve met their werewolf soulmate (mostly because they think werewolves don’t exist), werewolves become fully aware once they are united with their true love. Most werewolves meet their soulmate around mid to late teenage years (because that’s when their bodies become sexually mature). Yoongi is 18, almost 19, and on his last year of high school and still hasn’t found his soulmate yet. He’s starting to believe maybe he doesn’t have one, until one day a new girl named Y/N enters the school.

Chapter(s): 1 2 3 4 5 6

Genera: Werewolf au, fluff, smut, (a lil bit of angst), supernatural romance

Chapter 1

{I’m so sorry for any spelling mistakes, I haven’t edited yet}

Yoongi has never been a fan of waking up early (or waking up at all really), especially if it was for school. He wasn’t a bad student or anything, he had decent grades and never fought with any of the other students or teachers, it was just exhausting for him to walk around and pretend to be interested in the events going on around him. He wasn’t the social type, or the athletic type (not anymore at least, he did play basketball his freshmen and sophomore year, but eventually quit due to a shoulder injury), or the artistic type, or the nerdy type, or any type really. Granted, he was very musical and he did enjoy listening to music and maybe writing a few songs for himself here and then, but those skills aren’t very useful in high school. To Yoongi, high school almost seemed pointless. Yoongi’s mother is a werewolf, which makes him a werewolf. Once Yoongi graduates high school, he’s supposed to help his parents by becoming a head leader of the pack. Yoongi’s mother, Bitna, was the current leader of the pack, with her husband, Ankor, by her side. Yoongi wasn’t opposed to the idea of helping lead the pack, in fact, he was quite excited to help his parents lead, as he had been watching them do so since he was young. He was, however, disappointed in himself. Every werewolf has a human soulmate that they usually find once their bodies are fully mature and ready for mating, which would usually be somewhere around the ages 14-17. Werewolves can’t reproduce with other werewolves because there needs to be a balance of human and wolf DNA. If two werewolf parents gave birth to a child, the child would come out with too much wolf DNA for its body to handle, and end up dying either before it’s born, or only a few moments after. Yoongi was now 18, almost 19, and still hadn’t found his true love. It was expected of him to have a mate by the time he became a leader to provide the pack with more members. It was now the first day of his senior year, which gave Yoongi only one more year for him to find his mate. He felt like he was disappointing his parents, even though they made it very clear that they where in no way disappointed in him, and that it wasn’t his fault his mate hasn’t shown up yet. He knew there wasn’t anything he could do about him being mate-less, but still, he wanted to make his pack proud of him, and living a werewolf life without a mate while you watch other wolves be happy with theirs was very lonesome. Some of his friends from his pack that he hung out with had already found their mate, like Jin, Hoseok, and Namjoon. That left him, Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook to be the four mate-less ones in their friend group. Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook where all younger than Yoongi (Jimin and Taehyung being 16 and Jungkook being 15) so it wasn’t abnormal for them to have not found their mates yet. Yoongi was almost starting to believe that maybe there wasn’t someone out there for him. Thoughts like these caused him to fall into this ongoing state of depression and lack of motivation, so now a days he tended to get annoyed and short tempered easily when one of his friends starting talking about their mates or when someone mentioned him having not found his yet.

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BTS Reaction to: Them being super needy and dominant

Request: “Hello love! Idk if you’re taking requests so if you aren’t just ignore me lol. I really loved your Hybrid Au for the first Rut. I was wondering if I could request a werewolf au were they’re in like almost a mating season kinda thing and are super needy and dominate? Prettty prettty pleeeeease”

Author’s note: Werewolf bangtan is life.Smut alert. Gifs aren’t mine. x 


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Just your scent would drive him crazy. Seokjin pushed you down on to the bed as he climbed on top of you. 

“Fuck princess/prince you drive me crazy. I need you now.” 


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As soon as you walked into your apartment you were being pinned up against the wall. Yoongi breathing heavily in your ear as his hips rolled against yours. 

“Damn baby you’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for you to come back. Maybe I should punish you for staying away that long.” 


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You and Hoseok were in the dance studio, dancing together when something came over him and caused him to push you harshly against the mirror, making you gasp. Hoseok smirked as his hand trailed lower and lower down your body as he breathed hotly in your ear. 

“Damn baby you shouldn’t tease me like that. I’m gonna take you here and now.” 


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Namjoon was already dominant to begin with but in the lead up to mating season it only got worse. He’d be all over you all the time. Namjoon didn’t even care that you were in the shower, he wanted you so he ripped his clothes off before joining you in the cabin. Pinning you up against the wall as he trusted into you. 

“Ah fuck baby you’re so tight. Always so good for me.” 


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Jimin was usually a mix between submissive and dominant, but when mating season came around he became really dominant. He’d bend you over the table as he pressed his chest against your back, breathing hotly in your ear as he rolled his hips against your ass. 

“Baby, are you gonna be good for me and let me fuck you right here?” 


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Taehyung couldn’t care less that you had just gotten freshly out of the shower, he wanted and needed you. So he pulled the towel off of you and pushed you down onto the bed, crawling on top of you as he smashed his lips against yours. He pinned your hands above your head as he rolled entered you, stretching you out. 

“Ah fuck baby you feel so good. So tight around me.” 


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Jungkook liked to be in control and that was only intensified when mating season came around. So when you were trying to win a argument he just lost it and pinned you up against the fridge. Not giving a fuck as he ripped your panties and thrusts into you, making you arch your back as you let out a loud moan. Jungkook didn’t give you any time to adjust as he set a inhuman pace, pounding into you. 

“You wanna try that again baby? Let’s see if you’ll still disobey me after this.” 

Foe and Dear

Pairing: Yoongi x reader, Jimin x OC

Type: Angst, horror, eventual smut, werewolf + mafia au

Plot: Tattoo littered and piercing’s galore. Seven tall men at your new school seem to have deeper intertwined futures with you and Maria than either of you could have possibly imagined.

Warning(s): mentions of sex, sexual tension, cursing

Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6

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Chapter Three: Yield

After another grueling week at your strange new school, you and Maria who had been bonding rather quickly decided on a friend-date at a nearby bubble tea shop was the weekend plan.

“Please don’t tell me you’re one of those girls who doesn’t get tapioca in their drink,” Maria said with a sarcastic tone, knowing you weren’t actually. She just liked to annoy you as much as you did to her.

You rolled your eyes, a habit which you had been picking up on from her because of how often you two hung out. “No, Maria. What are you the kind of girl that pours her milk before her cereal?” you asked back with a tease in your smirk.

She laughed and shook her head, bangs sweeping across her forehead, “No! Do I look uncultured?” She asked with a laugh as you two entered the store.

“You don’t want the answer.” You said with a mischevious glint in your eye. 

She let out a hearty scoff, obviously over the top as to add to the comedic atmosphere you shared between one another. The door to the shop rung it’s little bell as it opened, a dainty space for those to hang around close friends. You enjoyed the environment it set.

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You belong with me (JJK/ werewolf)

pairing: Jeon Jungkook| Reader
words: 7.2K
warnings: lots of fluff, smut, friends to lovers

genre: Werewolf Bts AU

Stepping out of the bus, I dragged the black suitcase behind me and adjusted the heavy backpack over my shoulders. Closing my eyes, I breathed in the crisp fresh air after ten hours of being cramped inside. It was good to be finally back. The bus honked once and left in a flurry of smoke and dust, blowing my hair into my face. Sneezing twice, I twitched my nose to the humid weather despite the burning Sun. It should rain soon.

Looking around, not much had changed, it was same bus stop I had been to fifteen years back.

Admittedly my memory is foggy since I was a toddler at the time of my last visit. The bamboo shed and seats though weathered remained as daunting as it was to me as a toddler. The enormous green and dense forest along with a single volcanic hill laid ahead, the road winding around the edge. A thin dirt path lead into the woods in front of me that was closed to the general public now. There had been many wild animal attacks in this area. Bears, foxes, wolves they didn’t really appreciate humans coming here and making noise, or worse, stealing their food and littering the otherwise clean place.

A few holiday cabins laid isolated a little deep into the woods along with a clearing in the centre of them with a small pond and waterfall hidden behind. I remember playing there and befriending a puppy in our month long stay. I had got so attached to them, I had refused to leave the forest and was depressed for the next three years. I had made it my mission to come back here for the puppies, even though in my heart I knew they were very much an adult now. I just hoped they would recognize me, if not like me. Though the trees stood tall, intimidating and very close together and had their branches intertwined and low, yet–somehow, the path had been cleared for a human– albeit tall and slender– to be able to pass through it.

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Genre: Werewolf! BTS, Supernatural, Romance, Fluff, Slight Angst

Pairing: Werewolf! BTS x Reader

Warnings: One mention of abandonment.

Summary:  Y/N’s life was far from normal. All seven of her childhood friends are werewolves who are very attached to her.

Authors Note: It’s been a bit since I’ve posted a story so, I hope you’re all excited!

Post Date: 7/16/18

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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You woke up feeling like you were in the Sahara Desert. A bead of sweat trickled down the back of your neck and you tried to sit up. Tried being a key word. Only your head could be lifted to see a wall of fur laying across your chest. With a bit of wiggling you freed your hands from under the covers. The wall of fur huffed as it was jostled by you.

“Jungkook get off. I’m going to have a heat stroke.” The wolf turned his head to look at you through narrowed eyes. “I will give you belly rubs if you get off me.” The bribe seemed to work as the wolf snorted dramatically and rolled over to the other side of the bed. You immediately threw your covers off, only to find your feet trapped.

“Jin,” you whined. The sleeping wolf raised its head, blinking slowly. It licked it’s chops before yawning. He stood up but instead of hopping off the bed, he turned and flopped down onto you. The weight of a full-grown wolf caused you to fall back onto your pillow. You felt a wet muscle swipe up your cheek. Jin groomed you in greeting, accidently giving you cowlicks in the process.

“Yes, yes. Good morning.” Once satisfied with your cleanliness, Jin pressed his cold nose to your neck and sniffed. Your hands ran down his back, almost disappearing in his thick fur. “I need to get up Jin.” With a bit of a whine, he shuffled over to cuddle against the youngest.

Finally free, you slipped out of bed and stretched your arms to the sky. The kitchen greeted you with warm sunshine and a gentle summer breeze. It carried with it the scent of freshly cut grass and lilacs. After admiring the atmosphere, you brewed yourself a cup of coffee. Right when you were about to pour it, a furry head pushed itself into your free hand.

“Good morning Hoseokie.” You bent down to his level and rubbed the sides of his face. Hobi wagged his tail and ‘talked’ to you, much like a husky would.

“Arrrr-arrrwoo-wooo-wooofff,” he said. You laughed and pressed your forehead into his.

“I’m happy to see you too.” The clacking of nails against the tile floor signaled the entrance of another wolf. A loud bark preceded his sudden rush toward you. He practically jumped onto you, whining and pressing his head into your tummy.

“Yes, yes, good morning Taehyung.” He circled you, sniffing and snorting in delight. Before you knew it, he had a toy in his mouth, nudging your hand with his head. “Let me wake up then we can play.” Hoseok licked the side of Taehyungs face before grabbing onto the other end of the stuffed duck. A tug of war immediately ensued between the two.

With your coffee in your hand, you stood by the sliding glass door and gazed outside. It was a beautiful morning. A short bark sounded to your left. Namjoon entered the kitchen and sat next to you, looking out the window too. “Morning,” you said. Absentmindedly, you scratched the top of his head. Namjoon leaned his head against your thigh, his tail sweeping back and forth against the floor. Once your mug was empty you made your way to the living room with Joonie.

Yoongi was of course, snoozing in a sunspot. His dark fur deepened in the sunlight. His ears twitched as you sat next to him. The wolf cracked open one eye. Seeing it was just you, he relaxed once more, blindly reaching out his paw and placing it on your lap. You took his paw in your hands, gently smoothing down the fur. Suddenly, a large head was placed on your shoulder from behind. The wolf nuzzled into your face, whining a little.

“Jiminie,” you cooed, “good morning.” You let go of Yoongi’s paw to pet the large head on your shoulder. Eventually Jimin came around and sat in front of you, ears low and tail wagging. After living with him for many years, you knew what he wanted. Kneeling forward, you put your arms around him and hugged him. His whining increased as he snuggled his head over your shoulder.

“Yes, yes. I love you too,” you said.

Just then, Jungkook howled from down the hall, stalking toward the two of you. He nudged Jimin with his nose before fixing you with an intense stare.

“What?” Jungkook laid down and rolled onto his back, pawing at your arm. “Oh, you want those belly rubs I promised you.” He huffed in response. Tail thumping against the hardwood floors, you scratched and rubbed at his belly.  When your hand would come up closer to his face, he would lick your hand in thanks. You couldn’t help but tease the youngest.

“Who’s a good boy?” His tail stopped wagging and he batted at you with his paws. You could almost see an annoyed expression on his face. You laughed and resumed petting his belly. It took a bit for Jungkook to relax once more.

An hour later you sat on the couch, watching morning programming. A sudden grumble erupted from your belly. Clutching your stomach you sighed. Hoseok, whose head was in your lap, licked at your hand and looked up at you. He blinked before chattering to you.


“Yeah I know I should eat.”

“Aahraa. Roompf.” Another wolf came up to you and gently bit at your shirt, tugging you off the couch.

“I’m coming Jin. Please don’t rip my favorite shirt.” Jin let go, leading you to the kitchen. He sat next to the fridge and fixed you with a serious stare. “Yes, mama bird. I’ll eat.” Seokjin huffed and turned his nose up at you.

As you ate leftover spaghetti, a large head flopped onto your lap. Taehyung looked up you with the best puppy eyes he could muster. He whined and grumbled until you relented and fed him a bite. The wolf licked his chops triumphantly before lifting his head up and howling. Once again, he got his favorite toy duck and put it on your lap.

“Okay, let’s go play.”

Taehyung was hopping around in excitement. A few of the boys were already outside, enjoying the fresh air. Seeing the commotion, Jungkook trotted over to the two of you, tail wagging.

“First one to catch it gets a point!” With all the strength you can gather, you throw the toy duck. Thankfully you all lived in the middle of a forest, so there were no neighbors to gawk at the seven giant wolves you were playing with. Both wolves took off at top speed, claws digging into the dirt. The duck didn’t even have time to land before Taehyung jumped up and caught it in his mouth. Jungkook growled, attempting to steal the toy from Tae’s mouth. The victorious wolf out-maneuvered him and returned to you. He dropped the duck before you, dipping low on his front legs, butt sticking in the air. His whole backside swayed with the force of his wagging tail.

“Good job,” you said, scratching the top of his head. Jungkook returned, smacking his paw down on the ground, demanding another round.

“Alright let’s go again.”

The three of you played until your arm was jelly. You laid down on the grass, surprised when your head met a fluffy pillow. Said object turned out to be Namjoon. He gently curled himself around you and licked your ear. Soon after, Yoongi snuggled up to your side, laying his head on your shoulder. You sighed, feeling warm and protected.

“This is the last day. Tomorrow you’ll be human.” Yoongi nudged your ear with his nose in response. “I’m a little relieved, I don’t have to take care of seven overgrown dogs anymore.” If wolves could chuckle, Namjoon would be doing just that.

Despite not being a werewolf yourself, you were part of their pack. At six years old you found yourself orphaned and on the streets. A kind woman named Lily found you huddled in an alley and offered you food and a warm bed. Although wary, you had nothing more to lose.

She brought you back to her home, a large cabin nestled just outside of town in the evergreen forest. It was one of many settled around each other. Just as she promised, she fed you, cleaned you up and gave you a bed to sleep in. Soon enough you met her huge family. Sisters, brothers, cousins, grandparents, all of them lived in the community. It was then that you met the seven boys, all around your age.

It was certainly confusing when your friends would disappear, and you would suddenly have a lot of dogs running around. Eventually Lily explained to you that she and her family were werewolves. You were terrified at first, but she assured you that no one would harm you. In fact, you were a member of their pack.

Lily and her husband, Grant, were never able to conceive a child of their own. They considered you their precious daughter and you came to see them as your loving parents. In the winter you would wake up to your mother snuggling you in her wolf form. In the summers your father let you pretend he was a horse instead of a werewolf. From then on, your childhood was filled with warmth and love. You had seven friends to play with and a whole forest to roam.

Now that you all were in your twenties, you’ve created a sub-pack of your own. You all still lived in the evergreen forest, but you were miles away from the community hub. Every month during the full moon, the boys were forced into their wolf forms for three days. Any other time they could willingly shift from human to wolf.

All seven of them were very attached to you. Much like any other wolf in the pack, they needed plenty of time and contact with their other pack members. This meant you were hardly alone. The only time you were without your pack was at work. It was a double-edged sword. It was refreshing to be by yourself, but you also felt like a part of you was missing.

In school, your love life was non-existent. Being constantly surrounded by a gaggle of handsome boys scared off any potential suitors. It wasn’t intentional on their part. You all just hung around each other so much people started assuming. Rumors that you were dating one wolf or the other were constantly floating around.

You sighed, thinking about the past and your lack of dating experience. Yoongi’s ears perked up and he lifted his head to look into your eyes. You avoided his gaze.

“It’s nothing,” you said. Yoongi squinted down at you for a moment. He whined and licked your cheek. Hoseok walked over, having heard Yoongi. The two looked at each other before turning back to you. “I’m just tired.” It was a lie but some things you kept to yourself. Hobi nuzzled the other side of your face with a short woof. He snuggled into your side, placing his paw across your tummy. It crisscrossed with Yoongi’s, making you the middle of a wolf sandwich.

You woke up sometime later to Jimin licking your face. It was now late afternoon.

“Where is everyone?” Jimin plopped down next to you as you sat up.

“Arrrrwwooo, woof fffmmm,” he said, flicking his eyes toward the forest.

“Ah grabbing dinner. So, you stayed behind to watch over me.” The wolf bowed his head and raised it.

“Jiminie, you’re such a sweetheart. Let’s go inside.” Jimin yapped happily, sticking to your side as you walked.

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elucidation |myg| 0.1

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

pairing: min yoongi x reader 

words: 2.5k+

genre: werewolf, fluff, angst, smut

summary: finding your alpha was supposed to be something blissful and simple, but of course, life doesn’t always work out that way.

|teaser| |0.1| 

commissions & donations

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Foe and Dear

Pairing: Yoongi x reader, Jimin x OC

Type: Angst, horror, eventual smut, werewolf + mafia au

Plot: Tattoo littered and piercing’s galore. Seven tall men at your new school seem to have deeper intertwined futures with you and Maria than either of you could have possibly imagined.

Warning(s): slight gore, injury, pain, being attacked, cursing

Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6,

Admin IC

Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

Chapter Five: Lunacy

The elevator ride to the third floor had your skin crawling. Just what had exactly happened that left Maria in a ward and you in your bed? It made entirely no sense how you both ended up in two different situations. Yet you were in the same ones that lead you to your current ones.

The elevator let out a ding as you reached the third floor, thick steel doors parting to reveal a nightmare. Patients barely stood on their own, heavily medicated and hitting themselves. You cringed and walked past, fear heavy in your stomach.

You found the front desk, catching their attention as you weren’t dressed like one of the patients, “I’m looking for Maria Quinn.” you said politely. The male nurse nodded and grabbed something under the table, tucking it into his waistband.

“Right this way,” he said, ushering you down the hallway and away from the entrance. You had an awful feeling about this place, not to mention that the male nurse kept his eyes glued to you and made your skin crawl. Something about him seemed familiar.

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Crescent Bound {M} - Yoongi

Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Werewolf AU / Smut
Word Count: 8,567
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content

Crescent Bound Masterlist | Jungkook 

Min Yoongi always had a temper. His patience easily wore thin and even the little things would set him off. Countless of times in his pubescent years he found himself being escorted to the principal’s office for misbehaviour or lashing out. He never understood why he always felt this lingering rage and anger bottled up within. On top of that there was always this persistent heat that radiated from his body. At times he felt like his blood was actually boiling. His childhood friend would tease him, saying the unexplainable warmth of his body coincided with his hot temper.

Then one night, he woke up when his body went into a sudden frenzy of uncontrollable heat. He writhed in pain while grasping onto his wrist. It felt like a hot branding iron was being pressed onto his skin, but there was no one, there was nothing. In a panic he reached over to his nightstand, flicking on the light to see the cause of the agonizing pain. When he pulled his opposite hand away his eyes widened in shock as he saw the raised reddened edges of a crescent moon appearing beneath his fingertips. It didn’t end there. His body shook, he couldn’t help but cry out in pain. At the sounds of his shouts his parents bursted into the room. Yoongi looked up at them and the minute he did his mother gasped, covering her mouth as she stared at him. His father immediately leaving her side. The pain that radiated throughout his body made their words incoherent. He couldn’t focus on anything they were saying, everything muffled as his ears rang and his vision blurred. His opposite hand still holding pressure on the mysterious marking that had made its appearance. Just before he passed out from the excruciating pain he saw two tall figures walk into the room before things went black.

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Foe and Dear

Pairing: Yoongi x reader, Jimin x OC

Type: Angst, horror, eventual smut, werewolf + mafia au

Plot: Tattoo littered and piercing’s galore. Seven tall men at your new school seem to have deeper intertwined futures with you and Maria than either of you could have possibly imagined.

Warning(s): slight gore, injury, pain, cursing, sex, public sex, rough sex, biting, wounding someone, hair pulling,

Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6

Admin IC

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Chapter Six: Delicious 

Trees illuminated by the sunlight rolled upon your closed eyelids as you groaned lightly. A dull throb resonated in your temples which felt they had a phantom pressure holding on them. You attempted to slowly roll over but found yourself at a loss as you hit a body next to you who groaned lowly.

“Maria?” Your voice was hoarse and small as you felt too afraid to speak. This fear was grown at the realization of your hands being bound as well as your feet.

Maria’s redhead painted itself in your vision as your eyes slowly crept into crescent opens. You groaned at the bright light surrounding you, hearing a series of murmurs erupt around you like a chorus to a horror movie. You gasped and looked around you.

You were laid in the center of a dirt pit, lifting dust with your small actions. A large group of strangers, young, small, male and female encircled the two of you. Once your eyes laid on a familiar seven boys you immediately felt the rise in blood pressure that gave you a headache.

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1 | Red Skies

WORD COUNT: 3,030 

warnings: violence, blood, bruises and gore, talk of kidnapping

Originally posted by dangerously-jamless

masterlist | ask | next

What seemed like an average day of you being spoken to like a piece of shit, turned out to be everything but normal. One minute you were walking home from work, a part time job at the local diner, you only worked weekends so you still had time to study for exams during the week. Then the next thing you knew, everything was black, cold and deafeningly quiet. Empty.

After what seemed like an entire eternity of being lost in the emptiness; the light came back, vastly brighter than usual, stinging your eyes as you tried to adjust to your surroundings. Sounds were thicker, heavier, weighing down your ears as they gave you a pounding headache, and the slightest smells became much more intense, burning your nose as you inhaled.

Just what exactly had happened to you?

Glancing around you could gather it was the early hours of the morning, you’d left work pretty late but the indigo sky was now a dark crimson red and the full moon threatened to escape the blanket of clouds that tried to shield it from sight. Managing to bring yourself to your feet you pulled yourself together and started to walk home, deciding it would be best to wait until you were inside the safety of your walls before you tried to figure out what on earth had happened.

During the walk you couldn’t help but feel on edge. The only thing keeping you sane was the fact the sky was such a beautiful colour, you’d never seen a red sky up close before, only on badly photoshopped desktop backgrounds at university, it was mesmerising. Chilly air whirled around your frame, earning a continuous shudder from your body. Travelling in the same direction you began walking through an empty field, a short cut you always took. A sharp ill-disposed pain made itself known on your left leg, close to your ankle. The manager at the diner you worked in was extremely misogynistic, so you were forced to wear a white button down blouse and short mini skirt with bare legs, to ‘receive more tips from customers’. The uniform had only ever caused you grief, but it did ensure you were able to get a clear look at the source of your discomfort.

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BTS Scenarios: In Heat

Request: “Hiya there! I’m back😂 so can I please request a wolf!au bts reaction to them dry-humping you cause their needy and in heat? Thanks!!!❤️❤️❤️”

AN: I did these a little differently this time where instead of doing my normal order or splitting them into line ups, I just did scenarios in the order that I was most horny to write they came to me! (Also I’m like….very into the idea of sub Jin, just saying)


You felt his hands run down your back and grip onto your hips, squeezing into you and pulling you back a few inches so you could feel how close he was behind you.

“Yoong, I only have like 4 dishes left to wash,” you groan, wanting to get everything cleaned up. What did he want you to do? You’re currently bent over the counter, almost elbow deep in a soapy sink of dishes, which isn’t exactly ideal to just drop and forget about. 

“That’s ok,” he says in a low and breathy voice, his lips grazing your neck causing you to pause, soapy dish in hand. 

“I…I want to finish these first. Before we..” you trail off as your hips press forward against the edge of the counter, Yoongi pressing his hips hard against yours and keeping you in place. You bite your lip and grip the rag you’re using tightly between both hands. He pushes his hips up, dragging them tightly against you before pulling back and doing it again. His breathing is heavy and his fingers are digging into your hips through your jeans. 

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jungshaking  asked:

“You don't get to cum yet, not until you've earned it.” Yoongi werewolf!au please! I love your stories so much 💘 thanks for all the great work so far

Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that! I hope this turned out good enough; enjoy!

were!yoongi; 500 words; smut



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His || Jungkook  || 0.11

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 |

Jungkook’s POV - Starts after the scene where Seokjin had told Y/N about them being werewolves.

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Unconditionally - Part 3

Genre: Werewolf! BTS, Supernatural, Romance, Fluff, Slight Angst, Future Smut

Pairing: Werewolf! BTS x Reader

Warnings: Sad content! Angst?

Summary: Y/N’s life was far from normal. All seven of her childhood friends are werewolves who are very attached to her.

Authors Note: Part 3 is here! This part takes a bit of a turn compared to previous parts.

Post Date: 8/7/18

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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When you got home that night, you were still in a haze from your encounter with Youngjae. You had no idea the young baker had a crush on you. Your keys were haphazardly thrown into the bowl by the entryway. Like always, Jimin greeted you at the door, pulling you into a big hug. You felt him stiffen in your arms before he pulled away with a pained expression.

“What’s wrong?” you asked.

“You…were you with Youngjae?” Blood rushed to your face.

“I-I mean yeah, we work together,” you stuttered, looking down at the floor.

“No, this is different. His scent is stronger. Did something happen?” His expression remained pained and you couldn’t understand why.

“Well…he um…” you fidgeted in place, wringing your hands together. “He kissed me.”


“Yeah. I had no idea he felt that way, but he is pretty cute,” you said with a nervous laugh. The subject of romance rarely came up in your pack. Jimin’s expression fell even further. Your half-baked smile deflated in an instant.

“Y/N…are we not good enough for you?” His voice no longer held the bright tinkle it always had.

“Wh-What do you mean?”

“Do you want to see other people?” Jimin looked as if he was about to cry.

“Jimin…you’re talking like-“

“Hey what’s going on?” Namjoon appeared at the top of the stairs. Jimin turned around and rushed past Namjoon, who looked rather confused.

“Jimin!” you called as you began to chase after him. Namjoon gently caught your arm.

“Let him go.”

“I-I don’t understand what’s going on.” With one sniff Namjoon’s calm mask cracked a little.

“Did you kiss someone?” You saw the same darkness flood Namjoon’s eyes. You began to feel frustrated, not understand why everyone was reacting like this.

“Yes! Youngjae kissed me at work today! It was my first kiss! Why is every being so weird about it?!” you huffed, your expression incredulous. Namjoon’s hand slipped from your arm.

“You really don’t understand why?” Namjoon asked, his countenance a mix of surprise and horror.

“No,” you said, your voice falling. “Namjoon, what’s going on?”

“I’d like to know the same thing. I think we need to have a talk. All of us.”

Fifteen minutes later you were sat in the living room in front of all 7 boys.  Yoongi and Jungkook couldn’t look you in the eye, while Taehyung stared you down with a hurt expression. You shied away from his stare and hugged your knees to your chest. After several tense moments, Namjoon broke the silence with a sigh.

“Y/N, you know we love you, right?” he asked.

“Of course, I do. I love you too.”

“No, not like that,” he said with a slow shake of his head. “We’re in love with you.” He emphasized his words with a hand gesture. Your heart seemed to stop, along with time itself. Eyes wide, you slowly looked at all their faces. Sadness, hurt, and anger had morphed their expressions.

“What? A-All of you?” Your voice sounded small. If it weren’t for their supernatural hearing, you wouldn’t be heard at all.

“I thought you knew,” Hoseok piped in. “Didn’t your mom explain it to you?”

“Explain what?”

“How we love,” Jin said.

“Not really,” you admitted.

“Once a wolf finds it’s mate, they stay with them for the rest of their lives. We’re all well past the age of finding our mates. Why do you think we all live with you?” Taehyung said, his voice carrying a sharp edge.

“I thought…that’s just what we do. We’ve always been together…”

“Y/N… how do you feel about us?” Yoongi finally spoke, fixing you with a gaze you couldn’t look away from.

“I…” your voice died in your throat. You never thought of them that way. They were always your friends, your family. This whole time they’ve been in love with you? Not just one boy but all seven of them? You thought all their affection was pack-related. It was never explicitly said. You all just assumed the other’s feelings. How long has this miscommunication lived in your relationship? A sniffle broke you out of your thoughts.

Jungkook looked down at the ground, sniffling and wiping his face with his sleeve. Your heart broke in two and you immediately wanted to comfort him. However, you were the one who was causing him pain. Your hands clenched into fists an ocean began to fill your line of sight.

“I think we all need some time…to think,” said Namjoon. You nodded quickly before jumping out of your seat and rushing out the back door. You couldn’t stand to stay in there. The atmosphere was impossibly tense. You clumsily slipped on your shoes once you were on the deck then dashed into the woods. You weren’t sure where you were going, you just need to run.

The sky was getting darker with every step you took. The knot in your stomach was pushing you forward. The only thought in your head was “run, run, run.” With a quivering lip and ragged breath, you pushed yourself through the forest. There was no destination in your head, you just needed to get away from them. An exposed tree root tripped you. Your whole body collided with the ground. For a moment you were still. You clawed into the dirt and let out a wail of sorrow.

Suddenly, a howl boomed in the distance. You knew that call anywhere. Scrambling to your feet you began to run again.

“Mom!” you cried. Fat tears slipped past your face as your ran. “Mom!” A large wolf jumped out of nearby brush. It instantly ran to you and pressed its head into your stomach. Desperately, you grabbed onto its head and fell to your knees.

“Mom,” you said, your voice barely a whisper. She looked up at your face and licked away your tears.

“The-They…mom they told me they love me.” You saw her intelligent eyes soften. “I-I never knew, and they thought I did. What do I do?” You buried your face into her coat. “I don’t know how I feel Mom. I don’t know what to do.”

Your mom led you home and ushered you into the bathroom for a bath. You washed away the dirt and tears that stained your skin. When you finally emerged from the steamy room, your parents were waiting for you in the living room. You sat in between them on the couch. It was silent for a moment as you studied the hutch in front of you. It was filled with pictures and small mementos from your childhood. A dried-up daisy, a drawing, and picture of you with the boys.

“How come you didn’t tell me?”

“About what sweetie?” your mom asked.

“How wolves love. That the boys had chosen me as a mate and that’s why we live together.” Your father grabbed your hand.

“You were so young, and we didn’t want you to feel pressured into doing anything. We wanted your love to blossom naturally. You’re not a wolf, so you’re not bound to the same rules as we are.”

You nodded your head, trying to take in the information as your head swam. “But now, I feel like our friendship is a lie. The way I viewed our relationship feels like…it feels like it isn’t real anymore.”

“It’s real. They love you and they are your good friends still. They just have added feelings on top of loving you as a friend,” you mom said, patting your knee gently.

“How do they…all like me? Aren’t wolves territorial with their mates?” You looked up from your twirling thumbs.

“They are. You are in a special case. It isn’t often that wolves mate in a group like this. It’s only possible if they all love each other as well.” You looked at your father with a furrowed brow.

“You mean, they are also mated with each other?”

“Yes,” your Dad said. You remained silent, the new piece of information slowly integrating into your mind.

“We love without thought to gender. It’s normal for us,” your mom added. Your mind wandered to the many couples in the pack. There were plenty of gay and lesbian couples. It never seemed odd to you because that was how you grew up. Analyzing it now, the proportion of gay couples in the pack was much greater than the general population.

“You don’t have to make your mind up immediately. This is all very new and, I’m sure, overwhelming for you. Why don’t you sleep here tonight?” your Dad said.

“Yeah. That sounds good.”

You hardly got a wink of sleep that night. Your mind filed over old memories, looking at them through a new lens. All those times a boy showed interest in you in school, the boys would shoo him away. You assumed it was because they were simply protective of you. Now you realize it was because they couldn’t see anyone loving you but them. All the hugs, touches, and kisses. They were ones filled with romantic feelings. How come they never made a move beyond a kiss on the cheek? Had they done that you would’ve known right away.

You mulled over the boys being with each other too. That time when you found Jungkook and Jin showering together or when you found Namjoon and Jimin snuggled up on the couch were different now. Were they intimate with each other? Heat rushed to your face as you turned over in bed. Images of them kissing flashing in your mind. You squinted your eyes shut, flustered feelings causing your heart to race.

They loved you. It was something you told yourself repeatedly. They loved you. They loved you. You sat up in bed with a huff. As you hugged your legs into your chest, you looked out the window adjacent from your bed. The moon was bright, softly illuminating the forest. You wondered if the boys were getting any sleep.

“I’m worried,” Hoseok mumbled.

“She’ll be alright. You heard her mothers call,” Namjoon said, patting his shoulder. The two were stood in the kitchen, looking out the patio door. The rest of the pack had piled into Seokjin’s room seeking solace. Namjoon’s hand slipped down Hoseok’s shoulder and grabbed his hand. Hoseok squeezed it in return.

“Do you think…” the words died in Hoseok’s throat but Namjoon understood. Do you think she’ll come back?

“I don’t know.” Hoseok felt a lump form in his throat. He turned and wrapped his arms around Namjoon, burying his face in his shoulder. Namjoon held him close, a stray tear falling from his sorrowful eyes.

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