His || Jungkook || 0.14

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13 | 0.14

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Sun & Moon

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff (the holy trinity?); Omegaverse!

Word Count: 15K

Warnings: Possessiveness, impregnation kink, biting, hair pulling, cumplay, switching

Notes: If you need an intro to the omegaverse, feel free to read this trashy guide I wrote!

Originally posted by sugasuite

“Someone’s moving in next door!” Your friend announces glumly, as you raise an eyebrow at her, “Ugh, it’s just more people to keep around, okay? I’m honestly just done with all these loud kids.”

“Aren’t you enthusiastic!” You tease, though it falls on deaf ears, “Alright, I’ll bite: what’s the problem?”

“I just told you.” She flops over, “I heard from the tenant that a couple of guys are moving into 105.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” You say, still confused, “So, what’s the big deal? You normally don’t have issues with noisy people, don’t even try.”

“Okay, fine.” She snaps, “Both of them are Alphas, okay? Both of them. Are. Alphas.”

“There are tons of Alphas in the building, girl, you need to chill.” You roll your eyes, “Besides, we’re just Betas, not… I dunno, Omegas or something. We don’t need to worry so much about it.”

“That’s true, but.” She shivers, “I just saw one of them outside, dude. He’s like, the Alphaest Alpha to ever Alpha. Like, his gaze could turn you into a pile of ashes on the spot.”

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Crescent Bound {M} - Yoongi

Min Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Werewolf AU / Smut
Word Count: 8,567
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content

Crescent Bound Masterlist | Jungkook 

Min Yoongi always had a temper. His patience easily wore thin and even the little things would set him off. Countless of times in his pubescent years he found himself being escorted to the principal’s office for misbehaviour or lashing out. He never understood why he always felt this lingering rage and anger bottled up within. On top of that there was always this persistent heat that radiated from his body. At times he felt like his blood was actually boiling. His childhood friend would tease him, saying the unexplainable warmth of his body coincided with his hot temper.

Then one night, he woke up when his body went into a sudden frenzy of uncontrollable heat. He writhed in pain while grasping onto his wrist. It felt like a hot branding iron was being pressed onto his skin, but there was no one, there was nothing. In a panic he reached over to his nightstand, flicking on the light to see the cause of the agonizing pain. When he pulled his opposite hand away his eyes widened in shock as he saw the raised reddened edges of a crescent moon appearing beneath his fingertips. It didn’t end there. His body shook, he couldn’t help but cry out in pain. At the sounds of his shouts his parents bursted into the room. Yoongi looked up at them and the minute he did his mother gasped, covering her mouth as she stared at him. His father immediately leaving her side. The pain that radiated throughout his body made their words incoherent. He couldn’t focus on anything they were saying, everything muffled as his ears rang and his vision blurred. His opposite hand still holding pressure on the mysterious marking that had made its appearance. Just before he passed out from the excruciating pain he saw two tall figures walk into the room before things went black.

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(Omegaverse AU) To Be Your Alpha (Yoongi)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

*don’t the gif/s yo*

“You don’t know what you’re agreeing to,” Yoongi mumbled, draped in the arm chair, head resting on hand, “You’ll change your mind- you’ll find somebody better, but it’ll be too late to go back.”

           “I won’t.” You whispered, sitting still like stone on the couch. Your balled fist sat rigidly in your lap as you looked down. The only good thing about being an omega is that there are very few of them and that meant they usually got their pick of the alphas- since they were the most desirable. And Yoongi did desire her.

           He wanted you more than anything in the world- but he knew he had nothing to offer you. He had a poor, ramshackle of a home. A low-paying job doing menial labor. He couldn’t even give you a proper wedding ceremony for their mating. The only thing he could give you is his love and protection.

           The image of you having to live such a poor life made his heart ache.

           “You’re an idiot then.” He spat out, not looking at you. he struggled to ignore your intoxicating scent which was quickly filling the room. His eyebrows furrowed. Your scent was much stronger than normal. That only meant…

           He shot up out of his chair as you looked up at him, eyes have lidded and cheeks tinted pink. You knew he didn’t think he was good enough for you, so you ignored his comment. What you couldn’t ignore, however, was how much your clothes were becoming a hinderance to you.

           “Yoongi…” You breathed out, leaning forward slightly in your seat, the heat in the pit of your stomach spreading fast, “I choose you, bite me.”

           He growled. Yoongi tried to hold his breath as he backed up against the wall. Your heat. His heart was beating a million miles an hour and his body itched to get closer to you. Of course, he thought, she knows I can’t resist.

           You held out your hand, “Please?”

           “(Y/N), don’t give me that face, I might not be able to hold back.” He groaned, starting to feel hot himself. You smiled languidly at him. Getting up from the sofa and slowly approaching, his body going rigidly still, eyes closed.

           “Then don’t hold back.” You put a hand to his cheek, his eyes fluttering open to meet yours, “I want you as my mate, Yoongi.”

           With that Yoongi let go of his self-control. But he never let go of you. He snatched you up into his arms, spinning around to pin you up on the wall, his mouth already attacking your bare neck. You moaned wildly and gasped when you felt his teeth graze your burning skin. Hearing you, he froze and pulled away, cursing.

           “Shit sorry, am I going too fast?” He asked worriedly, breathing hard. You shook your head no.

           “(Y/N),” he said, his breath deep and trembling, “do you really want this?”

           You took hold of his hair, “Yes, I want you.”

           A second letter you screamed out in pleasure as his teeth sunk themselves into you, forever marking you as his.

Thanks For Your Input!

Note: Where’s that upside down smiling emoji because I think about cancer mars Yoongi and impregnation all the damn time. Title is somewhat based on this one particular song that made the discovery channel weep in embarrassment. As per usual, I lost steam towards the end. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Werewolf!AU
Warnings: no external editing (rip), werewolf sex, imagined breeding kink, barest hint of degradation
Word Count: 3107
Rating: A-, for A Whole Lot Less Kinkier Than You Thought! (MA/NC-17)


Now that he’s sitting down next to you in close proximity with none of the aroma of the burning oil vaporizing into the cramped atmosphere of your kitchen, he could smell just how primed you are to receive his seed. Yoongi cringes; it sounds terrible in his own head, but his cock loves where this thought is going. Call it a baser need driven by whatever DNA or RNA or societal conditioning or what-the-fuck-ever coded werewolves to react this way, but your ovulation days are when Yoongi salivates over giving you a nice, fat sperm deposit up your precious pussy.


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his ➙j.j.k ➙ 0.27

pairing: jungkook x reader

type: angst, fluff, smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13 | 0.14 | 0.15 | 0.16 | 0.17 | 0.18 | 0.19 | 0.20 | 0.21 | 0.22 | 0.23 | 0.24 | 0.25 | 0.26 | 0.27

WARNING: mentions of pregnancy + blood (may be upsetting to some)

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Foe and Dear

Pairing: Yoongi x reader, Jimin x OC

Type: Angst, horror, eventual smut, werewolf + mafia au

Plot: Tattoo littered and piercing’s galore. Seven tall men at your new school seem to have deeper intertwined futures with you and Maria than either of you could have possibly imagined.

Warning(s): mentions of sex, sexual tension, cursing

Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6

Admin IC

Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

Chapter Three: Yield

After another grueling week at your strange new school, you and Maria who had been bonding rather quickly decided on a friend-date at a nearby bubble tea shop was the weekend plan.

“Please don’t tell me you’re one of those girls who doesn’t get tapioca in their drink,” Maria said with a sarcastic tone, knowing you weren’t actually. She just liked to annoy you as much as you did to her.

You rolled your eyes, a habit which you had been picking up on from her because of how often you two hung out. “No, Maria. What are you the kind of girl that pours her milk before her cereal?” you asked back with a tease in your smirk.

She laughed and shook her head, bangs sweeping across her forehead, “No! Do I look uncultured?” She asked with a laugh as you two entered the store.

“You don’t want the answer.” You said with a mischevious glint in your eye. 

She let out a hearty scoff, obviously over the top as to add to the comedic atmosphere you shared between one another. The door to the shop rung it’s little bell as it opened, a dainty space for those to hang around close friends. You enjoyed the environment it set.

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Crescent Bound Series Masterlist {Mature Content}

Seven werewolves. A pack bound by the moon. This secret kept only amongst themselves. Each of them experiencing their own cycles of heat and their search for a mate. 

Pairing: BTS members x Reader OC
Genre: Werewolf AU! / Smut
Warnings: Explicit Sexual content

Jungkook: You thought you knew everything about each other. The first time you noticed a change with Jungkook was towards the end of summer before classes started again. There was no doubt it was Jungkook yet as you approached him something was strange. He was taller, his shoulders broad, the fitting of his t-shirt clung to his body, straining with every movement. Just who was this standing before you. You used to tell each other everything, now he was hiding something. 

Yoongi:  Being a transfer student in the middle of the term was no one’s ideal choice. Maybe this time would be different, this time you’d try and branch out of your little academic bubble and create a social life, friendships, maybe even find love. It didn’t take long to figure out that Min Yoongi only associated within his specific group. Yet something drew you to him and him to you, however you couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something more to him. 

Jimin (In progress): One night you’re having the best hookup of your life and the next you’re being told that the little mark on your neck is more than just a hickey. 

Taehyung (TBA)

Hoseok (TBA):

Jin (TBA)

Namjoon (TBA): As the only offspring of your father’s legacy it was your responsibility to maintain the alliance between the two packs. But an arranged marriage with the alpha leader of the crescent pack is not what you had in mind for a happily ever after. 

 A/N: Hi everyone! I finally had made the decision to make this into a seven part series. It’s been something that I’ve been considering ever since I started writing Jungkook’s and now it’s finally happening. Hope you enjoy! 

© parkhabits 2017–2018

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7 deadly sins |


a new life | acedia | airport | angel in the darkness | apologies | arrangedmarriage!au | arrangedmarriage!bts | artist!au | artist!jungkook | assassin!au | assassin!hyungwon |


babysitter | babysitter!reader | bad at sex | badboy!au | badboy!jimin | badboy!taehyung | bad habit | baekxing threesome | baseballplayer!au | baseballplayer!jungkook | bestfriend!au | bestfriend!jimin | bestfriend!kai |  bestfriend!jongin | bestfriend!jungkook | blow job | boxer!taehyung | boy meets temptation | break up | brother!au | bts gamer server


camboy | camboy!jungkook | camboy!hoseok | camboy!jhope | camboy!jimin | ceo!namjoon | cheerleader!reader | childhoodfriend!kai | childhoodfriend!jongin | choregrapher!au | club!au | cock ring | college!au | college!bts | crossdresser!jimin | crossdresser!yoongi | cupcake | cypher academy |


dance practice room | depaysement | dirty talk | divorce!au | dom!jungkook | drag me down to hell |


enemies to lovers | engaged!au | engaged!jimin | exo china line | exo fivesome | exo threesome |


face sitting | facetime!au | fiance!au | fingers | fingering | friends with benefits | fwb!au | fwb!jimin | friendswithbenefits!jimin | fuckboy!au | fuckboy!jimin | fuckboy!jungkook | fuckboy!taehyung


gamer!au | gamer!bts | gamer!jimin |  gang!au | gangbang!au | gangbang!bts | gangbang!exo | gangster!au | gangster!bts | gangster!got7 | gangster!jimin | gangster!yoongi | gd smut |


hairclip | hanahaki | hanahaki!au | hanahaki!suho | hanahaki!junmyeon | harrypotter!au | headstudent!jin | headstudent!seokjin | heartbreak chronicles | highschool!au | hogwarts!au | homme de radio | host!au | hybrid!au | hybrid!yoongi |


i got you on my mind | i wont stop you | idol!reader | ill make you feel better | inexperienced!bts | invisible man |


jealous | jealousy games | jealous!au | jealous!taehyung | jimin teach jk how to pleasurea girl | jinyoungsbum | jiwon smut | john tucker must die


kookie crumble 


la douleur exquise | laundry room | laws of motion and attraction | lazy morning sex | little bird | lust and errors


maid!reader | mafia | mafia!au | mafia!bts | mafia!got7 | mafia!jungkook | masked | masquerade | metaphorical cupcake | mine | mirrors | mixtape | model!jimin | monsta x blogs | my answer |


nanny | nanny!reader | neighbor!au | neighbor!hoseok | nerd!hoseok | next time | no strings | not much of a sex god


one good purr | oracle | overdose |


pass out | patient!jin | patient!seokjin | photographer!jungkook | pillow humping | play thing | playboy!jungkook | please remember me | polyamourous | poly!bts | polyrelationship!au | porn site | prince!au | prince!bts | prince!jungkook | psycho!taehyung


radiodj!jimin | radiodj!yoongi | revenge | rich!jungkook | roommate!au | roommate!bts | roommate!reader | royal!au | royal!blackpink | royal!bts | royal!exo


seven deadly sins | seven steps to hell | sevendeadlysins!got7 | sextherapist!suga | sextherapist!yoongi | shameless | sharing | shifter!au | shifter!taehyung | shy!member | shy!namjoon | sibling!au | sibling!jimin | singledad!au | singledad!jungkook | singledad!namjoon | sleepwalking to you | socialite!au | socialite!bts | socialmedia!au | socialmedia!bts | soulmate!au | soulmate!bts | soulmate!jungkook | sounds of you | stalker!sehun | stepbrother!au | stepbrother!jungkook | stepsibling!au | sticky | stripper!au | stripper!reader | sub!jimin | sub!jungkook | suga daddy | sugarbaby!au | sugarbaby!taehyung | sugardaddy!au | sugardaddy!jungkook | sugardaddy!yoongi | supernatural!au | supernatural!bts | sweet inedible things | switch!au | switch!jungkook |


teachersassistant!jimin | teachersassistant!reader | terminal love | therapist!reader | try again | two rotten apples |


unkempt | until next time


vampire!au | vampire!bts | vampire!hoseok | vampire!jungkook | vampire!taehyung | vampire!yoongi | vibrator |


wake me up | wedding!au | werewolf!au | werewolf!bts | werewolf!hoseok | werewolf!jhope | werewolf!jimin | werewolf!jin | werewolf!jungkook | werewolf!namjoon | werewolf!seokjin | werewolf!suga | werewolf!yoongi | what if | wolf!au | 


you never walk alone | your owner |

Bite Me

Pairing: You x Yoongi

Genre: Werewolf/Wolf Hybrid au, smut, oneshot

Tags: Impregnation kink, lots of cum…

Warning: Smut, language

!Don’t Repost!

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Foe and Dear

Pairing: Yoongi x reader, Jimin x OC

Type: Angst, horror, eventual smut, werewolf + mafia au

Plot: Tattoo littered and piercing’s galore. Seven tall men at your new school seem to have deeper intertwined futures with you and Maria than either of you could have possibly imagined.

Warning(s): slight gore, injury, pain, being attacked, cursing

Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6,

Admin IC

Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

Chapter Five: Lunacy

The elevator ride to the third floor had your skin crawling. Just what had exactly happened that left Maria in a ward and you in your bed? It made entirely no sense how you both ended up in two different situations. Yet you were in the same ones that lead you to your current ones.

The elevator let out a ding as you reached the third floor, thick steel doors parting to reveal a nightmare. Patients barely stood on their own, heavily medicated and hitting themselves. You cringed and walked past, fear heavy in your stomach.

You found the front desk, catching their attention as you weren’t dressed like one of the patients, “I’m looking for Maria Quinn.” you said politely. The male nurse nodded and grabbed something under the table, tucking it into his waistband.

“Right this way,” he said, ushering you down the hallway and away from the entrance. You had an awful feeling about this place, not to mention that the male nurse kept his eyes glued to you and made your skin crawl. Something about him seemed familiar.

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BTS fic rec - Aus Ot7

Part 1

✔️= completed

Bangtan University (M) ✔️

by @kpopfanfictrash and @bread-jinie

University au


by @kpopfanfictrash, @underthejoon, @changseobbing, @lordwoozi, @mak-baes @iq-biased and @moonmangyu

Porn Star au


[Mini Masterlist]

Bound (M) ✔️

by @kpopfanfictrash and @underthejoon

Arranged marriage au

[Mini Masterlist]

The [7] society (M)

by @kpopfanfictrash and @underthejoon

Secret society au / college au


[Mini Masterlist]

Working man Bangtan (M)

by @jeonjagiya

Workers au



Trick or treat (M) ✔️

by @dom-joonie

Halloween au / choose your path


Service Series ✔️

by @jimlingss


Demon Ritual (M) ✔️

by @sopewriters

Demon au

If you’re a writer of one of those masterpieces and want me to take it off or something, just message me and I’ll do it. Fell free to send me recommendations for any of my rec lists.

Notes: surprise! I can’t even express my love for all those works. This is just part 1 bc since some of those don’t have a specific masterlist, I decided to put ALL the freaking links and the tumblr app has this freaking 100 text blocks limit…

Ps: almost all of them are listed from Jin to JK (me being lazy)

Part 2

Bite Me || Pt 01

Bite Me Masterlist

Word Count: 4.4k

Groups: BTS, Got7, NCT, Twice, Red Velvet

Au: Supernatural

Pairing: Werewolf!Yoongi x Vampire!Reader

Genre: Angst | Fluff | Smut | Au

Warnings: Gore, Smut, Supernatural Creatures

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Reading Pleasure

Posted and attached to bio masterlist!



7 Nights of Got7

Jackson Wang (Got7)

The Gym Meeting

Junior (Got7)


Jay Park (AOMG)


Bangtan Boys

7 Nights of BTS

Maybe We’ll Be Fools

Do Kyungsoo


Yixing Zhang (EXO AU)

Cat and Mouse

Got7/BTS (Supernatural AU-ON HOLD)

The Empress

Vixx (Supernatural AU-ON HOLD)


Brian Joo (ON HOLD)

New Life

Kpop Idol AU 

Power and Love

Pet Names


Mino, Hanbin and Bobby


Suga, Namjoon and Jackson


V, J-Hope, Junho and Chanwoo


Vernon, Mingyu and Dino


You and Jackson (Got7)

You, EXO and the rain

You, GOT7 and the rain

You, BTS and the rain

BigBang and your Bonnet

ikon and your box braids

Annoying EXO Boyfriend

Fighting with Dean

First Time Texting Simon D

Still in love with Mino

Yoongi has feelings too

All Kris wants is your trust

Jealous Chen

Jealous Iron


Coffea Xiumin Arabica

Bletilla Luhan Striata

Hylocereus Kris Undatus

Why So Clingy? (JB Got7)

Waking up to Mark (Got7)

Drunk Jihun (KNK)

GF asks JB to choke her (Got7)

Overprotective Mino (Winner)

JB Makeup Sex (Got7)

Jealous Yixing (EXO)

Inseong Loves Your Legs (KNK)

Lay Helps You Use Chopsticks(EXO)

Sleepy Hobi (BTS)

Breaking up with Namjoon (BTS)

Youjin Comes Home (KNK)

Tao Spoils You (EXO)

Yugyeom Plus Sized (Got7)

Jin Thinks You’re Pretty (BTS)

Seungjun Can Be Sexy (KNK)

Daddy Suho (EXO)

In the Rain with Yongguk (BAP)

Babies with Lay (EXO)

We Always Do This (TOP/BigBang)

Rebel Dean

Angry @  Husband Mino (Winner)

Sick Jackson (Got7)

Sour Diesel Playtime (EXO, Lay, Weed Use)

First Time with Chanyeol (EXO)

Time For Youjin (KNK)

Running Into Yugyeom (Got7)

Iron and Wine (Iron k-rap)

Baby, It’s Cold Outside (SHINee)

Making Time (JB Got7)

Surprise! (EXO Baekhyun)

Don’t Argue With Jonghyun

Seeing Stars (Jaebum Got7)

She’s Dreaming (Chen EXO)

We’re Going Down (Daesung BigBang)

Bad Boy BamBam (Got7)

I’m Ready (Sehun/EXO)

Jealous Wonho

So How About That Tea (Rain)

Overprotective Mino

Why’d You Anger JB?

Just a Movie (Vixx-Ravi)

Anyone But Him (Bobby and Namjoon)

Yoongi and Vitiligo

Werewolf Kookie

Never Me (Hobi and Namjoon)

Jay Park Period Conqueror

A Christmas Wish (JIN-BTS)

Jealous Iron (feat. Mino)

Jay and his Lady (plus size girl: Jay Park)

Staying Quiet (Jackson Wang)


Being Tall (KNK, ikon and NCT)

Twerking for EXO

EXO meets your older brothers

Monsta X while you’re studying

Got7 sees you twerking

Got7 Seeing you for the First Time

Got7+Namjoon waking up to Oral

AOMG sees you in a crowd

ikon defends you on radio

Got7&BTS Anniversary Lap Dance

BTS Makeup Fiasco

Got7 reacting to you speaking Patois

BTS goes to a Rave

BTS finds out you’re a Gamer

BTS reacts to you being a nerd

EXO @ the Family Cookout

Got7 As Puppies

EXO as Cats

Got7 Celebrates your birthday

Got7&BTS After Work

Got7 Introducing You to the Parents

EXO first time Oral

EXO underwear dancing

Most to Least Questions

BTS and plus sized

Got7 and plus sized

NCT and height

Got7 and KNK Say I Love You

BTS and Got7 @ The Family Reunion

Got7 MtL to Kiss on the First Date

Got7 who gets distant after first time sex

Got7 Reaction to your parents not accepting them

Got7/BTS who will apologize

BTS Ass or Boobs

Sex Position/Sex With

BTS fav sex positions

Got7 sex positions

Sex with Jay Park

KNK sex positions

EXO Fav Sex Position

Other Things (Possible smut)

Got7 and your birthday

BTS and Got7 after work

Got7 GF introductions

BTS Wants To Marry You

Jackson Wang as a Boyfriend

Mark Tuan as a Boyfriend

Jimin Park as a Boyfriend


BTS Dating game

Got7 Dating Game

YG Entertainment Game


Pink Chanyeol

Purple Lay/Purple Lay 2

Boyfriend J-Hope

Blue Suga

Coffeee Date w/ Jimin

Euro Trip w/ Jimin

Latina w/ BF Sehun

Yellow Chen

Euro Trip Jimin

School Mate Jimin

Baby Pink Baekhyun

Gray Xiumin

Getting Blazed w/ Lay

Greaser Lay

Librarian Sehun

White Kai

Brown Sehun

Greaser Sehun

Red Chanyeol

Black Kyungsoo

Blue Suho

Foe and Dear

Pairing: Yoongi x reader, Jimin x OC

Type: Angst, horror, eventual smut, werewolf + mafia au

Plot: Tattoo littered and piercing’s galore. Seven tall men at your new school seem to have deeper intertwined futures with you and Maria than either of you could have possibly imagined.

Warning(s): slight gore, injury, pain, cursing, sex, public sex, rough sex, biting, wounding someone, hair pulling,

Ch.1, Ch.2, Ch.3, Ch.4, Ch.5, Ch.6

Admin IC

Originally posted by iloveyoo-ngi

Chapter Six: Delicious 

Trees illuminated by the sunlight rolled upon your closed eyelids as you groaned lightly. A dull throb resonated in your temples which felt they had a phantom pressure holding on them. You attempted to slowly roll over but found yourself at a loss as you hit a body next to you who groaned lowly.

“Maria?” Your voice was hoarse and small as you felt too afraid to speak. This fear was grown at the realization of your hands being bound as well as your feet.

Maria’s redhead painted itself in your vision as your eyes slowly crept into crescent opens. You groaned at the bright light surrounding you, hearing a series of murmurs erupt around you like a chorus to a horror movie. You gasped and looked around you.

You were laid in the center of a dirt pit, lifting dust with your small actions. A large group of strangers, young, small, male and female encircled the two of you. Once your eyes laid on a familiar seven boys you immediately felt the rise in blood pressure that gave you a headache.

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jungshaking  asked:

“You don't get to cum yet, not until you've earned it.” Yoongi werewolf!au please! I love your stories so much 💘 thanks for all the great work so far

Thank you, I’m so happy to hear that! I hope this turned out good enough; enjoy!

were!yoongi; 500 words; smut



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Don’t || 1

Prologue (Please Read!): (x)

Pairing: Vampire!Yoongi x Reader, Werewolf!Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: None for this chapter, see prologue for full list of series warnings

Word Count: 823, I promise the chapters will get longer once we get into the heart of the story

Author: Admin Jewel

Notes: Bolded titles are songs that inspired each section, it is recommended you listen to them while reading. Tell us what you think of the story so far!

‘The Rooftops of the Hanamachi’ by John Williams

The night was dense with fog. It wafted through the air like a phantom, blocking out all sources of light. The street was empty with only a slight patter of rain to fill the silence. Loud footsteps suddenly sounded down an alley, but no one was around to hear them.

“Pl-please…” a young boy cried out in fear. But his sobs were cut short with a sudden tugging of a rope. His chokes rang through the street until they were no more.

“I’ve got him, boss,” a man’s voice mumbled into a phone.

“Bring him to me,” a cool voice on the phone replied.

With the click of the phone, the man disappeared into the night. Rain continued to pour, washing away any evidence that they were ever there.

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Bite Me || Pt 06

Bite Me Masterlist

Word Count: 3.7k

Groups: BTS, Got7, NCT, Twice, Red Velvet

Au: Supernatural

Pairing: Werewolf!Yoongi x Vampire!Reader

Genre: Angst | Fluff | Smut | Au

Warnings: Gore, Smut, Supernatural Creatures, illness

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