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All of my BTS sims, I tried to make their looks similar like in the Not Today video. ♥ ~See the complete pictures for each member here:


How to avoid an awkward situation by Min Yoongi Genius: Rap Agust D.


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When They See Your Current S/O Hit You (Requested)

Warning:This might include a Trigger Warning so read with caution.

~Kim Namjoon~

Namjoon had called you constantly over the past half-hour but you hadn’t answered any of his calls. You were a close friend and someone who he held close to his heart. He wasn’t sure how to tell you his feelings quite yet, and you were already in a relationship. You had promised to call him when you got home, but you still hadn’t responded to his texts. So he arrived at your apartment building to check up on you. A few doors down from your room, he could hear yelling, from a man. 

Namjoon narrowed his eyes and decided against knocking, just barging right through. His eyes connected with yours right as your boyfriends fist came colliding down against the back of your skull. Your knees buckled and you dropped to the floor covering your head. 

Namjoon lost it. He mowed down your boyfriend with a huge shove, pushing him back against the dining room table. He stood in front of your like some wild beast, chest puffed and jaw clenched. You weakly reached up and grabbed Namjoon’s hand. This was your way of silently telling him to back off. 

“If you ever come near her again, I will drive you into the ground.”

~Kim Seok Jin~

Jin was one of the only people who could make you smile. Even when you came to him with huge bruises you tried to hide, he would try to draw your attention away from them. His love for you grew farther than a brother/sister relationship. He craved to make you happy like this all the time. 

So when you didn’t show up for your weekly meet-up at the coffee shop, Jin knew something was off. He opened his phone to check messages but that’s when he heard your voice. He looked up with a large smile but frowned when he noticed you were a few feet away. Not only that, but you were arguing with your current shitty boyfriend.

He had his finger on your face and was yelling at the top of his lungs. You tried to diffuse the situation but Jin saw it was no good. He walked towards the two of you with his hands in his pockets. Jin was about a foot away when your boyfriend raised his hand and backhanded you across the cheek. 

It was all a blur to Jin really. He had your boyfriend pinned to the ground by his throat and was throwing punches, ignoring the fact that people were taking out cameras. You begged him to stop and tugged on his jacket to pull him back.

“Don’t you ever touch her again! Do you hear me?”

~Min Yoon Gi~
Yoongi was no idiot. He saw how you came don makeup to cover a black eye or wore long sleeve shirts to hide the bruising on your wrist. He had begged you to weave your boyfriend months ago. Yet each time you told him that you loved him too much, and that he was getting better. 

Yoongi had made it his job to walk you home every night from your job at the café. Little did he know, this only made your boyfriend angrier. So one night, you clocked out early and left without Yoongi. Yoongi however was only a few feet behind you, silently watching from the shadows. 

About a mile down the road he saw a staggering figure approach you. The hood was drawn up but he could immediately tell it was your boyfriend, he could smell the reek of alcohol. You raised your hands to defend yourself even if that only made things worse. The hand that wrapped around your throat nearly lifted you off the ground. 

Yoongi had seen enough. With both hands, he shoved your boyfriend to the ground and you fell in a gasping heap. Yoongi helped you to your feet and stood menacingly over your boyfriend. 

“Get the hell out of her house by tomorrow, or you’ll be dealing with me.”

~Jung Hoseok~

Everybody but you could see that Hoseok loved you more than a good friend. He followed you around like a lap dog and watched you with utter fascination. The only thing he couldn’t stand, is your fucking boyfriend. He had never seen a bigger asshole in his life. 

You were a stylist for BTS so it was obvious who supported the both of you, considering your boyfriend didn’t even have a job. You had stayed late one night to help Hoseok with his costume for the upcoming MV. You were kneeling down while sewing up his pants leg when the door swung wide opened. 

“On you knees for another man Y/n? You are such a slut!“ 

Your boyfriend came charging in with a face full of fury. You barely had time to open your mouth before he had a handful of your hair and his hand collided with your cheek. You could taste blood in your mouth but you were dropped a second later. Hoseok landed one good punch to your boyfriend’s jaw. The man crumpled and you could see the fresh tears in his eyes. 

“Get up and fight you sorry piece of shit! See if you can hit me like that.”

~Park Jimin~

You were his choreographer, all of BTS’ choreographer, yet you were drawn to him the most. The way he moved had your heart throbbing. Yet you knew you could never be with him. One, you were in a relationship, and he second, your boyfriend was abusive. Even if you tried to leave him, he would always be there in the back of your mind.

Jimin had strong feelings as well, but wouldn’t admit them for fear of losing you completely. He tried to spend as much time with your as possible however. He had requested an earlier dance practice for him and the boys. Much to the others dismay. They arrived together with deep frowns and tired eyes and the only one happy was Jimin.

They were outside of the studio door when the heard the screaming. Jimin tenses up when he heard you cry and slammed open the door. At that moment, your boyfriend punched you,splitting your lip instantaneously.

Jimin was known for being the most scary when he was angry and you could see why. He threw your boyfriend against the glass walls that lined one side of the studio. One shattered on impact and cut through your boyfriend jacket. He was bleeding and unconscious when Jimin climbed on top of him and continued to beat the living shit out of him. 

He other boys finally dragged him off of he other man and all you could do was wrap your arms around Jimin and sob into his shoulder. 

“If he ever touches you again Y/n, I’ll kill him.”

~Kim Taehyung~

Taehyung was a big ball of fluff and you were drawn to that. Even on your darkest days when the hits were a little harder and the words were more harsh. If you looked to him, everything would be okay. You worked as a secretary at BigHit industry, which was impressive considering how young you were. It was becoming harder and harder to cover up the signs of abuse however.
Taehyung had grown feelings for you the second you entered the building. You weren’t like other girls he had met in the slightest.

Tae knew what was going on, but he had no idea how to get you away from that monster you said you loved. Taehyung leaned against your desk one day, talking up a storm like always before rehearsal. You smiled up at the man when the doors to your office were blown open. Taehyung stood at attention but was mearly ignored as your boyfriend grabbed you by the arm in front of everyone.
“I have a job! I can’t just-” the loud slap echoed through the small office. 

Taehyung acted fast, using his fist to disconnect the two of you. Your boyfriend went spiraling into the potted plant you kept in your office but Taehyung wouldn’t let up. He picked up your boyfriend by the shirt of his collar and stared directly into his eyes.

“If I see you anywhere near Y/n, you’ll regret it.”

~Jeon Jeong-guk~

You and Jungkook had many things in common, both being the youngest out of your idol groups. Not to mention the radiant personalities you both shared. Jungkook could feel himself falling a bit more in love with you each time you met. You each would attend the others concert whenever possible.

The paparazzi soon picked up on the relationship though. Rumors of you being disloyal to the CEO you had been dating for the past year surfacing. Jungkook couldn’t stand your boyfriend. The old, cocky man who only showed you off like prized cattle.

When Jungkook came backstage at one of your concerts, he could already get the bickering from your dressing room. When he reached for the door handle and pushed it open slightly, he wished he would have entered the room sooner. Your boyfriend knocked you down with a blow to the cheek, delivering a kick to your ribs. 

Your boyfriend only a saw a blur as Jungkook grabbed him by his collar and tossed him against the vanity. Jungkook gritted his teeth and landed punch after punch to your beaten boyfriend. You fellow band mates rushed inside to console you as you begged Jungkook to let him go. 

“I love her you bastard! If I see you anywhere near her I’ll beat you within an inch of your life." 

~Thank you for this request, I highly enjoyed it. If you are in a abusive relationship, please seek help to remove yourself from that situation.~