Imagine going on date at the parc with your close friend Jungkook for his birthday.The boy is all giddy and excited about this non-official date and he does not even bother to check the weather before choosing the day you’re supposed to meet.Jungkook shows up at your door with his black hoodie, jeans and his hair looking flawless as usual.As you both walk to get the parc it starts getting slightly cloudy as you’d gaze at the sky and jungkook would squeeze your hand in his.

“ Don’t tell me it’s going to rain?” you blink as you look at the clouds

“ everything will be totally fine–” Jungkook is cut off by the sudden rain that pours “ F*ck, maybe not” he’d cringe his face

Jungkook grabs your hand  and runs to the nearest shelter as he tries shielding you from the rain. Droplets are falling on your hair and staying an extra second in this rain could only make your outfit wet. Jungkook would stare at you while giving you those playful eyes.

“What? D-Don’t stare at me like that!” you stutter “ I don’t get a good vibe from these weird looks you’re giving me”

“Can we go play in the rain?” he’d poke your arm while kicking the ground

“Are you serious?” You ask

“ Come on!!” he’d pull you as he’d run

That’s how jungkook and you would be jumping in puddle while laughing like idiots.Him enjoying to splash water on you at his fullest and you trying to find your revenge but he’d take your revenges to try hittting him as a way to pull you in his arms. Jungkook’s wet hoodie was not something you enjoyed hugging and it made all of your shirt drenched too.

“JEON JUNGKOOOOOOK” you’d shout in a very park jimin away

“Don’t be the jimin of this relationship, I beg you” he’d be laughing to tears

You’d keep on playing in the pouring rain for a while till the boy would complain about how he ruined his favorite shoes. Being the kind of guy who just jumps in without thinking, jungkook got his favorite pair of shoes wet and this part of the date made him fake a sob on your shoulder.

“My SHOOOOOEEEEEESSSS” he’d make his signature sad meme face

“You brought this upon yourself, romeo. Deal with yourself “ you laugh at him


It wouldn’t be long before he has a new brilliant idea to spend this date in a  way that wouldn’t ruin his shoes more. His exctiement to ride a bycicle was from another world and you just couldn’t understand how a grown man like him could get so excited over the most tiny things.

“Jungkook. You’re turning 19 not 3. “ you chuckled

“ No one asked for your opinion “ he frowned at you as if he was offended “ To be real. I JUST LOVE RIDING BYCICLES SO MUCH!!” he grabbed your arm as you both made your way to rent a bycicle

Jungkook would struggle to pull the two straps of the helmet with his long fingers.With the pouring rain it made it slippery and more difficult for him to get the job done.You chuckle as you see him struggle and you choose to do it for him. You step closer to him and jungkook feels his cheeks flush at the sudden proximity. It’s the first time he gets to see your face so up-close and eveyrthing about it is making his heart race. From your long lashes to how you blink, to how you cutely bite on your bottom pink lips  while pulling on the straps to help him put on the helmet.

Jungkook gulps as he watches your lips part and he’s feeling all hot for some reason.You suddenly whip your head up to stare up at him.Jungkook gets all startled  at how close your face is being to him and  he steps back.He was momentarily freaking out for 2 seconds.

“Why?” You chuckle

”I-I thought you were going to kiss me or something!” he’d blink while gulping on that knot of saliva in his dry throat

“ You’re such a kid Jungkook-ah~” you laughed at him “There’s no way such a thing would happen in real life.” You tapped his nose

Jungkook furrowed his brows at how  definite you were about that.How come you were so sure of yourself? Did you not get flustered around him?Was he not a man to you?He wanted to prove it to himself and to you, that he was not some kid you could play with

“ oh yeah?”he’d raise a brow before pulling your arm as he’d swung you around to look at him

Jungkook pulls your waist with his manly grasp in a swift movement not wasting a second.A smirk forms on his lips the second he sees how taken aback you look from his sudden action.Seems like you weren’t right when you said he was a still kid. He presses his forehead on yours while giving you direct eye contact as if it was no big deal.It was your turn to freak out when the magic words left his sinful lips :

“What if I turned it  into reality?” he’d say in his husky voice

“A-Are you for real?”You flush

“ Then do I look like I’m playing?” he’d stare at your lips while bitting on his own

His words made you shut your mouth and gulp on your saliva this time.Jungkook was being legit and real this time.He was not playing games with you and he if he had the intention to kiss you, he could do it right away.You clech your fist before closing your eyes and pressing your lips together nervously.Jungkook finds himself amused at how nervous you are.

He gently pulls the side of your face close to him while harbouring that devil like expression. He all in for it but in the last few seconds,he sighs and smiles.You open one eye to see what’s up and the boy pulls your face to press his lips gently on your forehead. It wasn’t long before you felt your cheeks being pulled and you shouted in ache.

“ I WAS FOOLED!!!” you hit his chest “ I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!”

“ It’s my birthday.You can choose to murder me with your love “ he’d surround his arm around your neck in a chocking motion


I wrote this scenario 2-3 days ago and tumblr deleted it :( I had to re-write it all over again. sorry for the wait. I’ll be posting other imagines tonight <333

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Jungkooks Veinsss

kamdee2003 asked: Can I get an appreciation post based off of Jungkooks veins?

nvfvdfvnfdnfkvnkfdn this gonna be fun and i kinda made this special for jUNGKOOKS BIRTHDAY HAPPY BDAY U LIL SHIT ILYSFM!!!

he makes me have heart problems

stop u fetus


the pic that started it all

the greatest neck vein ever created for a human being imo

that earring tho

he being cute but then u see his muscles and its like wow how can this cute human be so hot and rude like

i love veins

like really love em



*makes a heart with my hand*


fuck u



fuck me

damn it all

happy birthday jungkook ily

i hope u like it!

gifs and pics aren’t mine