DBSK fandom myths

I’ve seen this gif with explanations ranging from vague like “Jaejoong was having a hard time during that year because he found out about his adoption” to more specific like “he just heard that his biological father is suing his parents” and Junsu was there to comfort him while gently caressing his hair.

Well, if you watch the video, you can see that’s not what happened.

Before Junsu came along, Jaejoong was whispering with Yoochun.

Yoochun leaves calmly, and then Junsu gets up.

And now comes the most important part you haven’t seen. Stalker fans move to a different position where they can see Jaejoong’s face.

AND Jaejoong is smiling.

He is giggling.

And then someone comes along (Yunho I think) and does the same to Junsu’s hair.

Jaejoong doesn’t look upset at all.

Please don’t let stalker fans manipulate you.

Even if Jaejoong had really been crying how would they know what it was about?

They want you to think that they know more than other fans. I don’t care about that part, but in the process they create wrong impressions about what DBSK were doing, feeling, and thinking. 

Full video (in the end you can hear the stalkers whispering but it’s obvious they can’t hear a thing what’s happening inside)

Junsu's "Flower"

This is an idea I have about the “Flower”.

I think the whole thing might be a metaphor for the life of an idol, or more generally, a life of any celebrity.

Especially because both Tablo and Junsu almost had their careers destroyed (“You’ve become the world’s hot topic then you turn into ash”) and were shunned and hurt by the society (“Then they take away each piece of you; Your life Your soul Your world”) while in reality they did nothing so horrible to deserve it (“In this arrogant world, even mistakes become big sins”).

In the beginning Junsu is sitting on the golden throne, in a lavish room on top of the world. That’s how we see the life of an idol.

But the reality is actually dark, ugly, fragile, the room he’s in nothing but a rubble,

and he’s sitting on the golden throne, but has guns pointed at him, which brings into question if he’s actually sitting there willingly.

Junsu is surrounded by people, who are unmoving until he starts dancing, and fall back into slumber as soon as he stops (when he sees the girl). These might be all the people that work for and depend on the idol to bring them their income and livelihood. So Junsu is not just responsible for himself, but has to carry the extra burden.

The golden head, resembling human skull, but actually a machine, 

being thrown at him might symbolize other idols that were before them. (For example, fans accused DBSK of building their career on the legacy of H.O.T, and EXO and newer bands gets accused the same for DBSK).

From the beginning of the MV the part of this “glamorous” world is the golden-coffee-machine, in which the golden head is later melted and Junsu drinks it. He is literally being fed on the dead careers of those before him.

Afterwards he is served the mutant fish, which he consumes even though he sees it for what it is and is shocked by it. That’s when he becomes sick and starts throwing up (blue, not gold, which is why I’m rather certain it’s the fish that made him sick, not the golden liquid.), and it also fits chronologically.

The girl might symbolize the innocent unaware public, fans even, who are amused and entertained by scandals rather than see the human suffering behind it.

The rest of the lyrics, and the MV seem to talk about rebirth of the career, showing up now all in golden, more famous and successful than ever (“They cannot kill it; Look at me, I’ve died but I opened my eyes again, I killed it; The darkness swallowed me but now I’m swallowing you”), 

and his message to other idols, that even though all the doors were at some point closed for JYJ, they made it, and not to give up not matter how difficult it gets (“It may seem like it’s all over; There wasn’t a single door in this world that smothered you; Everyone goes through this; I tell you it’s okay; Even if it’s a small light, the darkness can’t swallow it”), so he continues dancing even in the dark and burning world, dressed in rags.

In the end, as he’s sitting on his steed, ready for battle, the crying of the newborn baby symbolizing rebirth of his career, he’s back at having gold on him, although it seems everything is far from perfect - the most of him is still black, his face is now hidden, and the horse is also a monster, with a mutant head, like the fish he had been served.

(Don’t take any of this too seriously, I’m just having fun, and don’t really know what I’m talking about)