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All of my BTS sims, I tried to make their looks similar like in the Not Today video. ♥ ~See the complete pictures for each member here:

I know some are sad because the boys wont perform… But let’s be happy because they’ll be there and will get some recognition. A performance, for now, is asking for too much. Don’t forget we are just at the beginning of a long road, years ago we would have never imagined BTS in such a big awards ceremony. Now they’re invited, that’s a big step, of course we want them to perform but that kind of privilege still needs time, and we have it. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll have them performing? Just keep fighting for them! Love for u Armys

Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You. . .

Anonymous said: BTS and EXO reaction to your ex telling him to break up with you? Thanks. I love your blog

Reaction to Your EX Telling Them to Break Up With You…

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A/N aww thanks so much <3 ’m guessing it’s like they ran into your ex without you and this is when your ex tells them to break up with you. hope that’s how you visioned it Anonie! if not please tell me and i’ll fix it.

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The moment the threat “Break up with her before I steal her form you.” left your ex’s mouth, Namjoon was staring at your ex with a blank expression. Trying to figure out the thought process of your ex. Namjoon has enough logic and faith in you to know that that wasn’t going to happen. Therefore, this threat was taken lightly. He would tell your ex to fuck off, and that would be the extent of the conversation. Namjoon is intimidating enough that your ex would immediately see he has no upper hand in this interaction. Namjoon would bring it up to you later, just to see your reaction and feelings towards your ex. But overall this wouldn’t be something he’s worried about, he would be more pissed off in the moment rather than keep a grudge for weeks wanting to move on and forget about your ex before anything else can turn up and cause an even bigger mess.

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Jin would try to keep this civil. He didn’t want to cause any drama or bring your ex back into your life, knowing it would be best for him to stay in the past for both your mental and emotional health. He would most likely make it known to your ex that h he had heard him. Jin would keep it to himself that he would disregard this demand, not having any intentions of letting you go, just so that he wouldn’t escalate things unnecessarily. He would tell you what happened just so he doesn’t keep things from you, not expecting you to do anything or looking for reactions from you. He would then find it hilarious and laugh about it with you.

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His response would be sarcastic. Your ex would say, “I need you to break up with Y/N so I can get back with my lady. We were only taking a break.” and Yoongi would make a point to roll his eyes, then respond with a, “Ohh yeah, I’ll be sure to do that.” He’d say, every word literally dripping with sarcasm. He would then make it known that the conversation is over and would walk to catch up with the rest of BTS. Later he would speak up to you and tell you about his run-in with your ex. He would make a remark about how dumb your ex is. After all, your ex had the audacity to think Yoongi was going to take orders from him.

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He would be shocked that your ex actually told him to break up with you. How rude can someone get? J-Hope would awkwardly remind your ex that he was the one who dumped you. He would also go on about how much you mean to him and how he can’t allow for him to lose you just yet. He would hope that your ex’s moral would win and he would leave you two alone. Later he would bring up the encounter with you, utterly confused about what happened and would just need to talk with you about it to help him better process what the hell just happened. He would end up laughing it off with you after you assure him that it’s not a big deal, your ex is just a genuinely petty person.

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Jimin would be a mix of defensive for both you and his pride and surprised, like J-Hope, that someone could be this rude. He would be smiling as he told your ex to let you go, but on the inside, he would be burning with rage that your ex actually thought he could tell him to break up with you. Later, he would bring it up to you, worried that you and your ex have been talking. He would need you to assure him that there is nothing between you and ex and you haven’t even talked to your ex since you started dating Jimin. He would be really uneasy about this and would act a little paranoid with you and clingy.

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He would go about dealing with your ex in a fairly serious attitude. He would listen to what your ex has to say, and although he’s giving your ex the time to say what he has to say, the answer is still going to be ‘no.’. He would make a point that you mean to much to him and would say something like, “I can see where you’re coming from. If I lost Y/N, I would fight for her too, but you should also be able to see where I’m coming from with not wanting to give her up. Yeah? Next time you find a girl, keep her, okay? Good luck!” Then he’s off, and, for a reason your ex can’t comprehend, your ex doesn’t hold any anger or annoyance towards Tae. Later you Tae would visit you at your apartment and would tell you the events of his day, including the run-in with your ex. He would then go on and on about how much you mean to him, because this encounter just highlighted how much you mean to him. And he would spend the rest of the night cuddling and holding you tight.

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He would be offended by this, but would try his damn hardest to be civil. However the longer this conversation went on, the more annoyed and overall pissed he got with your ex. He would find a way to get out of this conversation the fastest, and ultimately it would be him saying, “You had your chance with Y/N, and now I’m with her, so no. You can’t have her back. Now, if you’ll please excuse me, I have to go.” Later he would complain to you about your ex, asking why you needed to date such an annoyance. He would need you to cuddle him and calm him down. He was flustered because the thought of losing you to another man upset him beyond reasons that he could comprehend. He would then become a lot more protective of you.

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Talking about Asian celebs with my boyfriend.

Boyfriend: I don’t know, I don’t really find Korean girls that attractive. I found Japanese girls more appealing.
Me: You haven’t even seen that many Korean girls, let me show you.
*Show picture of IU*.
Boyfriend: She’s cute I guess.
*Show picture of Jessi*.
Boyfriend: nahhhh.
*Show picture of CL*.
Boyfriend: she’s okay but would be better brunette.
*Show picture of yoongi as yoonji*.
Boyfriend: She’s really cute.
*Evil smirk,*.
I’m trying so hard not to laugh, I will never ever, ever let this die.

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[LIST] BTS' Real Names/Stage Names/Nicknames

Real Name: Kim Tae Hyung / 김태형
Stage Name: V / Reason: He’s the ‘V'ictory of the group
Nicknames: TaeTae / Blank Tae / Taegi

Real Name: Min Yoon Gi / 민윤기
Stage Name: Suga - Reason: His skin is pale like the sugar / Agust D - Reason: ‘Agust D’ spelled backwards is ‘Dt Suga’, also the ‘Dt’ is ’D-town’ (D for Daegu, is where he was born) / Ex Stage Name: Gloss
Nicknames: Min Syub Syub / Tongue Technology / Min Suga Genius Jang Jang Man Ppong Ppong / Montionless Min

Real Name: Kim Seok Jin / 김석진
Stage Name: Jin
Nicknames: EatJin / Car Door Guy / Golden Jin / Pink Princess / Pig Jin / Mom Jin / Alpaca / Foot Seokjin

Real Name: Jeon Jung Kook / 전정국
Stage Name: Jungkook
Nicknames: Golden Maknae / Kookie / Muscle Bunny / Seagull / Nochu

Real Name: Kim Nam Joon / 김남준
Stage Name: RapMonster / Ex Stage Name: Ruch Randa
Nicknames: God of Destruction / Kim Leader / Pink Mon / RapMon / Joonie

Real Name: Park Ji Min / 박지민
Stage Name: Jimin
Nicknames: Orange Haired Guy / Mochi / Pak-bboong / ChimChim / Doooly / Manggaetteok / 3m33s / Smol Hands

Real Name: Jung Ho Seok / 정호석
Stage Name: J-hope /Reason: He’s the hope of the group
Nicknames: J-horse / Hobi / Angel / Hope