yoon siyoon


“I really had no idea. They barged into my house in April, brought me happiness, and now gave me this award. Thank you so much. I’d like to thank all the production related staff… also, I like to adress them not as “hyungs” but as “my members.” I’ve always been scared, afraid and nervous doing a variety show, but I’m so happy to be together with my members. When I was serving in the military, I was longing for this moment so much. I’ll accept this award as you telling me to do better. When you search my name online, “not funny” pops up as related. I’ll set my goal in getting rid of that. I’ll try hard to live up to the expectation of this award. If you call me Takgu, I’m Takgu, and if you call me Donggu, I’m Donggu. As Donggu, I’ll let go of myself and try my best to make you laugh. Thank you.”


Blast from the past :

Yoon Siyoon singing “Becoming Dust” (the Jung Joonyoung & Roy Kim version) 4 years ago in the TVN drama “Flower Boy Next Door”.

I watched the drama when it aired back in 2013 (I was spending a semester in the Korean countryside at the time) and quite enjoyed it, but I had completely missed the connexion (obviously, how could I have known ^^). Watching it again by chance today while browsing Youtube actually made me smile :)

“In the past, a girl I was dating said she wanted to eat Busan pork soup.  In the morning, I bought the pork soup in Busan and gave it to my girlfriend at night.  Thinking about it now, it was a foolish act, but I think the foolish things you do when you’ve fallen in love with somebody come off beautiful.“ - Yoon Si Yoon