yoon seohwa

I think that this scene was much more heartbreaking than episode two.  Like, everyone would say, duh!!!!  But seriously, this episode.  I bet all of the tears shed on this episode combined from everyone could cause a flood.

THIS SCENE IN PARTICULAR.  And the scene where he got shot by that stupid idiot–

Anyways, THIS SCENE.

Compared to the beginning of the drama, where she betrayed him, this scene was way more…sorrowful.

This time, she’s basically sacrificing herself to make up for what she did to him…  And it just breaks my heart into little pieces, first in chunks, then when the flashbacks started, it tore it into little pieces.  Then Wol Ryung started screaming and telling her something in his mind that gets my feels completely smashed.

But then she says… “I love you, Wol Ryung.”

Oh gosh.  My heart completely stopped, I’m not kidding.  

She knew she was going to die…  She was going to do it for him…

Oh, and that part where she’s like, “I’m sorry that this is all my love can do for you.”

Also, it was at least bearable in the second episode, since everyone thought that they all technically ‘died’.   But now, Wol Ryung can live forever, but he couldn’t die with Seohwa.  She died, and Wol Ryung has to figure out a way to live for a long time without her…  I’ll suffer a lot of heartache for him.

Wol Ryung… oettoke…

I’m never going to get over this episode and scenes in it.  Ever.