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CNBLUE’s ‘Can’t Stop’ Celebrity Reactions

씨엔블루의 미공개 신곡 ‘Can’t Stop’을 미리 들은 스타들의 반응 공개!

배우 박신혜씨, 가수 윤도현씨와 아이유씨의 리액션은?

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Actress Park Shin-Hye, Singer Yoon Do-Hyun, and IU’s reactions to CNBLUE’s new song, ‘Can’t Stop’!

(Captions for photos from top, then left to right)

  1. Actress Park Shin-Hye, Singer Yoon Do-Hyun, and IU’s reactions to CNBLUE’s CNBLUE’s new song, ‘Can’t Stop’!
  2. Park Shin-Hye: “AH! Yong-Hwa! What have you done??? This song is so great. It gives me goose bumps!! This song definitely will become popular. This song is sentimental, but also makes my heart beat as if I’m in love.”
  3. Yoon Do-Hyun: “I get to listen to a song which is not released yet? Makes me curious.” *listens to the song* “Sophisticated. Very sophisticated. Who wrote this song? Jung Yong-Hwa? Ohhh. He is a good composer. He makes songs which show CNBLUE’s color, and are loved by general audience. May I listen to other songs as well?” *listens to Lee Jong-Hyun’s song* “Hmmm. Very different from Jung Yong-Hwa’s. When Jung Yong-Hwa’s songs have popular melody line, Lee Jong-Hyun’s song shows the band-like characteristics. It’s good to have different music styles in an album. CNBLUE has variety of colors.”
  4. IU: “Really? Is it okay(for me to listen to unreleased song)? Great.” *listens to the song* “Sweet. It makes me want to fall in love. I like Jung Yong-Hwa’s voice." *listens to another song* Ah! I have heard this song when it was not yet completed. I didn’t know this song would be in this album… When I heard this song last time, I asked Jung Yong-Hwa to give this song to me. Well, he kept the song for himself! Haha. I wanted to sing it… (The song is) Very fresh and jumpy—youthful. It’s like a break time, a boy’s high school… combined altogether; this song is like a live fish! Hahaha.
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[TRANSCRIPT] 141008 Radio Star with Super Junior :

Siwon was introduced as: “Lots of money, has a great six pack and even though we treated him like a guest of the state (in the past on Radio Star), he is now an uncle idol who has a greasy smile”.

Leeteuk was introduced as: “The next generation MC that fed off SBS 2 years ago but now, he is a reservist in his thirties that is overflowing with the looks of a soldier”

Eunhyuk was introduced as: “The shining anchovy that is crowned as a character that seems to be something through scandals and rumours”

Kangin was introduced as: “When he first debuted, he was a rising star in suju in the variety sector. However, he doesn’t even go on broadcasts lately and is gaining and losing weight alone. He is Suju’s Kang yoyo, who is a successor to H.O.T’s Mun Yoyo*”

*Yoyo is used to describe someone whose weight always fluctuates.


MC Kim Gura: Eunhyuk-ssi’s eyes looks deep

Eunhyuk: What? Me?

MC Kyuhyun: He looks like he knows something and is going to talk about it right?

MC Kim Kukjin: You have eye-liner on right?

Eunhyuk: A little bit

MC Kyuhyun: His eye make-up took 20 minutes


Kim Gura: A lot of female idols got to know what is love through Eunhyuk…I heard that there a quite a few of those people around

MC Kyuhyun: I wasn’t the one who told him that

Eunhyuk: I like those kinds of rumours

MC Yoon Jungshin: Yeah it kinda means its a good image

Eunhyuk: Yeah it means that I have that much charm


~Talking about Siwon’s wealth~

MC Kim Gura: Is your dad an executive of a listed company? Or is he making the money through his own business?

Siwon: What he is doing now includes all of what you’ve mentioned

MC Kim Kukjin: So is your dad’s company bigger or is SM bigger?

Siwon: SM is bigger

Kangin: Just by a little bit

Leeteuk: (Both companies) are comparable

MC Kyuhyun: You can live off just from the allowance that you get right?


MC Kim Gura: Bring a spoon here~

MC Yoon Jungshin: The spoon incident* is someone else…it’s Victoria~

MC Kim Gura: Ah the one over here is the patient gown incident**?

MC Kyuhyun: It’s not the spoon it’s not the spoon

Leeteuk: But that is also an incident from SM

Eunhyuk: Radio Star is a broadcast where you will have amounts in the broadcast even if you don’t say a thing

*they are talking about the incident about Changmin’s reflection being seen on a spoon in a picture that Victoria uploaded

**In reference to Eunhyuk’s scandal with IU


~Kangin talking about people who still doesn’t know that he has been discharged from the army~

Kangin: A little while ago, I went to eat Soondae-guk and the auntie was like “aigoo, quickly get discharged from the army and appear on TV~” but when she saw my hair, she was like “aigoo, how can a soldier’s hair be so yellow”


Teuk: When I watched Radio Star in the army, I realized one problem. The MCs does not have teamwork

Kangin: Are you the viewers’ representative??


Kangin: When we came for this schedule today, that kid(Kyuhyun) was late..the PD-nims and writers were all talking about it and of course, when you live in the same dorm and go to the same salon, you should be going in the same car

MC Kim Kukjin: Did he go separately?

Kangin: no the manager went to ask him and he was like “aren’t we going separately?”. Why is this so? Because he says that he is the MC and we are the guests.


MC Kim Gura: Your mom(Eunhyuk’s mom) runs a bakery?

Kangin: Yup, at guro-dong.

Eunhyuk: She was doing that before she changed from a franchise to a personal bakery

MC Kyuhyun: Because it’s hard for us to get a discount if we buy from there

MC Kim Gura: I went to the coffee shop that Kyuhyun’s Mom, Sungmin’s mom and Teukie’s mom was running lots of times before

MC Kyuhyun: My mom and Sungmin’s mom withdrew from that coffee shop

MC Yoon Jungshin: Why?

MC Kyuhyun: I don’t know about that XD

Kangin: So when the three of them gather, it’s awkward?

MC Kyuhyun: It could be XD


~Talking about running coffee shops and bakeries~

MC Kim Kukjin: Now that you look at it, how is it?

Siwon: I didn’t know

MC Kim Kukjin: It seems like Siwon is not interested in such talks

Siwon: nonono I’ve been listening


~Talking about Kyuhyun’s love life~

MC Kim Gura: Does he meet a lot of ordinary people*?

Leeteuk: Definitely

MC Kim Gura: Tell me about it~

MC Kyuhyun: I have a mouth too :)

Leeteuk: As for Kyuhyun, he asked me this before. “Hyung, how many celebrities have you dated before?” in the car when there was only the two of us and I said “Hyung hasn’t dated many (celebrities)…” and Kyuhyun replied “I have yet to date one before”. Then I asked him “Have you not dated a girl before?” and he told me that he prefers ordinary people and is more comfortable. But I heard that there are 50 girls-

MC Kyuhyun: This is ridiculous!

Leeteuk: -there are 50 girls that he is contacting

MC Kyuhyun: What are you talking about! How do you contact 50 girls

Eunhyuk: 50 is too exaggerated

Kangin: How many girls do you like??

MC Kyuhyun: I’ve dated 5 times

– Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Kangin starts to discuss how many girls exactly-

MC Kim Gura: Tell us after you’ve decided

Kim Kukjin: Siwon, have you dated ordinary people?

Siwon: Of course, of course I’ve experienced that before.

MC Kim Gura: See! You should verify it cooly like that!

Leeteuk: We’ve decided on 17 people XD

*people who are not celebrities


MC Kim Gura: Teukie, come and join us at <War of Words>! It’ll be great if you come.

MC Kim Kukjin: And get cussed at in your place?

Leeteuk: I like that position but because there are a lot of talks about SM…

MC Kim Gura: There isn’t any more that is going to come out!

Leeteuk: Huh?

MC Kim Gura: Jessica’s has ended

Leeteuk: That seems like the end right?

All the MCs: There’s still more????

MC Kyuhyun: This hyung seriously…


MC Yoon Jungshin: Suju has been known as the variety idols, who do you think is the best at variety?

Siwon: The MC here, I feel that Kyuhyun has been doing well so he has been doing this for a long time. But I think that as compared to Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk is better

MC Yoon Jungshin: But who do you think is the best?

Siwon: About that, I think it’s Kangin-hyung

Kangin: No, I’m the best at talking

MC Kyuhyun: Among the members, Kangin-hyung is the most interesting

MC Yoon Jungshin: If you talk about variety, I think Siwon is the best

Siwon: Ah really? Thank you

MC Kim Gura: Is Sungmin the one who is left out the most?

Leeteuk: Sungminnie is…quite boring..the two top most boring members are Donghae and Sungmin

MC Yoon Jungshin: I thought that Donghae was interesting XD

MC Kyuhyun: Donghae-hyung is funny because of his earnest character


~Talking about Leeteuk being boring~

Eunhyuk: This seems like a wrong thinking. It’s not that he became like this after he got discharged, he is originally like this. Teukie-hyung is good at MC-ing and talks well.

Leeteuk: I’m good at MC-ing and together with Shindong and Eunhyuk, that’s how we receive applause

MC Kyuhyun: Personally, when I see Leeteuk-hyung, he reminds me of Jaeseok-hyung

MC Yoon Jungshin: Jaeseok is really funny

MC Kyuhyun: He is the boring Jaeseok-hyung!


MC Kyuhyun: Siwon’s face acting is the best

MC Kim Gura: Was he originally good at it or did he become good at it after he started acting?

Eunhyuk: He originally has a few expressions so his nickname was “The face controller”

MC Kyuhyun: He is really good at imitating the members’ expressions

Siwon: I know one of Kyuhyun’s. Each member has a point in a handsome pose.. Kyuhyun’s one is thinning out his lips.

Eunhyuk: In one of our concert VCRs, there was this chase scene where Kyuhyun was running away before he turned back and shot with a gun

Siwon: If the camera was the villain….

MC Kim Gura: That’s right that’s right!

Leeteuk: Show them the original version

MC Kyuhyun: There’s a lot of members that are funnier than me

MC Yoon Jungshin: What about Eunhyuk?

Siwon: This is when Eunhyuk is crying..

MCs: When he is crying?

Eunhyuk: *already panicking even before Siwon showed it*

Siwon: When Eunhyuk cries, he looks really pitiful.

MC Yoon Jungshin: When a handsome cries, the tears flows down like this

Siwon: his jaw area is the main point

Kangin: Now, this week’s winner is mamacita!

MC Yoon Jungshin: Eunhyuk-ssi, show us!

Eunhyuk: I don’t know about it well because I was crying XD

MC Kyuhyun: Because your gums are easily seen so when you do this, it is even more noticeable

Siwon: and the middle of his forehead is like

Siwon: The scariest one is Leeteuk. When I see this, I really thought that “ah this hyung is really a someone who is scary while being handsome”. The lower part of his face is smiling while his eyes were crying. You guys know what I am talking about right?? During our 100th concert, everyone was crying like crazy and he was crying like this


 MC Kim Kukjin: So are there other members (that you can imitate)?

Siwon: There is a combination of Donghae and Kangin…

MC Kim Gura: There’s no Sungmin?

Siwon: Sungmin….doesn’t have colours

MC Kim Gura: That’s sad…only that kid doesn’t have any! Sungmin..seriously..

Siwon: Because he is white so occasionally, he can also become red….but that hyung’s butt is pretty so it’s okay


~Talking about vacations~

Leeteuk: Kyuhyun goes for a lot of vacations

MC Kyuhyun: They give us only a week in a year for vacations..during that period-

MC Yoon Jungshin: Other than that period, you can’t go?

MC Kyuhyun: If you come out with time, you can go for about 2 days and a night

Leeteuk: After the concert ended, there was 3~4 days free and I was thinking about what I should do…when the concert ended, Kyuhyun went to Jeju Island. That night, Eunhyuk called me. “Hyung! Shall we go to Jeju Island too?”

MC Kyuhyun: Because I kept uploading photos into our chatting room

Leeteuk: So the next day, me, Donghae and Eunhyuk took the first plane in the morning  and went to Jeju Island.(When we arrived,) Eunhyuk rented an open car but a typhoon came on that day.

MC Kim Gura: From what I see, these 2 people(Kyuhyun & Leeteuk) doesn’t match well with each other

Eunhyuk: Kyuhyun and Teukie-hyung are totally opposite poles

Leeteuk: it feels like “I can’t go on a vacation together with you in the future”

MC Yoon Jungshin: When you go on a vacation, both of your personalities have to match well

MC Kyuhyun: I really want to talk about this…we went to Italy together and Teukie-hyung, no matter where we went, kept grumbling. The night before, I kept looking up on the internet on where we can find delicious food etc and when we arrived at the place, he took the most photos, ate the most deliciously and enjoyed the most

MC Yoon Jungshin: Kyuhyun is the one that likes to follow plans but you’re the one that like playing more

Leeteuk: When I went to Italy, I had a nosebleed. Why this is so because there were 8 locations that we’re supposed to go…I was a little tired and wanted to rest but Kyuhyun (planned) to wake up at 6 and start taking the bus to wherever at 7…it was a backpacking trip. But I was having a nosebleed like this…(our personalities are) not compatible.

Kangin: Kyuhyunnie is really exhaustive.

MC Kyuhyun: One thing I was shocked about after I went to Jeju Island. I went there first and even though there was a typhoon, I still went around and in the evening at about 6, I opened the room door and they were still sleeping.

Eunhyuk: We took the first plane and upon arriving, we went to sleep.

MCs: That’s too much XD

Eunhyuk: We planned to take the plane, arrive and sleep first but when we woke up, it was already 6.

MC Kyuhyun: When you go to Jeju-island, you have to find their delicious food right? They ordered room service; pizza and coke

Siwon: Things that you can also eat in Seoul XD

Eunhyuk: We ate that and we didn’t even go around Jeju Island, we went to a bowling alley in Jeju Island and bowled…and we went to a movie theatre and watched a movie..the things that we could do in Seoul, we did it here XD


MC Yoon Jungshin: About Eunhyuk being ugly…

Eunhyuk: Wait…what is that..

MC Yoon Jungshin: The reporters has verified it

Eunhyuk: Hyung, you know about this

MC Kim Gura: There’s no way to hide it!

Eunhyuk: There is no way you can be handsome while diving!

MC Kim Gura: Even so, this is serious!

*after some talks about the photo*

MC Kim Gura: Ah this was from barefoot friends?

MC Yoon Jungshin: Yeah it was from barefoot friends

MC Kim Gura: It’s a good program

Eunhyuk: I prefer to talk about scandals

MC Yoon Jungshin: Did that reporter come?

Eunhyuk: I didn’t know that he came and I only knew about it after I saw that photo

MC Kim Gura: How did you manage to see the picture?

Eunhyuk: I didn’t know about it but the writers were all giggling about something so I was thinking about what it is and I saw it by accident. I was like “what the!” and it was that photo. The writers were also contemplating if they should tell me about it or not

MC Kyuhyun: There is also that fashion show picture that Leeteuk uploaded on his SNS

Eunhyuk: How many do you guys have?!?!

Eunhyuk: Hang on…that’s not me….

MC Kim Gura: What is this??

Eunhyuk: That’s not me!!

MC Kim Gura: What do you mean it’s not you!?!

Leeteuk: The person in the photo is a Chinese model

MC Kim Gura: Ah really? He’s a chinese model?

MC Kyuhyun: Gura-hyung really thought it was Eunhyuk-hyung

MC Kim Gura: But as compared to these(the diving photos), this(the fashion show photo) is better right?

Eunhyuk: For me, that(the diving photos) is the worst! That’s the worst in my celebrity life.

MC Kim Gura: Ah~ sorry~

Kangin: How does it look like that…XD

MC Kim Gura: Did your mom see this?

Eunhyuk: She said that the reporter is bad


MC Kim Gura: There were rumours saying that Eunhyuk is a devil guy..what do you think is your charm?
Siwon: About this…seeing from the side, the strength about this person is that he makes people feel relaxed.
Leeteuk: the biggest point about Eunhyuk is that usually, he lets people feel relax but at the concerts during his solo stages..
MC Kim Gura: Ah the girls will think that “that oppa also has this side to him!”
Leeteuk: The amount of acquaintances that he invited for the concert this time was over a hundred…he spent over 3.5 million won solely on concert tickets
Siwon: And the acquaintances that he invited were all girls
Eunhyuk: That’s because I feel confident about our concert and I wanted to show (others) our concert
MC Kim Gura: And the girl group members who were invited were probably like “oppa! oppa oppa oppa”
Kangin: But to be honest, you verified it yourself to a certain extent
Eunhyuk: It’s not like that…
MC Yoon Jungshin: Because of an incident, there are lots of fantasies


~Talking about Siwon’s self-composed song~

MC Kim Gura: Is the song okay?

Leeteuk: The song is good

MC Kim Kukjin: Can you let us listen to a little bit of it?

Siwon: Ah hang on…*sings a little bit* ah what is it?

MC Kyuhyun: It’s your self-composed song but you don’t know how to sing it?

Siwon: *sings a little bit* wait what is it again?

MC Kim Gura: you actually know how to sing it but you’re acting right?

MC Yoon Jungshin: is this a song that will be in the repackage album?

Kangin: Yeah it’s planned to be inside


MC Yoon Jungshin: It is said that Siwon is very happy lately…through the entire pre-recording, he has been really happy

Kyuhyun: Did you find true happiness?

Siwon: Yes I found true happiness


Talking about Siwon being rich~

Leeteuk: I’ve never thought about winning Siwon when I calculate my money…even when I was doing 8 programs, I’ve never thought of winning Siwon

Eunhyuk: I’ve never ever thought about winning Siwon at all

MC Yoon Jungshin: That’s right, why would you want to win him!

Eunhyuk: I’ve never ever thought that “I want to win Siwon”

MC Kim Gura: This kid was born with a silver spoon in his mouth


MC Kim Gura: What do you think is charming about you?

Siwon: Personally, I like my eyebrows

MC Kim Gura: Ah eyebrows~

Siwon: Ever since I was young, my mom told me that my eyebrows are pretty

MC Kim Gura: honestly, have you done anything (to your face)?

Siwon: I totally didn’t *moves his nose to prove that he hasn’t done plastic surgery to his nose*

MC Kyuhyun: Woah to be able to do that to your nose…

Siwon: On the first day that I met our make-up stylist, she tried to press my nose. I was so shocked so I asked her why she pressed my nose and she said that those who did their nose, their nose can’t be pressed down.

Leeteuk: *tries pressing own nose*

Leeteuk: Oh it doesn’t press down

MC Kyuhyun: Leeteuk-ssi, what did you say?

Leeteuk: Ah it can’t be pressed down


MC Kim Kukjin: I heard that the handsome Siwon threw in his body for the fans when a fence collapsed during the red carpet of an award ceremony?

Leeteuk: Last time, before that award ceremony, during a music broadcast, almost at the end of the show, the column that was supporting the set collapsed. Because it was a big column, everyone was trying to escape and Siwon suddenly rolled up his sleeves and he held up the column that was going to collapse and shouted “everyone! Go outside!!”

Eunhyuk: The important part is after this..when Siwon was holding up the column, actually, Kyuhyun was also there.

MC Kyuhyun: I will tell you about it detailedly. When it was collapsing, I was beside Siwon and while I was supporting the column, I didn’t even have the energy to tell everyone to get out. I was using both my hands to support the column and (Siwon came) and supported it with one hand and told everyone to go out. So everyone only saw Siwon holding the column up with one hand while I was beside him, at a place where I can’t be seen, supporting the column with both hands

Kangin: because everything will go successful for a successful guy


~Talking about how Leeteuk went for active duty as a soldier instead of doing the public service~

MC Kim Gura: Did you go for active duty because of the awareness around you?

Leeteuk: Because of that and also because I’m Suju’s leader…I thought that it would be better if I went for active duty

MC Kim Gura: So did you regret about that too?

Leeteuk: Yes…I experienced strenuous jobs continuously and I thought “why do I have to experience such hardships”


Eunhyuk: After he got discharged, he kept calling everyone “Teacher”. When we went to restaurants, there are workers there right? Just by looking at them, they look younger than Leeteuk-hyung but (he says) “Teacher, can I have more Kimchi?”

MC Kim Gura: I do that a lot too!

MC Yoon Jungshin: Our manager calls everyone “director”

Eunhyuk: But he calls everyone Teacher!!


MC Yoon Jungshin: I heard that Leeteuk was called the love counsellor of SM?

MC Kim Gura: Those SM artistes that are dating now…like Sulli, did she also get advices from you?

Leeteuk: I didn’t do anything because it was when I was in the army..

MC Kim Gura: What about Yoona?

Leeteuk: About Yoona…

MC Yoon Jungshin: Did you already know about it?

Leeteuk: ….

MC Kim Gura: Sooyoung?

MC Yoon Jungshin: You already knew about all of it right?

Leeteuk: I knew about Yoona’s

MC Yoon Jungshin: How did you know about Yoona’s?

Leeteuk: …

MC Kim Kukjin: Before the photo was taken, did you already give them advice?

Leeteuk: I want to talk about this but because it’s not about me, I don’t wanna talk about it rashly

MC Kim Gura: Ok talk about yourself then~!

Leeteuk: About myself???

MC Yoon Jungshin: How did you get to know about it then?

Leeteuk: Seunggi told me to meet him and he told me about it

*MCs starts to talk about it*

Leeteuk: I definitely have to tell you all about one thing. The two of them dating is something that is about the two of them…I don’t know how it happened but how the two of them met, I felt that I played a part in that


MC Kyuhyun: Kangin is said to have a fetish for feets. No matter how pretty a girl is, if their feets are not pretty then it’s a no

MC Yoon Jungshin: Ankles and toes, which one do you look at?

Kangin: Toes

*after some discussion on how the toes have to look to be pretty*

MC Yoon Jungshin: You can’t see the feet easily..you must not be wearing socks and-

Leeteuk: That’s why he starts to have girlfriends the most in the Summer

MC Kyuhyun: Would you go to those restaurants where you will have to take off your shoes on purpose?

Kangin: *nods his head* I will also give them slippers as presents too

MC Kim Gura: So when you look at the face, you will decide about 80% and-

Kangin: no

MC Yoon Jungshin: You will start to look from the feet?

Kangin: Even though the feet isn’t 100% but it’s at least above 50%

MC Kim Gura: Even if you don’t look at the face???

Kangin: If her feet is pretty, her face will also look prettier

Leeteuk: If her feet looks pretty, will it not matter even if her feet stinks?

Kangin: you’re crazy

Leeteuk: Because im curious

Kangin: He does broadcasts like this??

MC Kyuhyun: But it could be like that…her feet is pretty but her feet really stinks

Eunhyuk: What if her feet is pretty but it’s 300mm*?

*300mm is above size 12 in US shoe size XD

Everyone: *breaks into laughter*

Eunhyuk: It’s reeeeeeeeeally pretty but it’s 300mm???

MC Kyuhyun: King feet king feet

Eunhyuk: If it’s pretty, you can see it in a bigger size

MC Kim Gura: Is the girl a Yeti or what

Kangin: This is an unusual talk..what I’m talking about is that self-management is important but there are people who are naturally born (to have pretty feet)

MC Yoon Jungshin: Girls usually like guys who has long fingers

MC Kim Gura: So they like guitarists

MC Yoon Jungshin: Yes, so they like guitarists and they like guys who plays the piano because if they have long fingers, it feels sexy

Kangin: For me, even if she is a little ugly, if she has cute feet…

MC Kim Kukjin: What about Siwon?

Siwon: Doesn’t everyone look at the face?

MC Yoon Jungshin: As compared to the body, you look at the face?

Siwon: personally, I feel that I don’t understand people who looks at wrists and ankles etc. Seeing someone for the first time, it’s definitely the face for me

Kangin: I’ve never asked about what is Siwon’s ideal type

Siwon: I feel like I’m more detailed

MC Kim Kukjin: Give an example

Siwon: Because my mom is tall so I like tall girls

MC Kim Gura: So the basics is that she must be tall and her face must be pretty? So it’s someone like the super model Cindy Crawford?

Siwon: Yes that’s right, she’s beautiful

MC Yoon Jungshin: Is it possible for you to have an international marriage?

Siwon: It’s okay if it’s just dating but as for marriage, it’s a no

MC Kim Gura: How people is going to look at it is that you are going to date foreigners but you’re going to marry a korean?!

Siwon: Because I am the eldest son, my parents wants me to marry people of the same race….but the important thing is that if I really like the person, I will marry her of course. But since young, I feel that have to go towards the direction that my parents want

MC Kim Kukjin: Did you parents tell you “marry someone within the race~”?

Siwon: Within the Korean race

Kangin: But if you really like the girl and your parents opposes?

Siwon: In the end, because I believe in my parents, it seems like I won’t even date someone that my parents hate and if I really love someone, I think that my parents will believe in me.

MC Kim Gura: As expected, something that is said by a chaebol*

*Chaebol (from chae: wealth or property + pol: faction or clan) refers to a South Korean form of business conglomerate. They are typically global multinationals owning numerous international enterprises, controlled by a chairman who has power over all the operations.


MC Yoon Jungshin: Among the members, Kangin said that he has never ever felt touched before

Kangin: No matter where I go, I speak confidently. Our members really does not have any loyalty.

MCs: we also don’t have any loyalty

MC Kyuhyun: When hyung was having a hard time that time, I went all the way to your neighbourhood to look for you..

Kangin: You changed after you came into Radio Star!!

Translated by Yoojin @ SJ-WORLD.NET