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The National's Trouble Will Find Me, limited deluxe edition vinyl box set.

Featuring artwork by Justin Davis Anderson, Doug Bennett, Nancy Berninger, Clara Claus, Megan Craig, Jessica Dessner, Scott Devendorf, Dale Frank, Jessie Henson, Karl Jensen, Lafont London, Randall J Lane, Casey Reas, Jeff Salem, John Solimine, Jeff Tyson, Charles Wilkin, and Bohyun Yoon.

Bohyun Yoon, ‘Sound of Glass Helmet’, 2004

‘Sound of Glass Helmet’ is a musical instrument which creates a variety of different sounds when played with. The helmet is a single piece of molded glass that has a concave recess on its underside and a hallow ring around the top with a single spout. The helmet can be filled with water and produces sounds when rubbed tapped or poured into another helmet. Yoon created a short film of that featured the glass helmet worn and played by different individuals including the artist. The sound the helmet makes is varied based on the user’s hand size, the amount of water and their moments.