she knows yoomi is watching her from across the room– and that her behaviour is petty. After all– she isn’t an idiot. She’s just lonely– and feeling slightly needier than she’d like. Her eyes flicker to the familiar brown pair watching her from across the room. She’s cursed– with liking the straight girls– or the impossible ones. It’s all been that way. She let’s the stranger next to her whisper in her ear and drinks enough to sink most sailors and she pretends that she doesn’t want her arms. When she closes her eyes it’s close enough. It isn’t until an hour later when she’s got her arm around yoomi that she admits it’s not.
 “My liver is going on strike tomorrow, dove. Strike. Strike. We goin’ home?” 


        “SEONBAE! oh lord, you startled me.” the female clutches her chest, calming herself down after the male popped out of nowhere to again ask her to lunch. “i haven’t eaten yet, have YOU? we should go get ramen, i’m in the mood for some, if that’s okay with you? we have an HOUR before class anyway. so we can go to that restaurant i told you about!”