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1. Who was the last person you held hands with? My grandma, yesterday she was crying because someone close to her died. All I could do was to hold her hand, good thing my mom was there too and told grandma to calm down and that she still got all of us :C

2. Are you loud, outgoing, or shy? I’m a very loud girl, though, I act really shy around people I don’t know because I don’t want to scare them with all the weird stuff I do all the time, derp.

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?  I do, I do! Life is a miracle, Yoo! <3

21. What are your bad habits? Er…I have this horrible bad habit of bitting my cheeks almost everyday when I’m…bored I guess? I don’t know why I do OTL

35. Would you rather live without TV or music? I rather life without TV, even if it is really entertaining I think I wouldn’t survive without music D:

38. Do you think age matters in relationships? Age doesn’t matter at all as long as you’re mature enough to know how to have a healthy relationship, at least that’s what I think :0

44. Trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean? Oh God, outer space!! thinking of the bottom of the ocean scares me a lot, total darkness scares me a o lot! ;______;

50. What language do you want to learn? I WANT TO LEARN ALL THE LANGUAGES. ALL OF THEM!…o-okay maybe just a lot of them.
I want to learn russian, korean, maya, náhuatl… maybe greek and latin :0

Yoo y u always ask stuff!? You’re such a nice bro :’D

P.D.- Hope you don’t mind I drew you a little Tav :0

meep *huye*

Making everything wrong in the wright way.
  • Photodynamic:I want rage/blood hoodies
  • Yookami:Sounds like the time of the month thing /shot so many times
  • Photodynamic:LOL
  • Photodynamic:ohgod
  • Photodynamic:xDD
  • Yookami:Sorry could not help it at all
  • Photodynamic:KK is the Knight of Blood
  • Photodynamic:I'm a girl.
  • Photodynamic:Oh lord.
  • Yookami:XD
  • Photodynamic:xD
  • Photodynamic:So much suck, but I dont care.
  • Photodynamic:Because blood is good for other things.
  • Yookami:Sexy nosebleeds?
  • Photodynamic:nosebleeds
  • Photodynamic:and the groin
  • Photodynamic:xD
  • Yookami:XD
Listening to songs and all you can think of are your friends or your own RP characters.

(/)m(\) What do?

Though I must admit it’s HIGHLY entertaining to imagine multiple guys dancing to “Sexy and I know it” - Mostly several of Yoo’s guys [Vic, Dez, Kaoru] and Porgon’s fantroll [Mise].


EDIT: It switches to shots and I picture Libran and Mise singing to it [Libran would probably do the shots part, Mise would prooobably do anything else and sing in with the “EVERY BOOODY!”] This is so amusing.

Also add in kid!Mom and Drunk!Dave