Hello // Daejin

He had meant to call. Every day, he would pull out his phone, and stared at her number on the screen. He meant to call, but he knew he’d have nothing good to say afterwards. Should he strike a casual conversation? Should he apologize over and over? Would she even want to talk to him?

Dae walked with his hands in his pockets. The smell of street food hit his nostrils. Usually, he would’ve been delighted by the scent of something being fried, but on this occasion, his senses were against him. Instead of making him happy, they were causing him pain.

He thought of her among the people. Her smile before taking the bite he had offered himself. The memory got more vivid with each step he took. Hell, it was so vivid he could almost see her. The closer he got, the slower he had to walk because he could’ve sworn that was her hair, and her smile.

Dae approached her slowly with his brow furrowed. This was a long shot. The longest of all, but he would go insane if he didn’t. “Hyejin?” He asked softly. “It’s…it’s me. Dae. Hi.”

“Ahhh… What about this?” Iseul passed her phone to Hyejin. The two were suddenly inspired to dye their hair a different colour for summer after binge watching a bunch of beauty videos on YouTube late at night. She was debating between going a lighter brown or going red, something she’s never done before. 

“We better go to the store if we want to get there on time!”