Hellow ♥ This is fiveternal (◕‿◕✿)

I hope your 2013 is coming to a wonderful end >_< I always wanted to thank you guys for making my tumblr life so wonderful, and since today is 2013.12.26 the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of our so damn perfect liferuiners, I actually sat down and finally got to it! I tried to make it pretty but of course it’s nothing like other senpais’ ;u; omg pls teach me!!

Firstly, to all my followers..! Thank you for being my followers ^_^ ♥ I couldn’t blog as much these past months ╥_╥ but thank you for still following me! I appreciate each and every one of you who like, reblog posts and message me occasionally. You guys have made my fangirling life ever so enjoyable~ Please always feel welcome to talk to me, and really, I mean this! 

Now, to those I follow! I went through all of the blogs I’m following to make this FF and omg so many of you have stopped blogging ╥_╥; comeback!! Anyways, thank you for having such flawless blogs!! Maybe some of you have noticed already, but sometimes I go to some of your archives and just spend hours there >_<; Sorry for being a creeper but it’s your fault your blogs are so perfect!! And even if you’re not on this, please know that I love everyone I follow!!!♡♡♡♡♡

Below are some of the most amazing blogs/bloggers! 
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*bold = forever in love with 

031226aktf4ktfe5babyshimcassieaktf★  ★changdeerchesuyonchunporndbskies★ ★eggselenteukyangkyangingjjunchanjunxia★ ★kayayteearrkerryshinkilloveintheiceluvholicc★ ★madameshimmaxchangmeannae-sesangninetyninety-five★ ★princeinpragueshemchangminshoyukoto★ ★sunnyshinkisuteokkitepid-coffeethe6002★ ★tohopornoyunboobsyunhojaejoongyunhos★ ★yuntokkiiyoochunfyouknowmaximumvanitysixx