yoochun collection

DB5K as Hunger Games Participants
  • Yunho: Very meticulous. Plans every step of the game only to falter when prompted to kill someone. Escapes death only because of his superior athletic/ dancing abilities and ability to run away as fast as possible. Picks up strays to protect and then needs Changmin's help to survive.
  • Jaejoong: Trips and falls to death on the dash to collect weapons within the first five seconds of the game
  • Yoochun: Runs away without collecting any weapons. Has to resort to exceptional skills of blending to survive. Survives until half of the game and gets killed by a contestant cause of his chunface. "I thought he was making fun of me!"
  • Junsu: Survives long enough to meet Yunho, but gets killed because he saw a palm tree and screamed in joy!
  • Changmin: Pisses off the planning committee because of his smart comments, gets the least favorable options out of the lot, pisses off half of the contestants, comes across Yunho trying to protect strays and helps him until the last moment. Less likely to die by a contestant and more likely to die because of eating some god damn berry!