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(fanaccount) 140803 2014 JYJ Membership Week – Korean Fanmeeting & Showcase

> The members were told to write down what they believe they’re best at in the group.

Junsu wrote “athleticism” but referred to competitiveness more than strength (he says Jaejoong tops that one)

Jaejoong wrote “Cooking delicious things” because… we all know he cooks delicious food :)

Yoochun wrote “Eating the delicious food”. Yes, Yoochun’s greatest skill is eating, ladies and gentlemen.

Apparently the three members get a little chubby when they go to Japan than when they’re in Korea. They say it’s partially because there are so many temptations of good food, and partially because they’re stuck in their dorms all day, so they get a bit lonely and end up eating to fill that void. (Oh my..) The three of them got these dreamy looks in their eyes as they said, “There are so many delicious things to eat in this world… *happy sigh*”

> While talking about their dramas, Jaejoong was talking about kiss scenes.

JJ: Kiss scenes don’t really excite me, it’s just part of my job. But what makes my heart race is holding someone’s hand. When I hold someone’s hand, I usually grab the wrist first. The reason I do that is because I can feel my partner’s pulse there. I can gauge just how into it they are in the scene through that pulse. And then I slide down to clasp their hand. It’s there that I can fill a shimmer of sweat on their palms. It’s those kinds of things that feel more romantic than kissing scenes.

While he was saying this, he was demonstrating on Junsu, who was like “oooh I feel goosebumps up my arms” when Jaejoong grabbed his wrist

> JJ was asked to pick his best body part.

Jaejoong picked his lips. He said, “My lips tend to get very red naturally. People always say, ‘Did you put something on your lips?’ when I haven’t!! *pouts* Also, when I film kiss scenes, I feel like if my partner’s lips feel a little dry, that means my lips are very soft for them. In all the kiss scenes I’ve done, there’s never been a time where my partner’s lips didn’t feel dry. That means my partners thought my lips were very soft, right?”

>There was a segment where JYJ were given a dating scenario, and used KakaoTalk to voice their opinions.

Junsu, as always, was doing his best and typing long answers with a serious look on his face.

Yoochun’s phone wasn’t working at first but then he just left short, succint answers.

Jaejoong, on the other hand, was giggling and using emoticons to express himself, because he has all these FEELS. He was like “ooooooh I’ve never seen some of these emoticons before. so coooool”

While Junsu was trying to explain his answer, Jaejoong and Yoochin were giggling like school girls and posting emoticons.

When it was time to hand the phones back, Jaejoong first refused to, but was the peer pressured into it with a big pout.

>The MC asked JYJ about the similarities they could draw between themselves and their latest characters.

Junsu talked about Dracula and how he searches for love and just feels things so deeply.

Jaejoong talked about Yongdal and how he has two sides to him. Jaejoong connects to that because he acts differently around people he does know and people doesn’t. 
JS: I saw him acting and wow, he made such a believable gangster! It was even better than Changshik in a drama he did in the past. It seemed like Jaejoong’s inner gangster was coming out!

Yoochun talked about Dong Shik and how he’s so innocent and naive.
JS: It’s true. Most people seem to rust as the times go by, but Yoochun seems to just shed rust as he ages! He gets more innocent as the years go by.
JJ: Yes I totally feel that too
YC: I was saying it as a joke…. but okay then. Sure.

> When asked to pick the strangest member in the group, all three members chose Jaejoong (Junsu wrote “Jaejoong Hyung”, Jaejoong wrote “Me” and Yoochun wrote “Big Kim”)

Apparently Jaejoong let a random stranger sleep in his bed in Japan and arm wrestled a bunch of people in a bar for fun.

Jaejoong’s reasonings were a) The guy looked really lonely and how nice would it be for him if someone went and struck a conversation with him? Hey, that someone could be me! Heck yes, Imma do that right now… and somehow he ended up bringing the drunk guy to the JYJ dorm and letting him sleep in his bed… which is how Yoochun and Junsu found out about the stranger.

Also, b) there was a guy boasting about how he was stronger than everyone else in the bar. To prove him wrong, Jaejoong arm wrestled everyone (and everyone there were athletes) and beat all of them. F'yeah.

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