all the things i’ve learned about art in the last few days:

  1. more. curves. less. straightness.
  2. movement is good shit
  3. always show or express some emotion with your LINES
  4. humans are chubby lumps
  5. make your drawing 3 dimensional by using proportions and perspectives
  6. no symmetry
  7. let your limbs all do different things in different places like in front/behind/up/down
  8. line of action
  9. dynamic shit
Mysme nsfw fanfic creators in a nutshell (that I know)


@mysmekitten definitely a sinnamon roll *roll to me babe*

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“ Need.  Want.  Desire. ” He shrugged.  “ You and I both know what it is like to have immense power.  And we also know what it is like to be truly powerless.”  He lifted his hands.  “ Not this kind of feeble restraint.  You know what I mean: true and utter powerlessness.  Whether it be the kind we have inflicted upon each other, or the kind that they  ”—his hands clenched involuntarily—“ deal in so masterfully.  I will do whatever I must to never feel that powerless again.  And you are the same. ” ( Eona, Alison Goodman )

I just discovered how beautiful the marker brush is. I will never underestimate it again.

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh… Sooooo I might’ve came up with a crossover between Hamilton and Undertale… Yeaaaahhh… That happened… I just wanted to see what would Snas look like in 1800’s clothing and BAM! All Underground broke loose.

I might make this a thing… MIGHT. But I don’t want to, y'know, make this character be this character ‘cuz that’s just messed up. Instead, imagine Hamiltale as Hamilton but with the UT cast. I bet Undyne and Ham will get along so well XDDDDD

Don’t be mad at me XDDDD

As my own neurosis became more subdued I found myself unconsciously drawn to female characters who exhibited signs of behaviors I had recognized in myself: repression, delusion, jealousy, paranoia, hysteria. But these issues didn’t magically disappear; they just became buried beneath business and activity, and came back to sideswipe me at inopportune moments.

We have more patience, or perhaps more empathy, for fictional characters than we do their real-life counterparts. Faced with neurosis in film and literature, we want to investigate rather than avoid. If watching horror films is cathartic because it provides a temporary feeling of control over the one unknown factor that can’t be controlled (death), then wouldn’t it make sense that a crazy person would find relief in onscreen histrionics?
—  House of Psychotic Women: An Autobiographical Topography of Female Neurosis in Horror and Exploitation Films, Kier-La Janisse
laura’s (@ongniels’) list of good-ass pd101/wanna one blogs!・゚:* *:・゚✧

hi hello it’s me, tumblr user ongniels!!! aka laura! hi, i’m laura. so in the threeish months since i’ve started this blog i’ve somehow gained 1,000 followers, which is wild?? i don’t contribute anything to this fandom???? all i do is shitpost??????? and yet 1000 people (who aren’t even porn blogs or anything. real people. but why) are like “yeah this is fine” and follow me. w h y. this doesn’t even have a cool graphic

ANYWAYS i figured that i should do a follow forever type thingy except i’m absolutely terrible with following people and moreover following people back, so idk if i’m even following a lot of these people honestly, but here are some good-ass blogs that really? you should be following. this is in the order of “me remembering they exist” so uh yep. here you go. thanks for 1k y’all <3 please send me asks by the way or messages i’m a lonely person. TO THE LIST

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Character death

So when the cast was asked who dies, they said they couldn’t tell but they could hint and their eyes went all over the fucking place. But Eme(who is terrible at keeping secrets)looked straight at Matt.

I mean Max,is of course the most likely but…………………the show has switched things up before.

What if Alec is the one who dies instead of Jace(at the end of city of glas)