Mysme nsfw fanfic creators in a nutshell (that I know)


@mysmekitten definitely a sinnamon roll *roll to me babe*

@mysticdaddies SHIT what is FinAL BANG BAng bangigty bang bang BANG

@mmscum Where’s WiFi can I have more Jumin?

@serensama  BWAHAHAHA *raise beer* BOOTY And ANGST

@zoecam37 YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *raise pepsi* ELI ELI ELI

@fantasyimmortal Saeran Saeran that’s my new religion fight mieee

@unknown-saeranchoi 10001000011111000010000111 (don’t mind interpret I just throw in numbers)

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all the things i’ve learned about art in the last few days:

  1. more. curves. less. straightness.
  2. movement is good shit
  3. always show or express some emotion with your LINES
  4. humans are chubby lumps
  5. make your drawing 3 dimensional by using proportions and perspectives
  6. no symmetry
  7. let your limbs all do different things in different places like in front/behind/up/down
  8. line of action
  9. dynamic shit

I just discovered how beautiful the marker brush is. I will never underestimate it again.

Yeeeeaaaaahhhh… Sooooo I might’ve came up with a crossover between Hamilton and Undertale… Yeaaaahhh… That happened… I just wanted to see what would Snas look like in 1800’s clothing and BAM! All Underground broke loose.

I might make this a thing… MIGHT. But I don’t want to, y'know, make this character be this character ‘cuz that’s just messed up. Instead, imagine Hamiltale as Hamilton but with the UT cast. I bet Undyne and Ham will get along so well XDDDDD

Don’t be mad at me XDDDD

mbti types and their aesthetics

istj: men in classy clothing, iridescent, dark blue

isfj: homemade cookies, cats, wine and cheese

infj: owls, pastel grunge, flower crowns

intj: dark aesthetics, candles, shirts

istp: blood, leather jackets, motorcycles

isfp: flowers, animal pictures, cute pink stuff

infp: grunge, art hoe aesthetics, music lyrics

intp: rain, pale grunge, insects and fish

estp: nature/the woods, the colour red, fire

esfp: glitter, hearts, roses 

enfp: sunshine, tears, food

entp: dark pale, comics, space

estj: buildings, ripped up jeans, electric guitars

esfj: parks, comfy clothes, sunsets

enfj: cool sunglasses, high waisted jeans/shorts, pressed flowers

entj: large cities, rain, marble