Seven Syndromes : <응답하라 1994>의 행복한 일곱 청춘 pt.2 | VOGUE Korea | December 2013 | Jungwoo (정우), Yoo Yeonseok (유연석), Go Ara (고아라), Son Hojoon (손호준), Kim Sungkyun (김성균), Dohee (도희) (Tiny-G), Baro (B1A4) | photographer Tae Woo 


Reply 1994

“When I was 20 years old too, both the city Seoul & its people were scary. In that unfamiliar place, the place where we wouldn’t be outsiders…the only place that made us feel safe was this place, my home. It was ShinChon Boardinghouse.”


Seven Syndromes : <응답하라 1994>의 행복한 일곱 청춘 pt.1 | VOGUE Korea | December 2013 | Jungwoo (정우), Yoo Yeonseok (유연석), Go Ara (고아라), Son Hojoon (손호준), Kim Sungkyun (김성균), Dohee (도희) (Tiny-G), Baro (B1A4) | photographer Tae Woo