yoo jungyeon

  • Tzuyu: Dubu~ Dubu~ <3
  • Dahyun: Tzuyu, can u stop that? Thats copy righted off me bro
  • Tzuyu: Ill stop, if you stop stealing Sana from me then
  • Dahyun: ...
  • Jihyo and Mina: 0.0 ...
  • Sana: *blushes* ...
  • NaMo + No jam bros: ooohhhH SHITTTTTT SONNNN

[ENG TRANS] What are you doing V App - Nayeon’s welcome

Jungyeon literally just enters the V App and immediately Nayeon calls her. This is seriously the cutest conversation ever and totally #couplegoals. Look at the sounds they make on the phone!

JY: *smiles* Oh, NY-unnie is calling me! Haha, what is it?? Everyone, I will answer it~
JY: Yes, hello. I’m doing V App *laughs*
NY: *whines* I’m bored~~~~
JY: *laughs* Why? You’re bored?? *imitates her*
nyanyanyanya. I bet you’re looking at us having fun~
NY: Not really.. not really fun. The others kept on drawing for I don’t know how many minutes
JY: Ha! That’s why I came (on V App)
NY: *whines* When are you gonna finish :/
JY: I’m done already!
NY: Hurry come (back home)
JY: Alright, I’ll come back with mina
NY: *groans* ughmmm.
JY: Mmm!
NY: mm…
(They talk about the “Handphone Case” briefly because Nayeon stole Momo’s phone on another V App. Jungyeon doesn’t know what’s going on and just reads the comments.)
NY: Alright, you know (you can’t give spoilers about the Handphone case), bye~
JY: Yes~
NY: Mmm!
JY: *brightly* Bye! :)
NY: Bye!!! :)
JY: Even though I don’t know why she called but… *smiles and continues dancing*

Because she misses you, stupid!

Trans: only2yeon