Q18. B.A.P to you is?:

Yongguk: Innocence. Although I’m at the age where I lost my innocence, I feel like it gets restored when I’m together with them. When I need innocence, I go to the members (laughter) | Himchan: Family. Although there are times when they do whatever they want, I can feel that we all cherish each other greatly.| Daehyun: The hip is important to a person right? It becomes the center for your top and bottom, and they’re so important that you can’t do anything if they’re hurt. They’re like a ‘hip’ to me.| Youngjae: Food! ( you can’t live without food) |Jongup: My 2nd family! Since we’ll be spending the remainder of our youth together. I’m spending the happiest days of my life.| Zelo: The second me.

You’ve given us 3 amazing years of music, performances, dorkiness, cuteness, as well as sexiness too, and I’m glad you guys are standing up for yourselves. BABY’s will be here to support you through it all, please stay safe, stay healthy, and please be happy in your lives. We’re here for you, and we’ll be waiting for whenever you decide to return.( p_q)  ᎥᏝᵒᵛᵉϋෆ* cr.