yoo rachel


Legion of Super-Heroes Fancast


Cosmic Boy- Reece King
Lightning Lad- John Harlan Kim
Saturn Girl- Skyler Samuels
Bouncing Boy- Jacob Batalon
Triplicate Girl- Sydney Park
Timber Wolf- Stephan James
Phantom Girl- Isabelle Fuhrman
Brainiac 5- Karan Brar
Superman- Ian Nelson


When I first saw the scenario and the script, I felt that the role was a really mean one. Honestly, that was my first thought. As it’s a really evil character.. But, as I read through, I started to think from Rachel’s point of view and started having sympathy for the character. When I compare myself with Rachel, I think we’re about 80% different. My personality is quiet and I can’t really get angry. So in those aspects I was really jealous of the role of Rachel, as she was never wrong, and spoke firmly so that others can’t refute to her, and I felt it really hit the spot.” - Kim Ji Won on her role as Rachel in the Heirs