yoo in na volume up

Hello~ So As requested, I am going to be making a master post of all the radio shows/shows/interviews that EXO has had/been on. If I miss any I apologize and it would be greatly appreciated if someone could send the links to the ones that were not listed. I also apologize if some of them are not subbed. I will try to find ones that are. Again if you know of the Subbed version please send them to me and I will add them here~!

150503 Kpop Planet Radio Full

150415 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up Radio Full

150414 Sukira TV Link

150413 Cultwo Radio Show Full

150410 Sunny FM Date Full

150407 Kiss The Radio Full

140315 Chen & Chanyeol Youngstreet Full

140110 Jang Yoonju’s Rooftop Full

140110 Baekhyun & Kai Full

140109 YSN Radio Show Full

131227 Kim Shin Young Live On Air Full

131212 Oven Radio EP 5

131211 EXO ShinDong’s ShimShimTaPa Full

131211 Oven Radio EP 4

131210 Oven Radio EP 3

131209 Oven Radio EP 2

131208 Oven Radio EP 1

130916 Younha’s Starry Night Radio Full

130905 Kris and Lay SSTP Full

130829 Shin Young Radio Cut [1] [2] Full VietSub

130820 Exo Cultwo Full

130813 Kiss The Radio Full  

130808 Young Street [1] [2]

130802 Yoo In Na’s Volume Up Radio Full Cut

130721 Baekhyun & Chen Sukira Full

130715 D.O & Suho Special DJ at SSTP Full

130714 Baekhyun & Chen Sukira Full

130713 EXO in Younha Starry Night Full

130705 EXO Olleh TV Interview Link

130626 Kiss The Radio [1] [2]  

130621 EXO Yoo In Na Volume Up Radio Full

130617 EXO Hong Jin Kyung’s 2 O'clock Radio Full

130606 Shimshimtapa Full

130530 Kiss The Radio Full 

120613 EXO-M iFeng Interview [1] [2]

120514 Hong Jin Kyung’s 2pm Radio Show [1] [2] [3] [4]

120507 EXO K Kiss The Radio Full


Jinwoo: You’ll listen right? This is Just Another boy’s….
LSH: What do you mean Just another boy’s?

Jinwoo: Sorry I was nervous! Nervous!
LSH: Hello, I am from “JUST ANOTHER BOY”
Jinwoo: I meant WINNER’s Just Another Boy! ( fanning himself for more than 1min due to embarrassment)

Getting teased by dongsaengs. Jinwoo is so cute!