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It wasn’t that much from the last time I did something like this but I missed it, I’ve been somewhat lost from this place, changed urls twice (sawtsuki and shinvbu) in less than two months so I needed something to “call” those blogs I included a year ago. I can’t believe that this blog it turned two years old when before I didn’t even know about this place existed lol. And worst of all is that I completely forgot it and remember it in the most trivial way, so I apologize in advance for the lazy edit, I seriously did something fast but very significant ♥

I will be brief to thank everyone, I have just reached the 25k followers & two years this time since I run this blog, seriously, THANK YOU for continuing to follow me, especially for those who have noticed “changes” in my blog, above all.

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anonymous asked:

Assuming/As soon as you've read Ch. 93: What is your take on Reiner and Marcel's relationship? In Ch 92&93 Marcel is mentioned A LOT. Reiner's flashback replaces Gabi with Marcel, and then he swears to protect her... also, Reiner specifically agrees that yes, he is imitating Marcel... it's just too much to be a coincidence. Bertholt never gets any mention in comparison (except for in a group but his name is never said)! Could you do an analysis on who Marcel is/was to Reiner?

For starters, when I first read Yonkou’s raws, I was surprised to see Marcel had such an influence on Reiner. 

Back until then we knew nothing about him, except he saved Reiner from harm when he and Bertolt were far ahead from him. His death apparently scarred him deep enough to the point of dissociating and imitating him.

Above: Reiner saving Connie. Below: Marcel saving Reiner - Ch. 39

This chapter brought us the explanation why he acted that way and Galliard even adds that’s the kind of person Marcel was. A kind-hearted, reliable big brother who puts others before himself.

I disagree with the “a lot” mentioned. Marcel occupied a small portion of the chapter and in Reiner’s dreams and flashbacks, it was either the group as a whole or Bertolt getting snatched. Marcel was also there to introduce his brother Galliard, whose relationship with Reiner turned sore because his brother died on the way.

About the group picture, it’s simply a projection of a similar scene that happened into Reiner’s mind, with different actors. I don’t think Reiner has any particular preferences with the kids, but he certainly hats the idea of cursing a girl who loves him so much. None of the kids mirror each other:

  • Marcel was a selfless reliable big brother, Gabi is chirpy and insufferable and believes she’s born to be the true savior of the Eldian minority
  • Udo is an overdramatic rude ass and Zofia’s snarkbuddy. Bertolt is soft, meek and polite.
  • Annie doesn’t seem to be anybody’s buddy but stays her usual self where she follows the group while staying detached.
  • If anything, Falco and Galliard mirror each other, since Galliard looks like he’s the opposite of Marcel, personality-wise. A grumpy boy who’s been shafted by everybody on his group since he didn’t get a titan power back then.
  • Neither Pieck or Zeke were on the picture. I’m curious as to how they’re integrated to Reiner’s group.

I think Marcel was for Reiner the same thing Frieda was for Historia, in the sense where Frieda wanted Historia to become more like and Marcel inspired Reiner to be a “real man”.

“You should grow up to be like her. The world is full of painful and difficult things. That’s why you need to become someone that everyone loves. Someone who helps others and is helped by others.“ - Ch. 54

The parallel here is both the girl in the book (revamped Ymir Fritz) and Marcel were versions of the perfect man and woman, appreciated by everyone. The difference is Marcel being human while DracoInLeatherPants!Ymir is a character from a fairy tale. The difference between Marcel and the rest of the group was him still having his brother alongside him before they went to Paradis.

As I still suspect, Reiner is an orphan, since the only memories he was traumatized by were his comrades leaving him behind. Since he was imitating Marcel, it indicates he lacked social landmarks, probably the one who’s always far behind the group. Even of Paradis, before Marcel’s death, the sequence of flashbacks more or less proves it: Reiner’s surprised to be attacked by Ymir’s titan, got pushed by Marcel from the side before lying on the ground. Bertolt rushes to see what happened and by the time Marcel got eaten, Bertolt was the first one to flee, followed by Reiner.

The whole sequence of events - Ch. 39, 40 & 47

And on this sequence I noticed again something interesting.

Reiner reaching for Bertolt or his companions - Ch. 93 & 40

Looks like “Wait” and reaching for someone are Reiner’s keywords. @josie-theoneandonly pointed Reiner did the same when he was about to lose his head and when Mikasa blew him away from his titan.  Yeah I’m sensing a pattern here. Being afraid of abandonment. I guess that’s why he was so insistent to rescue Annie. 

Also, kid!Reiner and the Reiner we know now look very different. His younger-self was wearing a scarf just like Eren did in his youth, before it was given to Mikasa. When he joined the trainees he didn’t have it anymore. Did he discard it once they’ve invaded the walls? Given to somebody? Used it for Marcel’s tombstone? 

Bertolt didn’t get any mention in this chapter, but the hints Reiner misses him are still present: him having nightmares of Bertolt being snatched from his titan 4 years after the Battle of Shiganshina is the biggest one. We’re talking about two boys who shared the same couch and the same tent after all.

Besides there’s still room to suspect Reiner hasn’t shaved because he’s been neglecting himself. Looks like he’s been like that since Bertolt is no longer at his side.

Also he never saw Bertolt die in front of his eyes. He reported his fate wasn’t confirmed. He’s probably clinging to the weak hope he’s still alive somehow, even if he has to realize he’s not coming back because he was probably executed. If Reiner had to witness what really happened in chapter 84, his mind would broke.

As a kid, Reiner was also wearing a sweater. To my knowledge, the only person fond of these is Bertolt, and in this flashback, he was just wearing a jacket. At some point the two of them must have bonded since even during their time as soldiers, Bertolt doesn’t leave Reiner’s side. He’s also the one turning back in the panel where he reached for his companions and the one who smiled at him when Reiner was imitating Marcel.

Big Bro Reiner - Ch. 93

Compare his reaction to Annie who’s being her usual self. Bertolt was genuinely happy for Reiner. He’s also the only one who knows how emotionally vulnerable he can be in the face of death, hence the concerned stare in chapter 77:

Bertolt’s concerned stares - Ch. 77

Wouldn’t be surprising if the two of them were revealed to depend so much of each other. Bertolt is kinda sensitive to the suffering of people. He can’t stand seeing other people completely helpless and desperate. I was suspecting in a previous post it was actually Bertolt who was afraid of abandonment, but it looks like it’s quite the opposite.

Let’s wait for next chapter.

yonkou  asked:

life goal(s) + favorite movie

life goals: GRADUATE and get a job where i can move to another country and get a cute place with a cute dog and/or cat 

favorite movie: whisper of the heart and if not anime april story !!

anonymous asked:

Zeke said he already has a child and I'm just like..??? Which chick he messed up with? Marleyan chick?

Zeke doesn’t have any child. That was a mistranslation and the original word was probably “successor”, which meant Colt. The reason why Colt can’t be related to Zeke is because that would imply Zeke had him as a teenager and mostly because it’s stated in-chapter he already has a family and his family name is Glais according to Yonkou’s translation.

anonymous asked:

do you think that falco and grice are related to grice? the mangastream translates it as grice vs glais (yonkou)

We won’t know for certain until we get the official translation next week, but I have a lot more confidence in the Manga Stream translation than I do Yonkou’s at this point. If the translation is solid, Colt and Falco are indeed members of the Grice family.

It certainly would explain the strong resemblance between Falco and Grice.


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