Nobody is perfect. The world is cruel.

Inspired by this video of Yuzuru tripping over nothing.


Testing out my new scanner on a couple of 4komas. It works great on the edge panels, but the ones on the book binding side took a couple of tries before they weren’t too ugly. 

Some relevant things: Nagito creeping and Hajime overestimating his protagonist powers. Sore wa chigau yo, Hinata-kun.

Both taken from Vol. 2 of the Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Yonkoma.


So I’ve taken part in the Star Wars Polyamory BigBang organised by @swpolyamory and got to contribute art for a wonderful jedistormpilot fic by celeste9/@serceleste which you can find (with the rest of my art) on AO3 here.

It was my first time participating in a project like that and it was loads of fun but I realise now that drawing comic pages instead of illustrations was a bad idea because they don’t really work well when you want to embed them into the written text >__< 

I’m sorry, celeste! Next time I’ll do better ò_ó/