Things to Watch When I'm Feeling Down
  • Taeyeon’s laugh
  • Jessica’s late reactions
  • SNSD making fun of Sunny’s height
  • SNSD wanting to punch Sunny’s because of her aegyo
  • Tiffany’s eyesmile
  • Hyoyeon’s dorkiness and abusiveness
  • Yuri’s kkab
  • Sooyoung’s way and means of getting food
  • Yoona’s Professor Kang impersonation
  • Seohyun being an obvious maknae and Tiffany’s not-so-good-Korean
  • ot9 videos
  • SNSD Sneezes
  • Hello Baby with SNSD
  • Intimate Note with SNSD
  • this video
  • SNSD otps
  • oh yeah, that video (well, any video where they speak english together)
  • Jigeumeun sonyuhshidae! Apeurodo sonyuhshidae! Yongwonhi sonyuhshidae!

“The first time I had a scandal, it was with Yunho” - Jaejoong

“I can’t live without Jaejoong. Jaejoong can’t live without me. We’re one” - Yunho

“Yunho,there would not be me if not for u my other half,yunho I love you” - Jaejoong

“As crazy as this sounds, I don’t think of Jaejoong as a really good friend. He’s more like my other half ” - Yunho


Happy 7th Anniversary YunJae!!!^^

It’s already 7 years!Really miss both of you…yongwonhi waiting 4 u~


Shinhwa 2014 Here Seoul concert fanaccount compilation part 2 (second night - March 23, 2014)

During ment, Dongwan took paper towels to wipe his perspiration. He tore it into two pieces, one for himself, one for Hyesung.

Jin saw a male fan and asked if he came to accompany his girlfriend. Male fan said he came alone and Minwoo asked do you like me? <_<

Solo dance: After Minwoo finished dancing while biting onto a red bandana, Jin bit the same bandana and danced too. Then Eric bit the same bandana while dancing too. In the end Eric led everyone to do the samba dance.

During encore Minwoo first used his mouth to spray/spit water then poured water on Jin, then sprayed water at VIP area.

They rearranged Hey Come On, both nights Minwoo did not perform his solo dance segment.

Minwoo said Shinhwa’s 12th album will meet everyone in October. Eric said he will release a solo album. Everyone screamed, then he said he will consider again.

Minwoo said last night he was wondering how many more times they can have such stages, the answer is forever! Even said we have dated for 16 years already… Not awkward at all.

When Dongwan interrupted, Hyesung pulled Dongwan’s mic away and said switch off his mic.

superstarhui says 안녕 ‏lamerhui
Hyesung wanted to kill Dongwan but they ended with a hug.

Minwoo took a bear saying A(ndy) and kissed it.

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kpop lyrics evolution
  • 50% of kpop groups: Girl saranghae you and me yongwonhi
  • Other 50% of kpop groups: We are so badass yo fuck school I am a badman
  • meanwhile
  • B.I.G: We have the best internet. Your TV is one of our products.

SNSD is about…

Supporting one another…

Crying together…

Laughing together…

Providing perfect performances times and times again…

Giving one another a hug during happy and sad times…

Being complete dorks together…

Celebrating occasions together…

Rocking the red carpet together…

Simply just enjoying one another companion…


The pink ocean will exist for you girls… 

Jigeumeun So Nyuh Shi Dae!

Apeurodo So Nyuh Shi Dae!

Yongwonhi So Nyuh Shi Dae!