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7 O’Clock Favorite Features On Their Girlfriend

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I love love loved your seventeen favorite features on their girlfriend! I was wondering if you could do one of the new rookie group 7oc? I understand if you have no idea who they are, but there’s so little on them and I’m dying for some scenarios!

I’m so glad your requested this! 7oc is legit my new favorite rookie group! I’ve been stanning them since they first debut back on the 16th of March and I’ve fallen in love so fast! If you guys haven’t heard of this group I defiantly suggest checking them out. They are beyond amazing and you will fall in love with them! Since there’s not a whole lot of stuff on tumblr/the internet about them yet, this was a little tricky so I’m doing this based off of what I have seen from their personalities and what their profiles say! I hope you enjoy and this is a group I will defiantly add to my writing list!

A-Day: Okay, so our famous leader here really makes it hard for me to choose what he would like best on this girlfriend. In fact, judging from what I have seen and noticed about him, he tends to be the most mature out of all of them. I feel like rather than a specific feature on his girl, he would be more into her personality. Like if his girlfriend was a genuinely loving, caring, and just an overall kind person, he would love her for that. I can really see him being with a girl who acts kind of like a mother to him and his group. Like if she would go around to all of their shows and bake snacks for the boys before going on stage and would check in on them constantly to make sure that they are healthy, he would really love that.

Vaan: He looks like he would really be into his girlfriend’s hands. Like if she had tiny hands he would absolutely adore that. I can see him and his girlfriend walking around the park or even the streets of a large city and he would just instinctively grab onto his girlfriends hands. He would mainly do this because he would be so much bigger and stronger than she would be (I’m not one to judge if it’s the opposite way around) and he would feel the need to protect her. Also, he would love the feeling of her soft, tiny hands in his own larger and rougher ones and it would drive him nuts! His heart would flutter at the smallest touch of her hand.

Hyun: Hyun is probably the hardest member for me to figure out. Probably because he’s not as loud as the others are yet and he tends to follow along quietly from what I’ve seen. But when I look at him, I think he’d be into his girlfriend’s lip. He kind of reminds me of a type of boy who would be so shy at first when kissing his girlfriend, but when they would kiss for the first time, he wouldn’t want to stop. He’d be so addicted to the taste and softness of her lips. He would stare at them and kiss them all day if he could. He loved how cute and pink her lips would be and he would try to steal shy kisses every now and then from his girlfriend and he would blush almost every time after their kisses until he grows more confident (lol I really think I made him seem more shy than he actually is so if this comes up in the future when there’s more about them pls don’t kill me).

Yonghoon: Ahhh! My tiny kitten! (only maybe not so tiny because he’s legit over a foot taller than me) I think that he would really be into his girlfriend’s cheeks. I can see him playing with them constantly and always poking her cheeks just to see if they were actually as soft as they looked. He would coo at her afterwards in awe if they were and she would only roll her eyes at his reaction and would be so chill and would just still there letting her boyfriend poke her cheeks. When they would kiss, he would always have at least one hand on her cheek so he could feel the soft skin of his girlfriend’s cheeks at all times. He would be the type to cup his girl’s cheeks and stoke them gently just whenever he would feel like it, especially when cuddling or just looking into her eyes for no reason. She would probably get so used to it that she would lean into his touch and melt into his hand, and at the same time melting the heart of her boyfriend.

Jeongyu: With Jeongyu, I can see him loving his girlfriend’s hips. Like, not in a sexual way, more so in a cheesy and cute way. Like, this man is told that he sleepwalks, sleep talks, and sleeps in really strange positions. For that reason, I can see him and his girlfriend all cuddled up in bed in some weird tangled up ball and his hands would just instinctively reach to her hip and just rub small circles on it. It would probably relax her enough to make her cuddle closer to her boyfriend and snuggle the death out of him. He would love that. The softness of her hip would make him so giddy and he would always want to touch her there, even when maybe the time isn’t exactly right. But it’s not like he would care, even if it causes him to get a smacking from his girlfriend.

Taeyong: This little cutie has gotten me stuck as well. If I were to choose something for his favorite feature, it’d probably be her eyes. Like, if she had really pretty eyes he would probably fall for her instantly. I don’t really know why, but I can see Taeyong ending up with a foreigner as a girlfriend. Like, even if he didn’t know her language, but if she had really pretty eyes I don’t think he’d care so much about the language barrier. I can see him ending up with someone who has blue or green eyes, probably because those colors aren’t that common in eyes in Korea. But don’t get me wrong, he would love a girl with brown eyes just as much! Like if she had a cute little twinkle in her beautiful brown, blue or green eyes, he couldn’t help but smile at how stunning and beautiful she would look. This guy would fall head over heels for someone with such a fascinating feature in her eyes.

Seven o clock debut. Omg. Talent.

Its Kim , I’m gonna use this post to talk to you about a new debut band, Seven o’Clock (SOC).


Debut : March 16, 2017

Company : Staro Entertainment

First album : “Butterfly Effect”




Their debut song, “Echo” hit the public with an atomic boom. However, a few skeptics would like to criticise this and call them BTS copiers. But honestly, is it really? Who comes up with concepts? Different concepts are used by more than one group then edited to fit their style. They didn’t steal or copy anything. A concept doesn’t really belong to just anyone person. And if you think about it, a lot of music is influenced or fused from others.

SOC has their own styles and looks.

~~~ As a fan, one needs to stop looking at how similar one group is to another and focus on their individualism. ~~~

The music industry isn’t easy. For some people, it’s their passion and dream and to accuse them of being like another group can be harsh. An artist works hard to be different and stand out from others. They put their everything into their music, so appreciate it.