Twitter 21st December


Junhyung: Back to iPhone. So happy
Hongki: You did this on purpose to have a couple phone with me.. So embarrassing… Even the color..
Junhyung: Am I being discovered?
Hongki: Of course, telepathy…. Kekekekekekekeke Ah, I’m dead, kekekekekekeke! Come to Japan quickly and let’s have a Christmas party
Junhyung: Kekekeke! What’s Christmas? Something edible??
Hongki: Kekekeke! Something that you chew and eat
Junhyung: Kekekeke! Merry Christmas, Hongki
Hongki: Kekeke! You too 

trans cr: withtreasures.com

Junhyung/Hongki fanfic

Title: Christmas Surprise
Pairing: Junhyung/Hongki
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 7365
Summary: Junhyung thought he’d have to spend the Christmas alone with his hurting back but his lover decided to surprise him

The singer never told his lover he’d be coming over, having him believe they’d be stuck apart in different countries over the Christmas for Hongki’s concert in Japan.