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Bang Yongguk (crucial) Eye Appreciation

We all know Yongguk’s smile is a fandom favourite, but I just thought I’d bring attention to how his eyes kind of grab attention? Like? Really? Really? Well?

A bit of a personal love of mine I thought I would share…

Further stare game under the cut! Gifs have been included for this one:

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daehyunsgiggle  asked:

Thanks for tagging me in that post where dae is being really extra.You are a good friend.I know I can always count on you to cause me pain *gets ready to fight back with pictures of yongguk being hot and stuff*

Oh ya know, what kinda friend would I be if I didn’t cause you pain every now and then? :D Yessss omg please, I am so Yongguk deprived, send me everything!!!

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