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B.A.P  Yongguk 'Full Circle'

@kpop-fangirling asked: When you leave them little notes of encouragement,with Yongguk because i love cute and dorky and you are good at writing fluff <3

A/N: Here you go, my friend. I hope it’s fluffy enough for you. ^^

This is a drabble expansion of a reaction I wrote here.

He found the first note in his composition book. After a long day of promotions and wrangling the boys he finally had some time to himself to sit and write. Absentmindedly he was flipping to the next blank page when a piece of paper fell out onto the table in front of him. Curiously he picked it up and discovered it was from you. Bang read it three times and each time his eyes traced over your loving words his heart felt lighter and lighter until he thought it might burst into the stratosphere. Immediately he thought of texting you a reply but when he unlocked his phone he realized it was two in the morning and didn’t want to disturb you. Grinning from ear to ear he leaned on the table, resting his head on his arm, as he stared at your note thinking about how special you were.

The second note was taped to the inside of his favorite snapback. Combing his hair back with one hand his eyes caught a flash of white on the inside rim. Somehow he was even more surprised than the first one. Eager and excited he hurriedly took the folded paper out of the hat. Simple words, he reflected. Such simple words but more honestly spoken and heartfelt than anything he’d ever known before. He realized his heart was racing in his chest and he had bobbed on his heels a few times when he wasn’t paying attention. Zelo asked if he was okay and he was amazed at hearing his own voice come out so giddy and happy when he explained he was fine.

Of course he should have been expecting the one taped to his emergency ramen stash in the studio. Tossing his head back he laughed at how well you knew him and wondered if you had a sixth sense about when he needed to find these the most. Yongguk had been struggling with his lyrics that night. He just couldn’t get them to flow the way he wanted. It was so frustrating knowing what he trying to say but the words wouldn’t obey him and find the right order on the page. Deciding to take a break and eat something that’s when he found your note. The reassurance he felt, the overflowing love from you to him and back again swamped his mind. Even though it was a different direction than what he’d been working on before, he felt the need, the compulsion to sit down and try to put his feelings for you into a song. Hours later he decided that even if he wrote the rest of his life it wouldn’t be enough to show you the entirety of his heart.

He was missing you like crazy. The tour had been a long one and he vowed never to be away from you this long again. Exhausted but restless in his hotel room he rummaged through this luggage looking for some clean underwear before hitting the shower. Mentally noting that it was his last clean pair and he’d have to send his laundry out in the morning a slip of paper fluttered to the floor. Smiling before he even picked it up he knew you were once again sending him your love when he needed it most. Sitting on the edge of the bed he read your note over and over until he flung himself back on the bedspread at stared at the ceiling. His heart was in a beautiful agony as his love for you swelled in his chest but his arms ached to hold you.

A few years later Yongguk took you out on a date. After a lovely dinner he brought you to the river and as the sun set he handed you a book. Inside he had meticulously taped all of the little notes you had given him over the years. He watched your eyes become misty as you flipped through the pages. Your smile faded in shock as you reached the last page and came to a note that Yongguk himself had written. Marry me? Butterflies flit around in his stomach as he waited for your answer that would change the rest of his life. Speechless you nodded and the normally quiet and stoic Yongguk could not contain his whoop of joy as he took you in his arms.