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ok but imagine bap gets together and goes out to karaoke and they all get drunk and start to secretly post instagram vids of each other and the song choices just keep getting more and more ridiculous until it finally comes to an end w a video of yongguk singing the gwiyomi song with obnoxious laughter from the other members in the background

B.a.p's reaction/thought process during their first time? (gifs will be appreciated but i will take anything lol)

yongguk : “yeah i’m good”

himchan: “yeah that’s right, she’s like that because of me”

youngjae: “dats right” *begins some good old dirty talk*

daehyun: *she starts moaning* can u not

jongup: *constantly asking questions, wondering if he’s doing it all right*


Milky Way Lovers || Bang Yongguk

WARNINGS: None. Why would there be a warning? It’s extreme fluff.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: AU where Yongguk is a kindergarten teacher and has an eye on little Choi Junhong’s mum.

There was nothing more that made Yongguk smile than spending time with the twenty-three little kids that were enrolled in his kindergarten class. The kids were sprawled on the floor, small cartons of milk and chocolate chip cookies in their hands as they all listened carefully to their teacher telling them a story.

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Brand New Superman || Yongguk

WARNINGS: None. Fluff.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: First time father, Bang Yongguk, does a special on The Return of Superman.

Yongguk played with his fingers as he watched the crew in front of him set up the cameras. He had been casted as one of four fathers in a brand new season of The Return of Superman. The show was cancelled after Choo Sarang, the famous Japanese-Korean girl, turned six. It was picked up years later with new celebrities and their children. Yongguk was one of those celebrities that got picked.

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Aweee Thank you!!!

Yongguk : Hmp…. So cute

Himchan : I just want to pinch her cheeks. So squishy.

Daehyun :(when you wake up) Hello “sleeping beauty”! Did you sleep well?

Youngjae : Hmm… is she ok? I guess she’s tired, it doesn’t bother me though…

Jongup : What a pretty girl… This is my lucky day!

Zelo : Mom told me it would be like this…

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Yongguk : Babe~ Smile! You shouldn’t be upset for that, you’re going to get better grades trust me!

Himchan : (y/n), come and try this! Mmm it’s so good~ Who is sad won’t get any of this!

Daehyun : Ah, I’m so sorry! But, you know when you’re upset what you should do?

You : Umm…. eat… ice cream?

Daehyun : Bingo!

Youngjae : I know you studied hard for this exam, but chin up! You are very smart…and beautiful!

Jongup : I think I know a way to make you feel better… (he starts singing his part from “With you”) “You protected me in this sad darkness
When you smiled brightly

Zelo : Hey little cutie! Still upset? What do you say about cuddling on the couch while eating some pizza and watching your favourite movie?